The Volkswagen Phaeton W12 Was a $120,000 VW Ultra-Luxury Sedan

Published on Dec 19, 2017
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The Volkswagen Phaeton W12 is one of the craziest Volkswagen models ever -- a 12-cylinder Volkswagen luxury sedan with a $100,000 price tag. Today I'm reviewing the Phaeton to show you why the Volkswagen Phaeton is one of the most interesting cars of our time.

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Doug DeMuro
  • Doug DeMuro

    Doug DeMuro

    3 years ago

    Yes, I am saying "Phaeton" correctly. No, it is not "fay-tin." Yes, it has three syllables.
    Click that link and there's a little voice that will even sound it out for you. You're welcome ;)

    • Ole Grung

      Ole Grung

      8 days ago

      But Volkswagen starts with an "f" in German ;-)

    • Devon McCorry

      Devon McCorry

      20 days ago

      You said it differently every time

    • Erik Royce

      Erik Royce

      Month ago

      I guess im randomly asking but does any of you know a trick to log back into an Instagram account? I was dumb forgot my account password. I would love any assistance you can offer me!

    • Dutch Parisien

      Dutch Parisien

      Month ago

      Already 3 year s

    • Tyler Mclaughlin

      Tyler Mclaughlin

      2 months ago

      Fay ton

  • Miriton Delihasani

    Miriton Delihasani

    2 days ago

    My 2009 ccsport had a trunk latch that was the Volkswagen emblem

  • muff patrol

    muff patrol

    5 days ago

    This car must be heavy. as. fuck.

  • Jeffrey Medeiros

    Jeffrey Medeiros

    7 days ago

    You actually called a VW luxury? Wtf bro.

  • TheRealEMURSE


    9 days ago

    I knew of someone that had one in seacoast nh back then. I thought it was cool cause at the time i had my dads blue 94 jetta automatic on the road 😎

  • djevan 41598

    djevan 41598

    9 days ago

    this car was based off a Bentley

  • YourLocal86


    10 days ago

    I’ve only seen one in someone’s driveway and passed by it a few times. I could easily tell a Phaeton from a Passat.

  • Theo Chambers

    Theo Chambers

    11 days ago

    no one noticed the book of mormon in the glovebox?

  • Felix Nurscher

    Felix Nurscher

    13 days ago

    love this car. our far right party leader died in a drunk driving accident in one lmao

  • caizerismo jenior

    caizerismo jenior

    17 days ago

    You americans talk too much

  • Miles Prower Studios

    Miles Prower Studios

    17 days ago

    This thing, will NEVER be better than Herbie the Love Bug.

  • Cyriaque B

    Cyriaque B

    22 days ago

    you're not driving it !!! you suck

  • ZeropointEnergy


    23 days ago

    So today it's worth less than 4% of the purchase price. What an investment.

  • thomas aquinas

    thomas aquinas

    24 days ago

    A gorgeous car, you might find one today for a bargain. Well, price your insurance and replacement parts, if any...

  • MR HaBiBi

    MR HaBiBi

    24 days ago

    This guys sarcasm is so condescending😆

  • Taikamuna


    25 days ago

    Doug the type of guy to buy a car just to get back massages

  • Demolisher


    27 days ago

    You can get one of those for 10k around here in good condition, but thing is that it's too expensive to maintain.

  • t r

    t r

    27 days ago


  • Mustansir taher

    Mustansir taher

    28 days ago

    Hitler after finding out the VW Phaeton: UM weren't we people's car

  • The Flat Rock

    The Flat Rock

    Month ago

    Audi badging may have helped

  • J. Goines

    J. Goines

    Month ago

    The book of Mormon in the glove box is hilarious

  • MrFedun


    Month ago

    we very want w221

  • Decenium


    Month ago

    Does say a lot about people that they wont buy a luxury car if its not showey...

