This Massive Unimog U500 Is the Ultimate Insane Mercedes Pickup Truck

Published on Dec 29, 2020
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The Unimog is the craziest pickup truck ever -- and specifically this Unimog, which is the ultimate truck. Today I'm reviewing this Unimog, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of the Unimog. I'm also going to drive the Unimog and review the driving experience of one of the most unbelievable trucks in history.


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Doug DeMuro
  • a2p69


    8 hours ago

    Can you sleep in the (Bed)?



    18 hours ago

    For that price it better fly

  • TzadikTheManic


    Day ago

    Doug I doubt you’ll see this you get 1,000s of comments/alerts but in case: Was this filmed in Sandwich, Yarmouth or near Welfleet? It’s definitely Cape Cod ;)

  • ArkVogel


    2 days ago

    This is what I imagined the Maibatsu Monstrosity looked like.

  • s ga

    s ga

    3 days ago

    Cool .. one big quirk,!



    3 days ago


  • Ryan Beatty

    Ryan Beatty

    4 days ago

    I don’t even care about cars much. I own a 2000 tundra and a 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ but I’ve been watching this guys videos all morning and they’re awesome and fun to watch. I’m actually learning something in addition to the wow factor. So DOUG, if you see this, thanks for making these videos! I’m hooked!

  • Syl Duro

    Syl Duro

    4 days ago

    No no no ...You got it wrong. It is not how you get the spare off the bed...You just roll it off. The real question is what you do with the flat tire?

  • Peter Russell

    Peter Russell

    4 days ago

    The laughter is annoying

  • BakonBlitz


    4 days ago

    That transmission tho

  • Allosaurus Fragilis

    Allosaurus Fragilis

    5 days ago

    Deflating tyres is more about grip and footprint than puncture protection I think.

  • Brian Adams

    Brian Adams

    5 days ago

    Yo Jim, you got a rotate and balance over here.

  • thomas donaldson

    thomas donaldson

    6 days ago

    Doug lit a joint b4 this video

  • Steven R

    Steven R

    6 days ago

    Well, er,... interesting. But why didnt Doug take it offroad?

  • Validole


    7 days ago

    Doug, when reviewing specialty vehicles, do consult someone who actually uses them. Cruise control is quite important if you're driving 20 km/h with a salt spreader attached to the PTO... leaving aside the other oversights in the review of this car-shaped tractor. Also, air brakes. They don't work the same as ordinary hydraulic brakes. The pressure gauges are there to tell you whether you CAN move, as no pressure = brakes applied, and you need to wait for the compressor to do its thing.

  • WingofTech


    7 days ago

    Wow, the Unimog made for a looooot of content

  • LuisitoGoMusiK


    7 days ago

    Why do you keep laughing at the Unimog??? A lot of people like the Unimog , you need to have more respect for your audience, just for that another unlike.

  • LuisitoGoMusiK


    7 days ago

    I really don't get what is so funny, you keep laughing a the Unimog. That truck is beautiful.

  • FH


    8 days ago

    You are 183cm? I doubt that.

  • lavertable


    8 days ago

    The ratio of the massive torque and size of the truck to the size of the truck bed is ridiculous. like a crane carrying 4 bowling bowls and that's the max. .

  • Darren North

    Darren North

    8 days ago

    How annoying is this guy. He giggles at opening a door.

  • André


    8 days ago

    I saw an Orc driving one of those the other day.

  • Sailing Spark

    Sailing Spark

    9 days ago

    60 gallons probably equals about 500 to 600 miles range.

  • George Dunkley

    George Dunkley

    9 days ago

    The weird tyre button looks like a heated mirror switch

  • Jonas Meli

    Jonas Meli

    9 days ago

    This guy is pathetic..

  • LuciferRoadDemon


    10 days ago

    why don't you use a headstrap for the gopro? a pov would be great when driving. :)

  • Ralph Laguna

    Ralph Laguna

    11 days ago

    Douggie... I like you and your videos but your whiny voice carrying on and on can be too much. And you're such a clueless millennial when it comes to some of the very common things that seem to get your attention and confuse you about cars.

