The New Porsche 935 Is an Insane $1 Million Track Car

Published on Apr 21, 2020
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The new 2019 Porsche 935 is a track monster -- and an incredibly rare and special car. The 935 is worth around $1 million, and it's one of just a few dozen on the planet. Today I'm reviewing the Porsche 935, and I'm going to show you around one of the rarest, most expensive track cars in the world.


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Doug DeMuro
  • Aquaman_ 7_C

    Aquaman_ 7_C

    4 days ago

    Basically your porsche 935 aka Casket would cost 1 million dollars death cannot be more beautiful than this one.

  • Khwaja Sanjari

    Khwaja Sanjari

    4 days ago

    Doug borrows Mannys car and now he has double the views than Mannys original video.

  • DLGaming


    9 days ago

    Jazz's new alt-mode looks great

  • Jake Furlong

    Jake Furlong

    9 days ago

    I loved when he tried to get in the car lol it mustve been quiet the squeeze to get in there mate

  • Pro_Boss _Slayer

    Pro_Boss _Slayer

    9 days ago

    Actually, I've seen normal cars that have the front turn signal and headlight combined so when the turn signal is on the headlight just isn't functional.

  • 1Bridem


    10 days ago

    Im surprised Manny didn't make dress up

  • Rahman R

    Rahman R

    12 days ago

    Manny is one of the handful of super car owner on YR I like!

  • Roger Aguilar

    Roger Aguilar

    18 days ago

    Did you just fart trying to get in that car

  • Midnight Blue

    Midnight Blue

    24 days ago

    5:22 Close your eyes...

  • Charles Chris

    Charles Chris

    25 days ago

    Can anyone say David and goliath? Wow Doug you have to look down at the Guy who can afford $1 million race car

  • Vojta Vacek

    Vojta Vacek

    26 days ago

    Diodes on a side of dash will show wheel slip and gauge on the right will be boost pressure

  • lutzauto


    27 days ago

    Doug: promoting some "businessman'"s scam is not a good look

  • Anibal Babilonia

    Anibal Babilonia

    29 days ago

    Another beauty that never will see the light of day! Thanks to a millionaire brat! 👌😂👉😳sorry Doug! That car doesn't fit you! Lmfao!

  • Jhigh Tutntup

    Jhigh Tutntup

    Month ago

    What's the point of buying a track car if you're never going to take it to a track and drive it , you just let it sit in your garage to rot

    • JQ


      Month ago

      because its cool? duhh

  • Angry Bulldog Gaming

    Angry Bulldog Gaming

    Month ago

    when i was little i thought that race cars were very luxurious but i can see now that you mainly pay for the power and the brand not necessarily the comfort

  • Rachel Purity

    Rachel Purity

    Month ago

    13K for a Recaro seat!?!?!
    Almost 30K for a WRAP!?!?
    Rich people are retarded.

  • Popeyes Biscuit Faze

    Popeyes Biscuit Faze

    Month ago

    woah didn't know zombies where adding this cae

  • Gman k

    Gman k

    Month ago

    What's he talking about there's a few cars that the headlight goes out while he turn signal is on and that's to prevent binding oncoming traffic that's waiting at a red light...... cmon Doug you can do better

  • Captain_Context


    Month ago

    Yeah Manny Koshbin. A desperately awkward, unlikable character who buys these cars to use them as a front for selling people "mentorship". Which is in itself worthless. But he realised nobody runs after people with fancy watches or expensive property, so he bought cars. Because they give him the attention he wants. He can barely drive them in a straight line.

  • Steven B

    Steven B

    Month ago

    Doesn’t Doug know you’re always supposed to go butt first into super cars? Way easier than shoving your whole body in all at once

  • forevermidi. com

    forevermidi. com

    2 months ago

    Well usually on these cars you enter with the bum first, and then you exit with the legs bro

  • Arash Panahi

    Arash Panahi

    2 months ago

    Soooo they removed all of the door pannel, but left the rear lights untouched while the car has another set of em?...

  • Glenton Netshivhulana

    Glenton Netshivhulana

    2 months ago

    5:22 i thought LessDougDemuro made up that sound ..

  • Afie Fadzlin

    Afie Fadzlin

    2 months ago

    i thought that was Herbie Fully Loaded 2.0 lol 🤔😂

  • monsterjambrony


    2 months ago

    5:22-5:42 Imagine those noises without proper context.

