The Volkswagen XL-1 Is an Insanely Rare $150,000 Efficient Supercar

Published on Jul 13, 2021
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Volkswagen XL-1 review! The Volkswagen XL-1 is a very special car, as only 250 of these were built for the world. The XL-1 also a $150,000 car that's both an economy car and a supercar -- and it's full of bizarre quirks and features. Today I'm reviewing the XL-1, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of this weird car. I'll also drive the XL-1 and show you what it's like behind the wheel of such an unusual car.


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Doug DeMuro
  • pach76


    Day ago

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  • peter455sd


    Day ago

    Europeans are incapable of making anything decent and affordable at the same time

  • Victor Affonso

    Victor Affonso

    2 days ago

    It does not look like from the future, it looks like an stupid projection of "what the future would look like" someone with a very bad taste had.

  • Banana Drip

    Banana Drip

    2 days ago

    Volkswagen means "People's car" in german
    *"Boy were they wrong!"*

  • Freddy De la torre

    Freddy De la torre

    2 days ago

    No!! I'll tell you what's really amazing, driving 200 miles with zero gas!!🤓... My man kept referring to it as a supercar, and at the end he calls us stupid for thinking it's a supercar!!🤦...🤣😂

  • FullnMellow


    3 days ago

    *AmericanGuy buys 2-seater high efficiency car*
    Wut? I cannot pull my horsetrailer?
    Wut? I cannot put my surfboard on roof?
    Wut? I cannot put in my annual gross shopping experience bits stuff things?

  • Ajeen entertainment:)

    Ajeen entertainment:)

    4 days ago

    Imagine a perfomance engine in this

  • Denis Alexa

    Denis Alexa

    4 days ago

    That is NOT a supercar

  • thunder prince

    thunder prince

    4 days ago

    Another useless concept

  • Pedro Claro

    Pedro Claro

    5 days ago

    I want this mass produced and made cheap. It's the perfect commuter car.

  • jamie cowan

    jamie cowan

    5 days ago

    just proves were all getting robbed blind by these car manufacturers if it is possible to get that much miles per gallon theres no money in the cure but theres money in the medecine

  • Dooo Gides

    Dooo Gides

    5 days ago

    When German be German

  • Mickey Knox

    Mickey Knox

    5 days ago

    260 miles per gallon, 2 gallon tank, range of 250 miles

  • otherbob23


    5 days ago

    Imagine just getting a license plate holder with a back up camera on it.....

  • Leo Velli

    Leo Velli

    5 days ago

    They could easily make a much more practical and popular version of this car just by removing a few of the extreme things they did in order to attain their crazy 100km/1L (230mpg) fuel economy goal. A car that got even 100 miles to the gallon would still be amazingly efficient and they could add back a rear windshield and rearview mirror, or simply add a backup cam, remove the rear wheel cover so it looks a lil more normal, and add a bigger fuel tank! Imagine how much range you would have if you paired this fuel economy with a normal sized fuel tank! A 12 gallon tank with 100 mpg would get u 1200 miles of range and that’s incredible! Maybe make it a sedan with 4 seats as well and you’d have the most desirable environmentally friendly AND practical car ever!

  • microcolonel


    6 days ago

    I would love it if Toyota or Mazda picked up this concept, this car is gorgeous.

  • Off Privacy

    Off Privacy

    6 days ago

    Doug is wrong. Mileage of 0.9 litres per 100 km would not give range of 402 km with a tank of 9 litres - it has to be nearly 900 km range. Source: 2nd grade maths

  • Anthony Green

    Anthony Green

    6 days ago

    That math doesn't even add up. If it's supposed to get 260mpg and has a 2.5 gallon tank it should be getting 650 miles per tank not 250

  • Carter W

    Carter W

    6 days ago

    I only clicked on the video to see what the hell that thing is behind him. It looks cool

  • Realnametaken


    6 days ago

    There’s a tank behind you

  • Georges Hb

    Georges Hb

    7 days ago

    Nice car, please respect silence and mark the full stop of a sentence. I get you are excited but this is headache inducing ..

  • Dan Lo

    Dan Lo

    7 days ago

    This dude got no chicks he should been on 40 year old virgin

  • Goya Beans

    Goya Beans

    7 days ago

    Its a key fob 🤣

  • Panayiotis Toumazou

    Panayiotis Toumazou

    7 days ago

    Ι have it in nitro nation

  • Tony Yu

    Tony Yu

    7 days ago

    I think the biggest WTF is not the MPG, it is the windows roller. I believe I haven't seen these since like the late 2000s.

  • npharkes


    7 days ago

    See if you can find a Lupo 3L (probably not...)