  • Dinos Dinou

    Dinos Dinou

    12 days ago

    Unimog used to make relatively cheap trucks for farming and mining industries, but then it got to make all those hyper specialized and hyper expensive trucks - I really do not understand why since the mass market would have them win much more than selling specialized vehicles like they are some sort of Ferrari. I hardly see why a company or a professional would want to spend so much when modern vehicles of far cheaper prices can do 90% to 95% of what this Unimog can do.
    In my native Greece I remember back in the early 1980s farmers used to have those 1960s-1970s Unimogs bought second hand for their legendary reliability and low running costs (apart fuel - they were burning a lot). Every start of the summer you could see lines of them carrying fruits, especially peaches and grapes, it was a nice sight. In fact one of my earliest memories as a toddler was being in my grandfather's courtyard standing in front of his dark green Unimog (a late 1960s modern as I can tell by the photos today). Based on the year my late grandfather had told me he sold that Unimog, I had to be 2 to 2,5 years old. In order for me to have retained that image it must had impressed a lot me back then!

  • amiee swallow

    amiee swallow

    12 days ago

    The ancient peer-to-peer technically long because editor phenotypically match between a pathetic knot. stereotyped, mysterious leather

  • Ethan Roberts

    Ethan Roberts

    13 days ago

    A 3 for utility? Really?

  • Jay K.

    Jay K.

    13 days ago

    They're absolutely awesomely capable...and broken down 98% of the time. We had 2 of these at my work and the maintenance costs will astound you!!! ASTOUND!!!

  • Herve Vazeilles

    Herve Vazeilles

    14 days ago

    Did this guy actually ever saw a truck in his entire life? How is this guy making a review of something he has no idea what it is or how it works. Next on Doug DeMuro : lets review a plane : it is the most inconvenient car I ever saw, it has large metal parts on the side making it extremely impracticable to ride on narrow streets. On top of that you have seats for 200 people, but none of then can lift their windows. Also it make a lot of noise and doesn't fit in most suburb residential garage.

  • Will Squire

    Will Squire

    14 days ago

    Have you seen the one in Nantucket for sale?

  • xXRaMsiisXx


    16 days ago

    Its funny how you are so facinated about unimogs. They are so common here in Germany. These are basicly small utility offroad semitrucks and highly modifyable. The one you got there is lame tho its one used for Farming or Woodworking that why no nose and the giant windshield. The lamp button you didnt know was for those orange warninglights on the roof if you got some. Also Those are real trucks no pickup trucks. You need a driving license for 18 wheelers to drive that thing and the gearbox you thought was strange is a normal Telligent gearbox used in heavy vehicles up to the Actros MP3 and still used in modern unimogs

  • thatjokerperson


    17 days ago

    cmon doug you should have known the tire hanging on a pole is for the heated mirrors

  • Chris Ieda

    Chris Ieda

    19 days ago

    At minute 11:30, it looks like a side mirror defroster.

  • Jörgen Tiberg

    Jörgen Tiberg

    19 days ago

    And the 500 is the small one.

  • Dr. Najeeb Ullah Qadir

    Dr. Najeeb Ullah Qadir

    21 day ago

    The Suzuki WagonR has a similar window roll arrangement 😅 power front crank back

  • -oiiio-


    21 day ago

    Is this the first commercial vehicle this guy has ever seen?

  • Joe


    21 day ago

    It isn't even armored?

  • History Nerd

    History Nerd

    22 days ago

    Reviewing an Unimog without going offroad is just pointless.

  • A_Real_Jive_Turkey


    22 days ago

    If you're going to review the truck you should definitely know what all the buttons do. This isn't amateur hour. I really want to know what they all do. I could care less about there being 3 windshield visors

  • A_Real_Jive_Turkey


    22 days ago

    Technically a pickup truck has an enclosed cabin, an open cargo area and a tailgate so... It is a pickup truck

  • David Routh

    David Routh

    23 days ago

    This ‘Mog Thing’ makes a Lamborghini Tractor look like a Street Racer🤪

  • Diralt McAllister

    Diralt McAllister

    23 days ago

    The other joystick is a snowplow control, I"m 90% certain.

    • Diralt McAllister

      Diralt McAllister

      23 days ago

      And the lil 'power connections' are hydraulic quick connects. Y'know, in case you have a trailer with a hi-ab, or a snowplow in the front... You should do just a SLIGHT bit of fact checkin my man. Also 90% certain the reason the headlights are above the bumper is they didn't want to bother with electrical connections in a cab that moves, because that would be a stress point for the wires which would eventually fatigue and break them.