  • Richard


    Month ago

    The last word in luxury and the local mechanic will curse if it needs that engine removing for maintenance, will be rubbing his hands with the labour prices though. I’d have one if insurance and fuel costs were cheaper. Can’t believe that you can get a good one for less than £4,000 for a car costing £100,000 when new.

  • Geoff Moore

    Geoff Moore

    Month ago

    I wanna grab a beer with Doug sometime. Lol

  • netweed09


    Month ago

    It's just so bad because yes, VW put literally every feature in the World in this car barring a full parachute but it's exterior design especially is so so dated. Like, terribly dated!
    This is why they will never touch the Mercedes S or even BMW 7. The BMW has a massive, upright grille that is seen as stately and imposing and is going down a storm in the far East. The S class has perfected is 'Sensual Purity' design that speaks for itself in sales.

  • Michele Mininni

    Michele Mininni

    Month ago

    The zenith of stupidity.

  • Alejandro Bello

    Alejandro Bello

    Month ago

    I could only think of oje niche market for this Sensible El Camino: mountain bike rack for people that don't thread in anything but paved trail parking lots and then get dirty on pedal power.

  • madhur goel

    madhur goel

    Month ago

    Phaeton is no Phantom

  • Lasergun


    Month ago

    Audi A4 now has individual back window locks as standard

  • Cameron Baird

    Cameron Baird

    Month ago

    The Lexus LS had the power adjustable seatbelts from 1991

  • Phillip Cunningham

    Phillip Cunningham

    Month ago

    I like this car its got high luxury without being all flashy.

  • Phillip Cunningham

    Phillip Cunningham

    Month ago

    Lol wide and thick.

    • ihmpall


      Month ago

      Just the way we like it

  • Nemo


    Month ago

    this isnt even the coolest one, that would be the crazy V10 diesel.

  • Anibal Babilonia

    Anibal Babilonia

    Month ago

    Boy that car was a failure from the beginning! No one back then was gonna spend 100 thousand dollars for a VW! that's why it failed sales quickly! Well! Unlist not many people in the states! But very impressive features for its time! Way ahead of it's time!

  • Daeso


    Month ago

    The only thing more amazing than the features is the maintenance cost.

  • Daryl Vanderford

    Daryl Vanderford

    Month ago

    Wasn't Phaeton the leader of the Neosappiens

  • CrashLikesCars


    Month ago

    They really need to add those window defoggers to McLaren headlights

  • Dustin Slater

    Dustin Slater

    Month ago

    So we all just gonna ignore the fact that the car came with a Book of Mormon

  • K L J M

    K L J M

    Month ago

    I regard this car as a modern Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

  • Uri Ulrich

    Uri Ulrich

    Month ago

    But old Mercs do the same with park distance control in the rear view mirror

  • Andrew Novak

    Andrew Novak

    Month ago

    Pretty sure Doug thought about this car later that night as he drifted off to sleep smiling

  • Andrew Novak

    Andrew Novak

    Month ago

    I wonder why this wasn’t an Audi. Seems more fitting .. maybe vw was trying to show that vw could be insanely luxurious too lol.

  • chase evans

    chase evans

    Month ago

    The violent witch experimentally sign because time pathologically detect amid a petite fired. frequent, languid september

  • wogfun


    Month ago

    I'm watching the older videos so I don't have to hear about cars and bids

  • DM_Hater


    Month ago

    Fuck, of course a Mormon has this car



    Month ago

    Douchebag vanity license plate

  • VW car geek and more

    VW car geek and more

    Month ago

    You would think it’s a Passat But it’s not

  • mas boy RC

    mas boy RC

    Month ago

    Too much features make me confuse to use 😂

  • SuperMrBentley


    Month ago

    Book of the moron

  • Glenn Nichols

    Glenn Nichols

    Month ago

    4 out of 10 for accleration? How is rating these things? He is an idiot he judges cars from 15 years ago against cars of the day. Stupid