    7 days ago

    always wanted to see an XL-2 :( hope they are working on it

  • Jim Beam

    Jim Beam

    7 days ago

    So you're telling me none of the geniuses that designed this thing had the brain power to think of putting in a back up camera in their car with no rear window despite the fact that they put cameras on the sides...

  • Daniel Russell

    Daniel Russell

    7 days ago

    At that price, it’s definitely a novelty, or a gamble that gas would go to $15/gal and you have a long daily commute.

  • Ihab Phelobos

    Ihab Phelobos

    7 days ago

    Beautiful ❤️ car.

  • Shane Harder

    Shane Harder

    8 days ago

    260 MPG? We're talking about VW right? So does that translate to a real world 30 MPG? #Dieselgate

  • Miller H.

    Miller H.

    8 days ago

    Reminds me of Casey's super econo diesel.

  • Macedonian Etymology

    Macedonian Etymology

    8 days ago

    The car did not came at the worst time, just a few months before the emission scandal. The scandal was fabricated to force the electric cars, because the Americans didn't have so much efficient engines.

  • Smelly Armpratts

    Smelly Armpratts

    8 days ago

    How tall is this reviewer? He looks like hagrid compared to this car

  • Notis Garcia

    Notis Garcia

    8 days ago

    10:05 min.: .... YEAH , CLOSE THE DOOR AND TURN THE WHEEL ... AHA :p

  • Notis Garcia

    Notis Garcia

    8 days ago

    8:42 min.: JA !! YOU CAN !! ........ JUST OPEN THE DOOR ... MEH , GERMAN QUERKS :p :p

  • Timo Haikarainen

    Timo Haikarainen

    8 days ago

    rather than buy a 10k skoda, let's spend 150k so that we can save 140k in petrol over time

  • Pupi


    8 days ago

    thanks for metric translations!

  • Manuel Stark

    Manuel Stark

    8 days ago

    I remember you could get these things for around 50.000€ a few years ago.

  • Riley Rawlings

    Riley Rawlings

    8 days ago

    This is literally a bmw i8 before it was an i8

  • Dan Lin

    Dan Lin

    8 days ago

    Cocaine is no joke.

  • J.R. Caldoon

    J.R. Caldoon

    8 days ago

    You lucky man. The XL1 is high on my list of cool Volkswagens, for the reasons you point out here. Back when it was still in the early stages, the rumors were that it might be a somewhat pricey ride, but I never expected it to be such a limited run, and for such a high price per unit! Makes me a bit sad. I can only hope VW will translate that awesome fuel-sipping tech into their other, rather less-expensive rides over time.
    I remember taking roughly 250 photos when I visited Lane Motor Museum with a friend a few years ago. It's one of Nashville's most sparkly hidden gems! I had visited Nashville a couple dozen times, but didn't even know Lane's lovely spot existed until my pal insisted we visit. It was a very fun three hour stroll. I've never seen so many cool vehicles in one spot, and doubt I ever will again -- unless I go back!

  • R Travis Boyd

    R Travis Boyd

    8 days ago

    Would be great for commuting 50 or so miles a day. As long as you’re always moving forward.

  • Professional Amateur

    Professional Amateur

    8 days ago

    260mpg and has a 2.5 gallon fuel tank. But range is 250 miles?

  • Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson

    8 days ago

    Dougs geekin man. Ease up on the adderall bro. damn

  • Miles Fann

    Miles Fann

    9 days ago

    I wish Doug would review that military truck in the background, seems really neat! Any military vehicle enthusiasts know what that truck is and what it's purpose is in the military? I bet it has all kinds of quirks and features!

  • Nate Leon

    Nate Leon

    9 days ago

    if i ever owned that car, I would forget that it ever needed fuel because I would have to refill it once a year or longer

  • Louis Bilman

    Louis Bilman

    9 days ago

    Sorry what was the name of the car in this video? You only mentioned it about 285 times. And what was the mileage per gallon? You said 40 right? Also good on Quinten Tarantino for branching out. He looks good in this video.

  • ReCycle Spinning

    ReCycle Spinning

    9 days ago

    Sooo ,,we've had this technology but keep building gas guzzlers and cars that pollute,,, beautiful....
    The price would be affordable if mass produced. They only produced 250, so that's why cost was so high per unit.

  • Black Jack Joker

    Black Jack Joker

    9 days ago

    Doug gives the Prius such bad press. Fact is Doug is very uneducated in the subject. If you witness the Prius being slow that would be the fault of the driver. The driver is just being as efficient as possible. The Prius can actually accelerate enough to push you into the seat but only when you have it in “power mode” which is activated by simply pushing a button. I call this feature “Ferrari Mode” because it is exhilarating and surprising. The Prius V will astound you when it comes to interior room. Sadly, it only gets about 43 mpg.

