The Porsche 959 Is a $1.5 Million Automotive Icon

Published on Dec 4, 2018
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The Porsche 959 is one of the most famous Porsche models of all time -- and the 959 is one of the most famous cars from the 1980s. Today I'm reviewing the Porsche 959 to show you the details of one of the world's most amazing cars.

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Doug DeMuro
  • Doug DeMuro

    Doug DeMuro

    2 years ago

    Have a good day at school, sweetie! Don't lose your 959 first aid kit!

    • elijahtorrence07


      5 months ago


    • philsipad


      5 months ago

      I remembered when this car first came out and it's taken over thirty years for me to see a review of the interior and the little quirks. Best things about reviews on this channel.

    • CHOC113


      7 months ago

      Lol whos here in 2021?

    • netweed09


      Year ago

      Definitely the only thing good and useful about this car!

    • calska140


      Year ago

      I mean, it seems like a pragmatic choice when this car was just manufactured to fill out the homologation standards so it could be used for racing in group B. The accidents that could (and tragically did) occur in group B would require a small Field Hospital.

  • Number One Guest

    Number One Guest

    Day ago

    This car is clearly so imaginative and ahead of it's time. It's really crazy to see a supercar designed to off-road, let alone a Porsche. Great episode! 👍

  • Radek Oliva

    Radek Oliva

    3 days ago

    Amazing car!!!

  • An honda Civic

    An honda Civic

    5 days ago

    I just seen one of these in silver whilst walking home from college

  • Der Staat ist eine Hure

    Der Staat ist eine Hure

    5 days ago

    funny german no it doesnt mean gelan, it means gelände - offroad

  • ike james Timbal

    ike james Timbal

    6 days ago

    Porsche 959 '89



    6 days ago

    I went to the Porsche museum in Germany and I saw the 959 there

  • Colton J

    Colton J

    9 days ago

    I saw someone driving on the highway in a silver one today. Minneapolis suburbs have insane car game if y’all didn’t know

  • richard oakley

    richard oakley

    10 days ago

    The 959 ..better than any 911



    12 days ago

    That trunk with the gas tank is why Ryan Dunn died!

  • You Been Here Before

    You Been Here Before

    12 days ago


  • Neveres Technikum

    Neveres Technikum

    12 days ago

    I always picked the 959 on
    my Amiga 500 when playing Test Drive Ii.

  • Bart Sola

    Bart Sola

    12 days ago

    This man drove Lightning McQueen

  • Custom Cars Hot Wheels

    Custom Cars Hot Wheels

    14 days ago

    1987 Porsche 959

  • Hans Dampf

    Hans Dampf

    14 days ago

    I would take this over the carrera gt anytime, that’s the most special road going Porsche ever… in the 80s it was like a UFO.

  • Eryk Dybas

    Eryk Dybas

    19 days ago

    I usually agree with your scores but I don't think this car deserves a 6 for styling or 7 for value. It's quite ugly and the car costs upwards of 2mil. You also said it has decent trunk space it doesn't look like it can even fit a carry-on.

  • sean hershey

    sean hershey

    19 days ago

    As an 80s all time fave...

  • Brian Stancel

    Brian Stancel

    19 days ago

    7:00 first time hearing Doug swear 🤫

  • Whitey


    19 days ago

    Of course it's a Group B car, good lord that would be terrifying on a dirt road.

    • An honda Civic

      An honda Civic

      5 days ago

      Didn't partake in group b because it came too late but it was used in the dakar rally and was successful

  • Brian Manning

    Brian Manning

    20 days ago

    Still so fucking off on the styling score.

  • breakingmichigan


    21 day ago

    2016 Impala has the worst steering wheel fight me Doug

  • simon lloyd

    simon lloyd

    28 days ago

    Yes, it's an incredible car, but it's just soOOOoo fugly. The proportions are horrible. If thisbody style had been the stock 993 it would have been a sales disaster and everyone would have lusted after the shape of the base 993. As for the interior..typical yucky Porsche. and I say this as a former 964 SSE owner.