  • josepgutierrez22


    Month ago

    Just imagine getting an electrical problem is this car lol

  • Big Website

    Big Website

    Month ago

    That shit is ugly

  • Davey R

    Davey R

    Month ago

    I woud like one of these but I only want to pay £5000, I gues 10 year old one would only be worth that

  • TzadikTheManic


    Month ago

    Book of Phaeton 🤓

  • MrRemmington


    Month ago

    In those days, the Audi A8 had an aluminum body which made the car much lighter as well as increasing torsional rigidity. The Phaeton was rare back then. Notwithstanding, the Lexus LS 430 surpass both cars in features and reliability when equipped with the ultra premium luxury package. All wheel drive was yet to come for Lexus and the 7 series BMW, +S Bens, (2000 was the first V8 4matic in the E 430. ) Sedans.. The LS 430 Lexus has become an extremely popular and sought after car in the USA and Japan with significant modifications turning these cars into magnificent rides. Most people don’t need to think twice about buying a 20 year old LS430,,, km 350 k mile 500000 km in reliability at its best. Don’t tell Lexus but mechanics say, it’s a Toyota they don’t break.

  • Jason De Angelis

    Jason De Angelis

    Month ago

    BMW E38 has the rear auto move headrests from '95...

  • net-rioter


    Month ago

    You change height alot. Sometimes you're 6'2" or 6'3"

  • Nathan LeDee

    Nathan LeDee

    Month ago

    I’ve only spotted one of these in the wild

  • Corey Hillard

    Corey Hillard

    Month ago

    I remember seeing one of these 15 years ago at our local ski resort, and always wondered what this gigantic Jetta had to offer. I had no idea...

  • Omar T

    Omar T

    Month ago

    Beautiful car, but $100k for a VW?

  • Steffen Rosmus

    Steffen Rosmus

    Month ago

    The problem is Volkswagen (car for the (ordinary) people) do not go together with luxury sedan.

  • J.H. Hahnes

    J.H. Hahnes

    Month ago

    I have never seen a Phaeton IRL yet. Not even a "weird looking" jetta/passat that was actually a phaeton

  • tculig


    Month ago

    Quality 6??? Practicality 5??? What you been smoking?

  • Zesmo


    Month ago

    That volkswagen really is a phaet one

  • Jürg Gutknecht

    Jürg Gutknecht

    Month ago

    18:35 Emergency procedure to lock all doors. Step 1: Open a door.

    • Marc Fuchs

      Marc Fuchs

      Month ago

      I thought the same, I wonder what was the intention behind this "feature". I mean, you'd rather need an emergency door opening mechanism, like when it's closed and the electronics don't work to unlock the car.

  • Machiavelli III

    Machiavelli III

    Month ago

    'gotten in'? note to my' 'mercan' friends, 'gotten' is not a word, its got. 😂

  • Gee Em

    Gee Em

    Month ago

    The same time people had VW release a V8 Passat.

  • FORZA_Boy_2021


    Month ago

    I own a phaeton and I forget all the time about that button because my other car has a manual lever

  • GraveyardWarden96


    Month ago

    Want 👀

  • jak p

    jak p

    2 months ago

    People buy a Genesis at a Hyundai dealer, a place that sells $9k new cars to subprime customers.

    • jak p

      jak p

      Month ago

      @Gee Em sticker and sales price is two different things. Still don’t want to drop $80k on a car at a Hyundai dealership that specializes in selling to sub prime buyers.

    • Gee Em

      Gee Em

      Month ago

      What are you talking about? The cheapest new car sold at a Hyundai dealership costs $15,395. This isn't 2006.