  • sleep-drive-play


    9 days ago

    Wait, what's going on with his knees

  • Danial Hillmann

    Danial Hillmann

    9 days ago

    Who says gas is worse then battery power right?

  • Netkiller3714


    9 days ago

    This is the nicest VW ever made. Period.

  • serg472


    9 days ago

    XL-1 logo slapped right in the middle of a trunk in 2 foot letters. Doug: nice Easter egg.
    How much do you spend on fuel in 10 years, maybe 10-20k? You need to drive this for 50+ years to start seeing any savings on fuel. Not sure who would buy something like this, maybe Greta.

  • Rodin


    9 days ago

    lets take VW's word regarding fuel consumption and emissions they are a distinguished reliable car brand. :Kappa:

  • Eremon1


    10 days ago

    Volkswagen Golf crossed with a Toyota Prius.

  • LAD Teknologies

    LAD Teknologies

    10 days ago

    I would still purchase a 2000 Honda insight over this, the Japanese just do it better with greater simplicity. This vehicle was over 100k$ US as well, open up your wallets ladies and gentlemen!

    • LAD Teknologies

      LAD Teknologies

      9 days ago

      @ReCycle Spinning Even if they mass produced them, they would still cost around that much. The Germans love making money so do not think about it too much! Hahaa...

    • ReCycle Spinning

      ReCycle Spinning

      9 days ago

      They only produced 250, so cost per unit will be high till they mass produce like any other product.

  • Djuntas


    10 days ago

    This car does not make sense. Should just had made 1 of them as a showcase. You get a big boot, and other convivences, which kinda ruins the all-out fuel economy thing. I guess Japanese k-cars would win here.

  • carrot


    10 days ago

    So many years of reviewing cars, stubbornly refusing to pronounce Volkswagen correctly.

  • Paul Summerfield

    Paul Summerfield

    10 days ago

    reserve parking it. nope.

  • Jeff Holinski

    Jeff Holinski

    11 days ago

    That's a very cool car that could give some serious competition to electrics. Nice looking, great fuel efficiency, hybrid for stop and go traffic, enough storage for a small load of groceries. If they could bring the price down and add a center rear camera near the upper brake light for better rear visibility, and maybe a bit bigger fuel tank for longer range I think it would sell well these days.

  • Sal Rez

    Sal Rez

    11 days ago

    "Not many people know about this car" I'd be ashamed too if i made something as senseless as this car.

  • Rich Sackett

    Rich Sackett

    11 days ago

    The tubby interior noise would make me mental. No thanks at any price.

  • Hank P

    Hank P

    11 days ago

    I saw one of these in the UK for 150k

  • Reflex224


    11 days ago

    So the tin says 0.9L/100km
    And it has a 9 litre fuel tank
    You would expect it to get about 900km of range...
    If it's only getting about 400km to a tank then where does the 0.9L/100km come in? seems like it's significantly higher than that.
    Probably just another German car company lying about statistics ;)



    11 days ago

    Jesus... cant listen to his annoying pitch.

  • John


    11 days ago

    video starts at 3:40

  • Keith Rowe

    Keith Rowe

    12 days ago

    You mispronounced “ugly.”

  • Shawn_Wolf_2727


    12 days ago

    I remember seeing this on RCR and wondering, why they didn't use a CVT transmission for weight savings.

  • Henry Hildebrand

    Henry Hildebrand

    12 days ago

    i want one

  • Luis Hernandez

    Luis Hernandez

    12 days ago

    Doug, like you said this is not a supercar. Please correct this title

  • Ecos Last22

    Ecos Last22

    12 days ago

    At 12:17 min into this video watch Dough close the lid on the rear storage compartment. It is loose like a wet towel. This says all about VW Quality which is by the way horrible! I have tons of experience with VW and I would never touch a VW - horrible quality! 40 years ago it hit the German press that Volkswagen entertained their executives and Union Bosses with Prostitutes and expensive vacation trips all over the world and this destroyed the moral among the work-force. That’s why VW Quality is so horrific.

  • Mike


    12 days ago

    Use some lotion

  • Zarrion Stennis

    Zarrion Stennis

    12 days ago

    Welcome to a truck drivers life

  • Sarah Anhäuser

    Sarah Anhäuser

    12 days ago

    The back of this car looks suspiciously like an actual Audi A7.

