The Porsche 911 GT2RS Is the Craziest 911 Ever

Published on Oct 23, 2018
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The 2018 Porsche 911 GT2RS is the craziest Porsche 911 of all time. Today I'm reviewing the new GT2RS to show you why it's such an insane car -- and why the GT2RS is such a brutal, special performance car.

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Doug DeMuro
  • Doug DeMuro

    Doug DeMuro

    2 years ago

    Hey, everyone.
    Drehen bis click. ;)

    • YulieArt


      5 months ago

      Bitte, bis den Scheiß klickt drehen.

    • Aaron Glasser

      Aaron Glasser

      9 months ago


    • Pogchamp


      10 months ago

      Doug: Take that Huracan Performante Me: Looks at my Performante

    • Ray Ventures

      Ray Ventures

      11 months ago

      My 2018 Camry SE is faster

    • Julian Gärtner

      Julian Gärtner

      Year ago


  • Pancake


    Day ago

    idk man, i think the 911 rsr is crazier

  • 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T

    1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T

    Month ago

    I think styling is a 9/10
    I think that the wing is subtle and perfect along with the rest of the aero

  • Janez Demsar

    Janez Demsar

    Month ago

    I know I’m probably late but the water tank in the frunk is not for coolant its for the intercooler spray nozzles



    Month ago

    Those cup holders aren't impressive if you've ever owned an E90 bmw

  • TheRiky111


    Month ago

    Ahhhh, Porsche... Deletes Badges because weight, but ehy! Dont mess around with the cup holders!

  • Ron Hopkins

    Ron Hopkins

    Month ago

    My heart broke when he slammed the engine compartment that hard even after knowing that's not my car.!

  • bloodrune329


    Month ago

    The owner really gave Doug the GT2RS on an EMPTY tank 😂

  • Jeff Strongman

    Jeff Strongman

    Month ago

    Nothing shifts or steers as beautifully as a modern day Porsche. Drive one and everything else will feel like driving a garbage truck. Porsche makes the best cars on earth, hands down.

  • budaroddy


    Month ago

    6:40 Doug the kind of guy that puts monkey sounds on a bridge

  • Kevin Bhasi

    Kevin Bhasi

    2 months ago

    (7:56) I can't help but notice that the fans remind me of computer cooling fans.

  • Kevin Bhasi

    Kevin Bhasi

    2 months ago

    (3:43) I typed that into Google Translate, and that basically means "licence plate holder"

  • bruh moment

    bruh moment

    2 months ago

    Shave your head to reduce more weight

    • Desmond Pillay

      Desmond Pillay

      Month ago

      Drink water to reduce your dry jokes

  • Roush


    2 months ago

    Is this Jay Leno ordered from Wish???.?

  • 🌙


    2 months ago

    some of the “weight saving measures” really show how stupid porsche thinks their customers are.

  • Weezee


    2 months ago

    you know its a nice car when doug calls the fuel cap beautiful

  • p Sherman

    p Sherman

    3 months ago

    Just seeing where and how to get to the engine reminded me how much just n oil change would be n a car like this

  • Jason Y

    Jason Y

    3 months ago

    who's here after this monster broke the Nurburgring lap record again

  • CL S

    CL S

    3 months ago

    Cup holders...are we drinking or driving?

  • Rileyplaze09


    3 months ago

    now this video makes me feel better about taping a crapy drawn Porsche logo on my parents car

  • micheal jones

    micheal jones

    3 months ago

    why no cage ?

  • Korbin Dallas

    Korbin Dallas

    3 months ago

    People rag on Doug a lot, but man does he know his cars 👍

  • Riot Squad

    Riot Squad

    3 months ago

    If they stamped the badge into the hood they would save 0.0093 ounces

  • Nicholas Lvoff

    Nicholas Lvoff

    3 months ago

    My 325i had the same cupholders but not over-engineered lol

  • Adal Mabel

    Adal Mabel

    3 months ago

    This guy sweating his buttocks driving this beast

  • Mary Blood

    Mary Blood

    3 months ago

    If they didn't put so much GT2 RS branding they could have kept the badges

  • Lars Nørregaard

    Lars Nørregaard

    3 months ago

    hvorfor har du en gummimand over sædet

  • Phillip Andre

    Phillip Andre

    4 months ago

    😃Awesome 👏🏾🔥🔥🔥!

  • Amir


    4 months ago

    Imagine a 918 GT2 RS

  • Jay Scherbring

    Jay Scherbring

    4 months ago

    Porsche 911 GT1: Am I a joke to you?

  • James A.

    James A.

    4 months ago

    I think the spoiler looks beautiful

  • Vicitus23


    4 months ago

    13:29 But the height over ZERO can be helpfull, because at a high mountain, the oxygen is less, which ends it less Engine power. Or at least it´s helpful for Engine nerds..