  • PSD Cowboy

    PSD Cowboy

    Month ago

    Wow, I thought the steering wheel is one of the most beautifully designed I’ve seen. Maybe just me

  • NTstudio28


    Month ago

    Outdated and overpriced 😅

  • OoOoOo OoOoOo

    OoOoOo OoOoOo

    Month ago

    18:31 nice place to hide the stash

  • Anibal Babilonia

    Anibal Babilonia

    Month ago

    When that porsche came out it was considered the most advanced way ahead of its time car! With it's mechanicals.

  • Nathanimal


    Month ago

    If you and your buddies go to town in the 959, and the other guy calls Shotgun first, just take your own car

  • Nathan Watt

    Nathan Watt

    Month ago

    Automotive paint sure has come a long way

  • Luke Skywalker

    Luke Skywalker

    Month ago

    The absolute platinum standard. One of these or a 288 GTO and I would never need another exotic. Forget what they build today. Junk.

  • 120M


    Month ago

    For me it is just weird looking 911.

  • ismail parlak

    ismail parlak

    Month ago

    Lets get lockpicking lawyer



    Month ago

    Thats my favorite steering wheel of all time

  • Be Flabbergasted

    Be Flabbergasted

    Month ago

    I never liked it. It looks like a cartoon car and the wheels just look wrong. I never drove that one but I drove the F40 and I agree with you, the driving leaves you exhausted after a while. But it moves.

  • Eric Ha

    Eric Ha

    Month ago

    Been watching for 6 years. Your channel has grown so much and I enjoy all your content. Thanks for keeping me updated and educated!

  • Mark Furney

    Mark Furney

    Month ago

    I don't think that's what the suspension was designed for Doug it's probably to go over bumps that are in the street speed bumps that are irritating and everybody has to go over to slow down and this car was not designed to go over these very low places in town. Because everything was made F1 race cars

  • 012345678 9876543210

    012345678 9876543210

    Month ago

    Lb for lb the best looking Porsche of all time!!!



    Month ago

    Doug, the bandages go with the rally feature

  • Tiago de Pádua

    Tiago de Pádua

    Month ago

    Lol "it's just an old Porsche"

  • K M

    K M

    Month ago

    You have inflated expectations. Are there cars that have 10/10?

  • Jonathan Kenter

    Jonathan Kenter

    Month ago

    Oh I knew what a 959 is ! I remember reading about this in motor trend back in the 80's ! Love it !!

  • Zaki Wasik

    Zaki Wasik

    Month ago

    I think we need LockpickingLawyer to try to pick those wheel locks!

  • hack daniels

    hack daniels

    Month ago

    Stop saying 'hole' for the love of God.

  • Drooskeedoo


    Month ago

    "G" is for Granny

  • Mustansir taher

    Mustansir taher

    Month ago

    Any Porsche fans here

  • Tweekkat The Cat

    Tweekkat The Cat

    Month ago

    I wonder if anybody who bought this car actually took it offloading. I doubt everybody would be terrified to take their ultra-rare $1.5 million supercar offroad

  • William Stelmack

    William Stelmack

    Month ago

    F Bill Gates.

  • First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name

    Month ago

    8:00. Indeed, the reflector is just for show.
    Just like the rear lights - ‘show’ is their purpose.

  • The Gray

    The Gray

    Month ago

    Lock picking lawyer vs the wheels

  • lookoutforchris


    Month ago

    Doug needs a pair of knee pads 😂

  • Getsuga Tenshou

    Getsuga Tenshou

    2 months ago

    Guy in Lambo being impressed and filming shows on what level of exclusivity this Porsche is.

  • Jordon Berkove

    Jordon Berkove

    2 months ago

    DeMuro you are such a ahole ingrate. Person invites Demuro to do a "review" which is full of lunch-pail remarks that are very unprofessional. Man you are a spoiled child and will no doubt have problems in the future because you fail to understand that YOU are the GUEST. Act more like it next time bro.