  • Dinos Dinou

    Dinos Dinou

    13 days ago

    VW has made n the past even crazier projects. In 1997 they financed "project Enginion" , a study om the development of a steam engine at the Skoda headquarters. With a small team and a relatively low budget, they developed a steam engine whose boiler had the size of a football and using ceramics, and the overall arrangement would burn less than 2lt of fuel per 100 km. Mind you, we talk of fuel, any type of fuel here, not just gasoline or diesel, it could be just anything that burns and provides heat. The horsepower? 220HP for an engine that was fitted in a Skoda Fabia (the same car as a VW Polo). 220HP for 2lt/100km.
    So what did VW do? They declared the project a success and then instantly scapped it and erased any mention of it! LOL! The reason they stated? "The market is not ready for steam cars". The real reasons? Beyond the oil cartel which hates viscerally steam engines (for being able to burn any fuel), it was VW's understanding that steam cars could upturn the car market in a way that no car maker would like to see. Steam engines require minimal maintenance and an easy one, and have far fewer breakdowns and can potentially give mileage in the range of 500,000 km and more (way more than 200,000 miles). Car makers thus are far "safer" with electric cars when the ageing batteries will naturally force consumers to change their cars every 7-10 years.

  • Seth B

    Seth B

    13 days ago

    Supercar?!?! Ya right! I'd love to see this thing try to keep up with an Aventador SV, F12 TDF or other REAL supercar lol. I think Doug's officially lost it.

  • Aleksandar S

    Aleksandar S

    13 days ago

    You know its a vw when you see that enterier

  • Ole S

    Ole S

    13 days ago


  • kjm 1955

    kjm 1955

    13 days ago

    Wooooo slow down and take a breath.

  • Olav Rask

    Olav Rask

    13 days ago

    I'm chocked VW could do something this pretty 7 years ago and then they still made the ID.3..

  • Cameron Manning

    Cameron Manning

    13 days ago

    💕❤️ love this car because I'm odd myself.

  • Predrag Jo

    Predrag Jo

    13 days ago

    WWWWWWWIIIIIIIISSSS is a volkswagen XL :D

  • marmo tio

    marmo tio

    14 days ago

    Caaaaaaaars and biiiids

  • Sam Fam

    Sam Fam

    14 days ago

    I only like spyker 🚪

  • Be Free From The Matrix

    Be Free From The Matrix

    14 days ago

    The Blue Citroen Ami was imported from the Neterlands

  • Pariah Thistledowne

    Pariah Thistledowne

    14 days ago

    Very ugly car...

  • Lucas Biermann

    Lucas Biermann

    14 days ago

    my guess the seats are not really lined so its easier to the driver to see the mirror/screen on the passenger's side.

  • Jake Scribner

    Jake Scribner

    14 days ago

    If you kicked him in the balls he’d sound like pops from regular show

    • Brandon ok?

      Brandon ok?

      9 days ago


  • Karl Hamilton

    Karl Hamilton

    14 days ago

    That horn is definitely broken lol

  • KDC2403


    15 days ago

    This car destroys electric cars in economy

  • Sancho Pedro

    Sancho Pedro

    15 days ago

    good car

  • Michael Lazzell

    Michael Lazzell

    15 days ago

    Basically, it sucks lol

  • Zenkie BS

    Zenkie BS

    16 days ago

    I forgot about this one and I dont fear to say it

  • Jcewazhere


    16 days ago

    Was that puddle at 4m 30s from the car, or from a different one?
    EVs are better, they don't leak :P

  • Jcewazhere


    16 days ago

    Looks almost like an Aptera. Hopefully Doug reviews one of those ASAP :)
    My Bolt gets >100mpge when driving hard. Hypermiling I can get 200+. Plus it goes 0-60 in ~6 seconds.
    Seats 4 with some cargo. Has features. Is ~$15,000 used and $30,000 new.
    My how far we've come in less than a decade. Shows how much promise EVs have always had, shame it took us this long to start focusing on them.

    • Jcewazhere


      14 days ago

      @justin j I do charge at home >90% of the time, so do most people I know of with EVs... but I'm not sure what that has to do with the specs of the Bolt. Outside of road trips almost everyone who can park near an outlet can get their charging done overnight while they sleep. I was just commenting on how a ~$35,000 electric car is as good or better than the $150,000 diesel car he was reviewing.

    • justin j

      justin j

      14 days ago

      Thats with charging the battery at home every night right?

  • Chip C

    Chip C

    17 days ago

    What’s a mug score? Spill or no spill?

  • Prapariski


    17 days ago

    It's ugly as f**** and youre not driving the future in few years you'll laugh at this car

  • Swifteagle


    17 days ago

    The front looks like a little R8.

  • Raketenmaulwurf


    17 days ago

    Here in Germany we had a TV commersial with William Shatner sitting in a VW and feeling like on the bridge of the Enterprise.. And when he moves out to the street, Leonard Nimoy pulls up in the XL1 and just says: "fascinating" Enjoy it