  • Nonameguzzi


    23 days ago

    So i will hep out with the Buttons at the Center Console:
    Donkey - Rabbit = Rabbit is the Fast gear and Donkey is the Slow Gear it basicly make the car go half as fast by adding an extra Gear at the Gearbox in front of the normal Gears.
    Start-Stop = Disconnects the Battery
    Beacon Light = I think this unimog was once equipped with an Yellow Beacon light on top but it was disassambled
    The Tire at the Pole = Heated Mirrores ;)
    Than the Pins for the Dump Thrunk..... if u put them Diagonally u can bend the it to Destruction ;D
    Than... the So Called "Power Outlets" Are Hydraulical Lines that can be controlled by the Joystick in the front ;D
    Than its pretty harsh to talk about the Cre Cab becouse..... its not an Mercedes Crew Cab. Its an Custom Build 3th Party AddOn. Its not even Close to the Original Mercedes Crew Cab Unimog and its made extremly crude.... its the Worest example of an Unimog Crew Cab i ever saw. But i have to Admit... i have never seen the U500 with an CrewCab becouse nobody wants it so im not sure if this was even a factory Part than u cud have orderd.

  • Ronald Mercer

    Ronald Mercer

    24 days ago

    The army had these inthe early 90s, they were called a SEE. small emplacement excavator, they had a loader.on front backhoe in back and would roll over at the drop of a hat

  • Sanjay Dhiman

    Sanjay Dhiman

    25 days ago

    Your laugh is irritating .looks like you are insulting the merchandise

  • vivaparenzo


    25 days ago

    In Europe is normal to see Unimog with long hidraulic hand mowing grass along local roads, don't even notice, except when Firefighters drive one full power, its like an earthquake.

  • Cringe Certifier

    Cringe Certifier

    27 days ago

    "So let's talk Unimog" OMEGALUL

  • MegaTroll Trollington

    MegaTroll Trollington

    27 days ago

    Maybe just roll the tire out of the bed? Or use the dump feature? But we gonna just leave the broke tire there, ok? Ok.

  • Alex Van Roey

    Alex Van Roey

    27 days ago

    Dear Doug DeMuro,
    I have looked to your explanation about the Mercedes Unimog U500 with interest.
    A beautiful piece of engineering on wheels.
    What strikes me as incomprehensible, however, is that in your explanation you are constantly laughing and even mocking this Unimog.
    This is not only annoying to me as a viewer, but you make yourself immortally ridiculous by it.
    It may well be sir that there are people who think your presentation is great, but you have disappointed me in any case.
    Alex Van Roey - Belgium

  • Sergio'S VeggieS

    Sergio'S VeggieS

    Month ago

    This is beautiful



    Month ago

    Why does he laugh about everything not funny

  • Habibur Rahman

    Habibur Rahman

    Month ago

    I love the way he says “Thhis is ****” 😂

  • james lee

    james lee

    Month ago

    I can't take a person seriously who keeps laughing after every sentence that come out of his mouth. Is this a big joke or a actual look and review.

  • TR P

    TR P

    Month ago

    32 reverse gears, 3 locking differentials and Doug talks about the horn and wipers 🥴

  • Babis xalkias

    Babis xalkias

    Month ago

    Haven’t seen this technology have you?
    The air conditioning is old tech but not as you think with only one cold setting.
    Also the seat is common for European trucks to have air suspension. Your kidneys will thank you.

  • solar clapson

    solar clapson

    Month ago

    I drove a 1970s model in the mountains of Vancouver Island for a while. What a BEAST!

  • Peter Yoakim

    Peter Yoakim

    Month ago

    What are smoking my friend.You are laughing a bubling the whole time.Do find the unimog funny???I didn't get half way of presentation

  • Sanyey


    Month ago

    31:50 it should have made sense, since it was in literally all Actros, Atego EU Mercedes (semi)trucks in the early 2000s..

  • Ravenous Elf

    Ravenous Elf

    Month ago

    For when the Priuses get way too cocky

  • Lars Assinck

    Lars Assinck

    Month ago

    It makes the G wagon look like the wee wagon
    Credits to donut media for making that joke

  • Snake Keeper

    Snake Keeper

    Month ago

    "yeah i drive a mercedes"

    *The mercedes*

  • Dave Howard

    Dave Howard

    Month ago

    This guy is only familiar with cars. Not a good representation of everyone in the US. Can’t believe I didn’t click off this commercial sooner

  • A Todaso

    A Todaso

    Month ago

    hydraulics are power I guess lol

  • Stephen Pavlisko

    Stephen Pavlisko

    Month ago

    Inside the cabin i get a construction vehicle vibe. The large windows and grab handles look like youre sitting in a front end loader.

  • Mark Singleton

    Mark Singleton

    Month ago

    What was the vehicle again, O my lord.

  • John Wafford

    John Wafford

    Month ago

    What have you been smoking, Doug?