  • Ethan Haas

    Ethan Haas

    2 months ago

    5:52 😳

  • wwindowlicker808(night speed)

    wwindowlicker808(night speed)

    2 months ago

    Lol shipping cost about 20 times what my BMW 540i is worth.

  • BullShark


    2 months ago

    Doug either sounds constipated, or he's about to bust, or both XD

  • Pedro Fetter

    Pedro Fetter

    2 months ago

    The 4mm hex socket fasteners on the roof hatch are a standard for racing cars, mandatory for some FIA classes, rescue crews are supposed to have them at hand.

  • Captain


    2 months ago

    Many females can relate to ABS setting 11

  • Franklyn White

    Franklyn White

    3 months ago

    Race car, not street legal@ yo momma

  • Trader RB

    Trader RB

    3 months ago

    Still has the protective film on the windows. sad.

  • SDB


    3 months ago

    MobyDick v2.0

  • Joseph Shiboyan

    Joseph Shiboyan

    3 months ago

    5:19 When you stick it in for the first time.....and finish within 20 seconds

    • kw


      2 months ago


  • 취사완료


    3 months ago

    Come to think of it, isn't it little awkward to put the name of liquor on a car as a promotion?

  • RI Outboards

    RI Outboards

    3 months ago

    15:10 that's a boost gauge, not oil pressure

  • Chris L

    Chris L

    3 months ago

    Its a shame this car will never so much as sniff a track.

  • AwesomePants


    3 months ago

    So much ytp uses in this one!

    • Simon the mechanic

      Simon the mechanic

      3 months ago

      ah yes

  • Skrillah


    3 months ago

    Gonna be one of the least raced race cars. Collectors never gonna take em out of the garage,

  • Prakhar Bhushan

    Prakhar Bhushan

    3 months ago

    Ohhh brooo it’s a manny khoshbins’s cars

  • Underwater Fish Videos

    Underwater Fish Videos

    3 months ago

    do you guys think this car looks like a porsche? :/

  • David Varela

    David Varela

    3 months ago

    I want to see it against a sleeper on a straight line :) , or the Hoonicorn

  • Mohammed Abdul

    Mohammed Abdul

    4 months ago

    5:22 doug starts to fuck the car

  • Jayden Arenas

    Jayden Arenas

    4 months ago

    8:18 on captions
    M U S I C

  • Krisztián Ferryman Konszky

    Krisztián Ferryman Konszky

    4 months ago

    @22:32 the exhaust moved the camera so those ARE rocket launchers

  • GhostShock


    4 months ago

    A guy who was probably born rich, staying rich by telling suckers how to get rich. Checks out. This looks like a Lancia Stratos Turbo.

    • lasagna


      3 months ago

      He was an Iranian immigrant living in his family's station wagon at 14. He was the farthest thing from being born rich.

  • Richard & Leaf's Gacha Life & Transport Videos 2006

    Richard & Leaf's Gacha Life & Transport Videos 2006

    4 months ago

    5:22 LOL

  • Markus Schnoor

    Markus Schnoor

    4 months ago

    Hi Doug, the small gage on the right side of the gage cluster doesn't show the oil pressure, it's about the charging pressure of the turbocharger.

  • Michigan_Supercars


    4 months ago

    6:30 Soooo essentially it's a sunroof...that's also a safety feature

  • ShikataGaNai100


    4 months ago

    I can't think of 935s without thinking of Peter Gregg.

  • Josh Hills

    Josh Hills

    4 months ago

    only a bitch wouldnt daily drive this car. i would drive this car everywhere. nothing like looking sexy AF getting in and out of your 1 million$ ride.

  • Joe


    4 months ago

    The wrap on this car cost 7k more than I paid for a brand new Accord. Crazy.

  • Joe


    4 months ago

    Talking about the headlights, almost every road car with LED headlights turns the headlight off on the side the turn signal is on to make it actually visible. I feel like Doug would know that.



    4 months ago
    Porsche 991/935 tribute car (maxed)

  • Mr. Mioto

    Mr. Mioto

    4 months ago

    Buy titanfall 2

  • Monaro Designs

    Monaro Designs

    4 months ago

    track cars are useless cars

    • lil_deutsch _

      lil_deutsch _

      4 months ago

      @Jer Cal yea i think that with useless he meant that you cannot drive them and enjoy them because it's a sport but i disagree. if he was a real car guy he wouldn't say it but it seems like he's 11 so he's still got stuff to learn

    • Jer Cal

      Jer Cal

      4 months ago

      Then why is there a sport called racing of course they have a purpose 🤣

    • lil_deutsch _

      lil_deutsch _

      4 months ago

      ofc they are wtf😂😂 tell me how they should be useful to an everyday consumer

  • Wrathlon


    4 months ago

    Watching Doug fold himself to get inside makes me so glad Im a short 5'6" - I fit in everything just fine and have none of these issues :D
    Cruise control stalk, I'd imagine, lets you set a cruise speed for pit lane. A lot of race cars have it built into the pitlane button - you hit it and it guarantees you go the max speed you can in the pits and no faster so instead of walking the line manually, as you leave you hit the button, it locks the car to, say, 50kmh, and then all you need to do is stomp on the accelerator as you cross the pit exit for the fastest pit times possible.