  • user


    4 months ago

    The owner was like Put a bag I don't want your greasy head on my seat

  • Cory Gray

    Cory Gray

    4 months ago

    I like that the owner wanted the headrest covered so Doug didn't get the seat oily with his hair

  • challengerJB17


    4 months ago

    Doug the type of guy to say Happy April fools Day

  • Whoporschedatis


    4 months ago

    Why the soul glo cover on the headrest?

  • Nate Robinson

    Nate Robinson

    4 months ago

    short shifting bums me out...

  • TurboJerker


    4 months ago

    Still not as crazy as the 911 in the 2001.

  • Dave Rodriguez

    Dave Rodriguez

    5 months ago

    Man pulled a Scotty Kilmer lmfao 6:41

  • Secret Oktober78

    Secret Oktober78

    5 months ago

    The 1990’s 911 GT1 has the “fried egg headlights”, oh the horror! Feck the 911 purists. I love my 2000 911!

  • newme


    5 months ago

    Doug came in a GT2 RS

  • Вахапет Вахапетович

    Вахапет Вахапетович

    5 months ago

    GT1-craziest ever.

  • JRM Shorts

    JRM Shorts

    5 months ago

    Doug, the fluid up front isn't for coolant - rather, it's for a water injection system to cool the intercoolers faster

  • Tony


    5 months ago

    you are dumb af stop making mockery about this car who the fuck are you to judge



    5 months ago


  • Ajay Kumar Prasad

    Ajay Kumar Prasad

    5 months ago

    I like how Jeremy Clarkson gets annoyed by a Volkswagen Beetle

  • branden householder

    branden householder

    5 months ago

    5:26 every Buick ever

  • Aaron Villagomes

    Aaron Villagomes

    5 months ago

    Seems like u nutted while driving this car Doug.

  • Gor Vkhkryan

    Gor Vkhkryan

    5 months ago

    Doug the type of guy that slaps the watermelon to see how ripe it is.

  • Jacob Robertson

    Jacob Robertson

    5 months ago

    Christmas Porsche

  • Mahatma618


    5 months ago

    Have you ever lost your license?😂 Nice review

  • hayden


    5 months ago

    i jumped when you closed the "trunk" 😂

  • poudrieres


    5 months ago

    Honestly Doug, who cares about an infotainment system in a GT2 RS ? A GT car is all about driving .

  • Jeff Taylor

    Jeff Taylor

    6 months ago

    Wing does not go to the

  • Alex Tasarov

    Alex Tasarov

    6 months ago

    The water tank in the front is not the coolant 😂

  • Chaos Farm

    Chaos Farm

    6 months ago

    So glad it doesn’t have rear seats. Always thought it was odd that 911s were 4 seaters.

  • Sixty nine seconds

    Sixty nine seconds

    6 months ago

    From the back of that thing it looks like I could mine crypto with that.

  • Lea Licious

    Lea Licious

    6 months ago

    why does he always have to use german words in harsh nazi tone

  • Ryan Utz

    Ryan Utz

    6 months ago

    slow as fuck

    • kake52


      4 months ago

      joking right?

  • Nick Poggi

    Nick Poggi

    6 months ago

    Proud to say the only 911 I’ve ever driven is the GT2 RS. I can’t believe how crazy it was

  • Nick B

    Nick B

    6 months ago

    The clicking of the pdk automatic would drive me insane.

  • Nick B

    Nick B

    6 months ago

    Anyone else notice in the subtitles that this car runs on “dragon piss”? 😂

  • AG Olea

    AG Olea

    6 months ago

    The expression on Doug's face between 17:19-21 is hilarious! The poor guy looks like he wet himself😂

  • Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez

    6 months ago

    His face when he steps on it

  • Andrew Libby

    Andrew Libby

    6 months ago

    Doug is the type of guy to not pee in the shower.

  • Tolly Crump

    Tolly Crump

    6 months ago

    Yeah, but that fuel cap can be off of just any Porsche...Ok, had to edit. Doug, seriously, value 6/10? Anything that goes up in value has to be a 10/10.

  • Semmy V.

    Semmy V.

    6 months ago

    Merry xmas

  • Skip Donahue

    Skip Donahue

    7 months ago

    The GT2RS fader screen file is heavier than the regular GT2 file. This far they can go. This is dedication.

  • tutelarius


    7 months ago

    Weird to have a special racing wheel but no cage.

    • tutelarius


      7 months ago

      @A B Ah I didn't know that, weird rule!

    • A B

      A B

      7 months ago

      In other countries they do have a cage from factory. In us it’s illegal unfortunately for them to come with cages, or it’s a “race car”

  • tutelarius


    7 months ago

    3:20 - This is the reservoir for the water spray intercooler system.