  • M R

    M R

    2 months ago

    You don't call a 911 a nine-one-one, you call it a nine eleven. You don't call a 356 a three-five-six, it's a three fifty six. And so, you do not call a 959 a nine-five-nine. It's a nine fifty nine.

  • Chris S.

    Chris S.

    2 months ago

    So if I got that right, Bill Gates and others used wealth and power to rewrite laws to allow them special privileges…..?????
    What a shocker.

  • Patrick Metz

    Patrick Metz

    2 months ago

    11:46 I love your attempt trying to say G for Gelände but its Not spoken Galand, its more like ge’ländä ( g is Spoken as in „Go Kart“ , and ä as in „estimation“)

  • Christian Buczko

    Christian Buczko

    2 months ago

    My e46 has a similar 1st aid kit.

  • Christian Buczko

    Christian Buczko

    2 months ago

    I saw a 959 on the road in the rothmans rally decals.

  • RetroSoaring


    2 months ago

    18:16 just imagine hearing that hilarious horn in traffic lol

  • Coaieman Dushman

    Coaieman Dushman

    2 months ago

    still shit on by the nissan skyline

  • Scott Fallier

    Scott Fallier

    2 months ago

    Is this even a review without taking it offroad?

  • StepBro


    2 months ago

    I had a Hot Wheels of the 959 when I was a kid done up in racing livery and it was my favourite but I didn't know the significance of it then!

  • Matthew McRee

    Matthew McRee

    2 months ago

    The 959 was my legit dream car as a kid in the late 90s, and I was always mad that Gran Turismo and Gran Turismo 2 for Playstation didn't have Porsche at all (they had Ruf though). I still think the 959 is one of the coolest looking cars ever made and if I became a billionaire somehow, this would be the one classic ultraexpensive supercar I would buy if I could only buy one.

  • TheCoishiKing


    2 months ago

    When the 959 was so ground breaking and technologically advanced that it had to remind those who were driving that yes, the car still is subject to the laws of physics, in case they forgot that while they above the law, they aren't above Newton's law

  • kouper68


    3 months ago

    When the Lambro stops to take a pic of your car... haha.

  • Steven B

    Steven B

    3 months ago

    I always liked these steering wheels! I think the older 3 spoke steering wheel with the giant horn, or the late 80s airbag steering wheels are way uglier

  • Ed venuto

    Ed venuto

    3 months ago

    This look like the car in bad boys 95

  • Johnson Long

    Johnson Long

    3 months ago

    The steering wheel us not too bad.
    Doug is the type of guy who will say it bads

    • Harrison Marchese

      Harrison Marchese

      3 months ago

      As a 944 owner, I am bias toward liking it. But more importantly, knowing I have the same steering wheel as the 959 is mega cool!

  • Tequilanator


    3 months ago

    Bro, you should make the driving impressions part in pov.



    3 months ago

    One of the top 3 poster cars of the 80s w/ the Countach and Testarossa and the most mysterious. I knew it was loaded w/ wizardry but the Rally component is news. Very cool.

  • Liso Campos

    Liso Campos

    3 months ago

    I dont think a first aid kit can overkill.

  • David Gragg

    David Gragg

    3 months ago

    The Corvettes and some Camaros had silver seats back in the 70s. They were called the moon man seats or something like that.

  • Peace


    3 months ago

    Love oldschool cars, no over the top electronics, no digital screens and other unnecessary bs...

  • Vr2000 S

    Vr2000 S

    3 months ago


    • Charlie Pierce

      Charlie Pierce

      Month ago

      You have no taste

  • Roger Aguilar

    Roger Aguilar

    3 months ago

    Lol 1 million for a high performance VW lol

  • GEMfanatica


    3 months ago

    I wonder who will actually take this 2 million dollar car off road!

  • keytothegate K

    keytothegate K

    3 months ago

    That's probably rights as much as it is tragic-the Porsche owners of today don't even know what this car is-it is that rare. Even the ones who install add on body parts on their Porsche cars do not realize they are actually attempting to recreate the look of this car.