  • Steve


    Month ago

    does he have to gush like that? Nah, I cant stand it. Whatever he is taking is making him a task to listen to

  • Sir Vilhelm of Yanderland

    Sir Vilhelm of Yanderland

    Month ago

    Odd ball cars are great content. Sports cars aren’t too interesting,

  • Don Kremer

    Don Kremer

    Month ago

    Took a while to notice what's wrong: Doug is wearing no shorts!

  • Raphael Frommer

    Raphael Frommer

    Month ago

    There's nothing funny nor ridiculous about the Unimog. It's strange in the eyes of most Americans, who are clueless when it comes to autos and trucks.

  • Robert Ward

    Robert Ward

    Month ago

    Way to dramatic for me. Should stick to cars not big trucks.

  • Gerald Fallon-Griffin

    Gerald Fallon-Griffin

    Month ago

    Lux Unimog ist obnoxious enough besser we put in small horn...

  • Rok Zavrl

    Rok Zavrl

    Month ago

    That guy doesn’t know that bed tilts sideways like every tractor trailer🤦

  • Ian Edmonds

    Ian Edmonds

    Month ago

    It's an expedition vehicle.

  • Bernd Funken

    Bernd Funken

    Month ago

    The reason why this "truck" has hydraulic ports in the front and the rear lies in its name. Unimog is the german abbreviation for "Universal Motor Gerät" (translates to "Universal Motor Device"), so its not just a normal truck. The idea is that instead of having ten different trucks you just need one truck with ten different tools that you can easily attach so it can be used in ten different roles. Of course for example a real dump truck is better than the Unimog, but you can use a dump truck only for that one role. If you need a truck that cleans the road after you used it with your dump truck you then would another special vehicle or you could use a Unimog instead. We have a saying in Germany for such universal devices: "Kann alles, aber nichts richtig" ("Can do everything, but nothing properly") xD

  • Mathew Jones

    Mathew Jones

    Month ago

    Got real serious about those door panels 4:30

  • jc laxa

    jc laxa

    Month ago


  • Tony Chinnery

    Tony Chinnery

    Month ago

    The tilting mechanism with a central hydraulic piston is actually standard for small dumper trucks

  • Charles Jackson

    Charles Jackson

    Month ago

    Heated mirrors

  • ApertureChromaKey


    Month ago

    That's a cool car. I kinda want it.

  • ApertureChromaKey


    Month ago

    What's the height clearance?

  • Bob H

    Bob H

    Month ago

    Why all the pretend laughter? It sounds phoney!



    Month ago

    UNIversal-MOtor-Gerät the Universal Motor Device, well sir, i have had an honor to drive these in the military. They are truly magnificent tools, not trucks :D

  • Zebpro


    Month ago

    "It's difficult to know what some of these function does" --> Nerver heard of Google translate to say the least Doug?

  • SoledOut SC

    SoledOut SC

    Month ago

    The elated chill experimentally boil because softdrink behaviourally store outside a wanting basin. lively, wholesale quarter

  • Spark Rattle

    Spark Rattle

    Month ago

    This looks fun to mod into some sort of tiny home. Like a rugged camper if you will.

    • codemiesterbeats


      Month ago

      "overland vehicle"

  • *MIKE* 30

    *MIKE* 30

    Month ago

    Unimogs backseat looks like a studio

  • Rodriguez Rey

    Rodriguez Rey

    Month ago

    Fun fact, the steering column and pedals can be moved to make it a right steering vehicle,

  • La Verdad

    La Verdad

    Month ago

    This is actually the smallest Unimog, as far as I know.

  • La Verdad

    La Verdad

    Month ago

    Modern American. "A truck that's used for work! That's so weird and quirky and unusual!"

  • new lullaby

    new lullaby

    Month ago

    You must have a pretty small one to buy this as your private everyday pickup.

  • WattPlays


    Month ago

    Thisss.. is massive

  • coleman


    Month ago

    Damn you laugh like Kamala. 👎🏻

  • MrStroller4u


    Month ago

    This effing tool

  • Jay Vee

    Jay Vee

    Month ago

    I like how the ”electrical outlets” in front and back is called ”electrical” when they are hydraulic

    • codemiesterbeats


      Month ago

      yea... not everyone is as dense as doug. I like his videos most of the time but he misses the mark sometimes BUT this is a rare vehicle in the states AND he is probably not familiar with rural life/ manual work LOL

  • Mike the Mechanic

    Mike the Mechanic

    Month ago

    When I was stationed in Germany. I flipped one and caused major damage. In my defense. I was told to 4x4 for fun on a day off 😎