  • Mark Brisec

    Mark Brisec

    7 months ago

    Way too spartan for me... I'd have the 911 Turbo S.. 90% of the performance with a benefit of the complete luxury package.. Adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, heated and vented seats, high end sound system, beautiful steering wheel, 360 camera system, etc.....

  • laserraptor


    7 months ago

    "this car looks cool but far from beautiful" WTF!?

  • racecardriver


    7 months ago

    fun fact about that wing: usually GT race cars can't have those wings that large, but porsche gets an exception because due to the general shape of the car, it's diffuser is significantly smaller and less effective than its competitors. so they let porsche run the massive wings to have the same amount of downforce

  • Вахапет Вахапетович

    Вахапет Вахапетович

    7 months ago

    Gt-1 was the craziest

  • Elias Håkansson

    Elias Håkansson

    7 months ago

    15:09 upon Porsche seeing this, some unnamed software engineer at Porsche was shot at dawn.



    7 months ago

    All I wanted to see was the stock stearing wheel :(

  • Jairo BB

    Jairo BB

    7 months ago

    14:34 Aye yo what

  • Ben Bell

    Ben Bell

    7 months ago

    I had an afternoon driving the 991 Carrera 4s at Silverstone UK. It blew me away!
    It was an amazing and a bad day as I’ll never afford any 911 on my warehouse job wages.
    This car is insane! I wouldn’t dare park it anywhere where I live. I think I could perhaps park a standard looking 996 or 997 without getting it damaged.
    I’ll keep buying those lottery tickets.

  • Joshua Stecc

    Joshua Stecc

    7 months ago

    Have you been pulled over in someones car yet?

  • Anthony Williams

    Anthony Williams

    7 months ago

    Low fuel

  • naisi


    7 months ago

    What's with the plastic slip cover on the seat lol.

  • Kevin & Clare Callan

    Kevin & Clare Callan

    7 months ago

    yes doug a regular 911 back seats are good when u steel childern

  • Rebel with a cause

    Rebel with a cause

    7 months ago

    7 for styling!?!? This car is perfect in every way.

    • Lateral Coasters

      Lateral Coasters

      2 months ago

      It’s green

    • VW Jetta

      VW Jetta

      3 months ago

      @Jesusdoesthings Yes

    • Eddy Law

      Eddy Law

      4 months ago

      @Rebel with a cause if you see dougs videos he usually takes away a point for performance models, so the regular 911 would get an 8 which is still really good

    • hacefrio


      4 months ago

      @Eddy Law looks like a regular 911 besides it being covered in aero and carbon fiber and a dinner table spoiler 💀

    • Rebel with a cause

      Rebel with a cause

      5 months ago

      @Eddy Law Good opinion! A 911 is extremely expensive, your talking like It's garbage. That 911 in the video is beautiful.

  • Chaplin


    7 months ago

    _"For a total weekend score of 46 out of 50, which places it one above the Huracan Performante, a BIG victory"_ Yeah I'm sure they're popping the champagne bottles over at Porsche

  • Leon Wentzel

    Leon Wentzel

    8 months ago

    Please stop pronouncing German words in this weird way. Sounds a lot like Hitler...

  • savedJedi


    8 months ago

    this car was the best driving experience I had in Forza or any racing game.

  • Daily Driven Commutes

    Daily Driven Commutes

    8 months ago

    "You don't need money to build a fast car" Sloppy Mechanics

  • Hoki Kole

    Hoki Kole

    8 months ago

    50/50 my friend...50/50

  • Hoki Kole

    Hoki Kole

    8 months ago

    This is so sporty and beautifull car 10 /10....

  • Nathaniel Blank

    Nathaniel Blank

    8 months ago

    The owner didn't want to risk catching a DTD (Doug Transmitted Disease) and put a condom on the seat

  • Ripster


    9 months ago

    That's the ugliest steering wheel I've ever seen.

  • Quichrlyn


    9 months ago

    whats the difference between a chin spoiler, a lip spoiler, and a splitter?

  • B Bacc Soon

    B Bacc Soon

    9 months ago

    Okay the cup holders are cool as fuck.

  • Phillip McCalla

    Phillip McCalla

    9 months ago

    The real name is this car is the porshe GT3RS you stupid it’s not GT2RS you don’t read things

  • G P

    G P

    9 months ago

    It hurts me when doug close the trunk like this 8:21

  • Kemmitt Malik

    Kemmitt Malik

    9 months ago

    Sorry. Turbo s for me.

  • Sam Westenskow

    Sam Westenskow

    9 months ago

    I absolutely love the steering wheel

  • Øfficial Dâwgg

    Øfficial Dâwgg

    9 months ago

    Perfect Drag Car 🔥🔥

  • neverhook


    9 months ago

    are you relatives with Quentin Tarantino?

  • Simba


    9 months ago

    The cap under the hood/trunk is not for coolant wow you really gotta do your research.