  • Luke Woody

    Luke Woody

    4 months ago

    The yellow Carrera GT in the back, we know what Doug REALLY wanted to drive. 😂

  • IgI


    4 months ago

    5:34 Thats def Gonna become a meme.

    • Memento Scuderia

      Memento Scuderia

      4 months ago

      @Sussy ass motherfucka yuuy

    • Sussy ass motherfucka

      Sussy ass motherfucka

      4 months ago

      @KAgeraR273 YuuY

    • KAgeraR273


      4 months ago

      @Dr.Medic man of medicine YuuY

    • Dr.Medic man of medicine

      Dr.Medic man of medicine

      4 months ago

      Doug demuro strips in a racist car

    • Dr.Medic man of medicine

      Dr.Medic man of medicine

      4 months ago

      There's already ytps of it

  • Underøath628


    4 months ago

    6:26 I bet the US government will mandate to have all cars have this in the future.

  • Jacob Allen

    Jacob Allen

    4 months ago

    You should definitely track Manny down for a follow up video at a track day for More Doug!

  • Corod


    4 months ago

    But does it come with a pair of racing shoes???

  • Yt.Skilled


    4 months ago

    its funny how I just watched manny khoshbin video of getting this car and now I'm watching this video of the detail and information about this car.

  • David Lam

    David Lam

    4 months ago

    LOL the car moved forward when it revved, car prob so light the exhaust thrust was enough to roll it

  • Buck Plays

    Buck Plays

    4 months ago

    5:21 now we know how sex with Doug will sound like

  • RafaelBazacas


    5 months ago

    The car is a work of art. I love Porsche spirit and willingness to race, but I have to point out one thing: this lack of analog tachometer (or at least the digital scale with color zones) is just pure and utter bullshyte, and I hate it. Really, Porsche? Best you can do on a millon dollar race car is a schizophrenic erratic number!?

  • Jacob


    5 months ago

    Friend of the guy I work for copped one of the Bare Carbon versions of this car

  • chino xhale

    chino xhale

    5 months ago

    Stupidest shit car I've ever seen.

    • Bill Morrigan

      Bill Morrigan

      3 months ago

      I agree. It's as an easy car for dummy drivers. It's supplied with electronic stability control and a heavy civil PDK gearbox. There are better race cars, like, the Radical RXC, which actually can be driven on both public roads and on the track. It is street legal in many countries, unlike this stupid Porsche. Also the Radical RXC is more of a racing car than this mutant Porsche. This Porsche has nothing to do with racing. It's for rich wannabe-racers. They will never be racers, especially after driving a car like that, a car that is choke-full of assists. You should spare money and buy a Porsche Cayman GT4, a Corvette or a BMW M2 in my opinion. If a real track car is needed, there's the Radical RXC. It has a proper manual sequential gearbox and proper weight like all race cars do. And it doesn't have all that ridiculous cage and stuff as well as it doesn't stability control for dummy drivers. This Porsche is just for lame rich people to drive during tourist sessions. Others also offer things like that, e.g. McLaren Senna, etc.These cars have nothing to with real race cars with proper manual sequential gearboxes. You can't even damage a gearbox in a dummy car like that. Why? - The PDK is basically an automatic transmission. I mean you don't really control the gear you are in, the automatic will kick in if you push too hard. There's little sense in paddle shifters and a stick on the automatic car. Heck, you don't even need them on the track. it's just automatic. You don't feel the gears. And it's not that enjoyable. They are asking a million dollars for a car that should cost no more then $500,000! Is it not the case? We can calculate how much the racing steering wheel, two racing seats, a racing dashboard, and a rear wing with blinkers cost. That's about it, otherwise it's just a regular civil Porsche GT2 with a regular automatic transmission in a 935 body. Surely, intelligent folks should understand that a roll cage doesn't cost 100,000 dollars either, nor do the fancy exhaust pipes. So, this Porsche 935 is nothing but the GT2 RS with a few add-ons (like racing dashboard, wheels, steering wheel, and seats). And it will weigh just as much as the GT2 RS or McLaren Senna, i.e., it will weigh like all civil cars designed for the track dummies which is around 1400kg. The real track car weigh only 1000-1200kg. So, that's it. It's a wannabe jerry-rigged GT2 RS. You can buy two GT2 RS cars + the Radical RXC for the price of this wanna-be imposter. The same holds for McLaren Senna. Sorry if my comment sounds very harsh. It's just outrageous to call an automatic civil car which weighs 1400 kg a race car. It's simply not a real race car!