  • Jonny Man

    Jonny Man

    4 months ago

    Super cool Porsche! But, the tires in the back look real small, compared to the front ones. I saw 235/45/17 in the front, and 255/40/17 in the back, is that the OEM Spec?

  • Steven Trostle

    Steven Trostle

    4 months ago

    Stop looking at the camera---Eyes on the road!!!! It's only $1,500,000 to replace it -if you can find one. LMAO

  • Estrada Armory

    Estrada Armory

    4 months ago

    The 959 is the only iconic Porsche worth saving.... together with the 930 Turbo. Anyway, the first aid kit you see here was/is required standard equipment in Germany.

  • Andrew Rains

    Andrew Rains

    4 months ago

    So it has bags?

  • John Maa

    John Maa

    4 months ago

    I remember this car when it came out in the '80s, can't believe the price tag is around $1.5 million now.

    • John Maa

      John Maa

      4 months ago

      I think 928 has the same kind of steering wheel.

  • Nervo 63

    Nervo 63

    4 months ago

    The 959 is a true icon of the 80s love the chunky but sporty design...think the Drive Coffee cans look great too.

  • Odris K

    Odris K

    4 months ago

    BBC^s Jeremy clarkson said the 1989 skyline GTR R32 made the 959 feel like it was designed by flinestone studios. Watch at 1.30 point.

  • Sean


    4 months ago

    Whats it worth today gents?

  • Love Helping

    Love Helping

    4 months ago

    Love ur videos

  • freecycle53215


    4 months ago

    “You could daily it if you were insane.” -Doug DeMuro

  • Joshua C

    Joshua C

    4 months ago

    911 long/wide body 20 years before widebodys were a thing

  • Mr. Mioto

    Mr. Mioto

    4 months ago

    Buy titanfall 2

  • Doug Steel

    Doug Steel

    4 months ago

    It's so ugly. It's like a Porsche-shaped bar of soap

  • Korbin Dallas

    Korbin Dallas

    4 months ago

    Did Doug use to be the Moviephone guy or something, and that's why he talks like that? I feel like I caught a bit about that somewhere..

  • Josh Uhlman

    Josh Uhlman

    4 months ago

    I know that it's been two years but i hope that you've Middle Aligned the word "WEEKEND" in your spreadsheet to match "DAILY." :)

  • Matteo Ceriotti

    Matteo Ceriotti

    4 months ago

    Kim Kardashian car. They added a fake booty to a 911.

  • Pink Vitz

    Pink Vitz

    4 months ago

    I love how he doesnt say he's gunna give it a Doug score until 4:15

  • James Waldron

    James Waldron

    4 months ago

    When u think of it the 959 was a first for a lot of things, it was very mind blowing for it’s time and even now.

  • Chris


    4 months ago

    whats with the weird key lock on the inside of the drivers door?

  • B Cortelyou

    B Cortelyou

    4 months ago

    There was a guy in LaPorte indiana some years back had a black Spyder one. Got it cheap too. Crazy.

  • user0


    5 months ago


  • GeneticHybrids


    5 months ago

    I saw a grey one on the road in Manhattan on a trip one I feel privileged!

  • Cardboard Finance

    Cardboard Finance

    5 months ago

    This car has incredible technology and it has a 4 out of’re soft. That mole is getting bigger.

  • ridgebackdk


    5 months ago

    its a legal requirement to carry first aid kits and warning triangles and a few other bits in a lot of countries in mainland europe,,,

  • Barry Rudge

    Barry Rudge

    5 months ago

    Ignoring the Porsche 914 this must be one of the ugliest Porsche's the company ever produced. To cover the extra wide track and FWD system the overblown wheel arches remind me of those cheap over the top fibreglass kits you would see on teenagers mundane hatchbacks of the early 1980's. Except this Porsche 959 has a wonderful pedigree and phenomenal speed and road holding.