  • Zack GregoRipper Cheveret Led

    Zack GregoRipper Cheveret Led

    2 months ago

    RIVAL DE SUS PAISANOS GERMANICOS DE LUJO Mercedez Benz, BMW y su primo mayor AUDI yo creo que Volskwaguen cedió su PATHEON a las Filas de AUDI y cambio a AUDI serie 5 Máximo lujo Alemán 😌🤘

  • Seth L

    Seth L

    2 months ago

    “Back to the glovebox it contains something interesting in there” 7:03
    Wait… _not_ the Book of Mormon?

  • Kaushik Sarkar

    Kaushik Sarkar

    2 months ago

    I have seen just one in kolkata over the years

  • odjebiodd


    2 months ago

    You can get phanteon here for 5k € lol



    2 months ago

    this guy is talking too much stupidities ...

  • Matt Does Stuff

    Matt Does Stuff

    2 months ago

    I love my 2014 TDI Passat. It feels big. It is efficient. And it's got dieselgate warranty. This car would be fun to own though. Like a Bentley with a VW powerplant.

  • Archie Brown

    Archie Brown

    2 months ago

    Did you know the new vaxhall insignia saloon has a middle passenger headrest in the back

  • Jakob Rothenfusser

    Jakob Rothenfusser

    2 months ago

    You can also buy an "accessory": A boat named "Frauscher 757 St. Tropez", along with a trailer, that has the same engine as the Phaeton itself.

  • Yaro Papiez

    Yaro Papiez

    2 months ago

    In Europe you can buy one as cheap as 2000 Euro...

  • ALEX arl44

    ALEX arl44

    2 months ago

    What a nice passat

  • Bernardo Segala

    Bernardo Segala

    2 months ago

    You started wrong, Doug. You should said "this is the volkswagen pantheon"

  • Aniket . 01

    Aniket . 01

    2 months ago

    Phaeton is luxury sleeper 🤣

  • BubbleGumTyrant Duh

    BubbleGumTyrant Duh

    2 months ago

    Not fan-ton

  • Codrin Horceag

    Codrin Horceag

    2 months ago

    i hate how americans pronounce "jetta" so much

  • aunt jemima

    aunt jemima

    2 months ago

    My family used to have one and a mk4 supra when that were new

  • Simon Wright

    Simon Wright

    2 months ago

    Massaging rear seats were a option on 1995 Lexus Ls400s

  • khalid rami

    khalid rami

    2 months ago

    the problem of this car is the logo of vw, if vw team designers tried to find a new logo for this car like hyundai and genises, may be this car has known a great success, most peaple didn't like the logo of golf on this luxury car, it was just a big passat

  • dfy goh

    dfy goh

    2 months ago

    i thought the Mormons gave all their extra money to the church not going out and buying expensive cars

  • Tommie Cooper

    Tommie Cooper

    2 months ago

    Locking the doors for and emergency with a key ????? I don't get it ....

  • Meme Infantery

    Meme Infantery

    2 months ago

    all games and fun until bills come

  • Memoli Kappa

    Memoli Kappa

    2 months ago


  • burtpenguin


    2 months ago

    17:20 isn't that on some bentleys too?

  • Big News

    Big News

    2 months ago

    23:45 I see that as a plus, not a minus.

  • saints fan

    saints fan

    2 months ago

    VW documents instructed the dealers to pronounce it specifically "fay-ton" to prospective customers.

  • Tyler Heyes

    Tyler Heyes

    2 months ago

    Dread to think what the wiring loom looks like

    • Marian Taraza

      Marian Taraza

      2 months ago

      Just pray you won't ever have electrical problems with the car.The repairs are more expensive than what the car is worth.

  • John Somers

    John Somers

    2 months ago

    It is a gorgeous machine! I drove one and I loved it.

  • VW car geek and more

    VW car geek and more

    2 months ago

    Is it weird that me a 11 year old loves old weird cars

  • john lewis

    john lewis

    2 months ago

    The sad thing is everyone views this as a $30,000 Pasat. What a silly waste of money on a 'low-key' image.

  • Ali Yousef

    Ali Yousef

    2 months ago

    it is great inside out