    • lasagna


      3 months ago

      Lmao Honda driver's are all jealous idiots

  • Film On The Verge

    Film On The Verge

    5 months ago

    I hope the key doesn’t add much weight to the car

  • Shunty McGunter

    Shunty McGunter

    5 months ago

    Many Porsche fans don't approve of this car but not having been around in the good old days, this car is fucking awesome

  • SpaceX Tesla Roadster- Gaming and More

    SpaceX Tesla Roadster- Gaming and More

    5 months ago

    1:36 d1ck

  • TheJeepWranglerMan023


    5 months ago

    1:36 😱😱😱

    • Harsh Galba

      Harsh Galba

      2 months ago


  • Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson

    5 months ago

    AND some of us 80's kids know the 70's - 80's version as the Autobot "Jazz"

  • Simon says.

    Simon says.

    5 months ago

    1:36 d i c c



    5 months ago

    lol it was still this brand new that the owner didn't pull the protective adhesive from the info panel xD

  • lastfanstanding999


    5 months ago

    That "escape hatch" im pretty sure will simply break away if pushed on with the top of the drivers head, hand(s) or elbow!

  • Holly L.

    Holly L.

    5 months ago

    Manny? more like Manlet.

  • Alexander25C


    5 months ago

    How can a car cost 1 or more million dolars? I believe even if those cars would be made of solid gold, that gold would cost less.

  • Jenny D

    Jenny D

    5 months ago


  • TigerChamp 99

    TigerChamp 99

    5 months ago

    Awesome video!

  • Jim Osborn

    Jim Osborn

    6 months ago

    Dear Doug,
    Why do Americans pronounce the word car like 'Koor'?

  • Methmal Dhananjaya

    Methmal Dhananjaya

    6 months ago

    25:07 Holy sh!t Doug is weirdly bigger than I thought.

  • Hussleman1


    6 months ago

    I would still drive it in the streets, pigs aint catching me in that

  • Liam C

    Liam C

    6 months ago

    Me thinking I spent a lot on my 14000$ Toyota Tacoma
    Manny: buys 13000$ car seat

  • Erik Hance

    Erik Hance

    6 months ago

    I am pretty sure it's worth $999,999

    • Erik Hance

      Erik Hance

      5 months ago

      It Is.

  • Saul goodman

    Saul goodman

    6 months ago

    25:10 Doug looks like a giant !!

  • RD Maxwell 772 Helen Torres

    RD Maxwell 772 Helen Torres

    6 months ago

    The noisy pickle genotypically comb because geese contextually cough up a afraid beech. hapless, faded slave

  • Aex Tb

    Aex Tb

    6 months ago

    Clima on a racecar?!?!?! Ok isn't a racecar, is a richcar...

  • Olekk ‘

    Olekk ‘

    6 months ago

    5:30 Doug just farted

  • LJ23


    6 months ago

    (Getting in and out) You definitely worked for my like👍🏼

  • Seb Abril

    Seb Abril

    6 months ago

    that warning label doesn't apply to florida

  • LuigiVN


    6 months ago

    why is there a loveseat to the left of Doug? lol

  • FeelsBadMan


    6 months ago

    and it will never wear any other tires.....

  • GulfPrideOil


    6 months ago

    An exclusive, rare car, but boy is this an ugly duck. A 911 with a second skin put over it at an outrageous price. Many of its features & German "engineering" make you scratch your hair. I would be disappointed if I spent one million $ on this car.

  • _aple2


    6 months ago

    i feel like the front looks sort of like a r8

  • HJB Productions LLC

    HJB Productions LLC

    6 months ago

    Now I see when Manny says I am a small man.

  • Murray Sheckleberg

    Murray Sheckleberg

    6 months ago

    It must be awesome to drop multiple farts in a million dollar car

  • Forfon Donber

    Forfon Donber

    6 months ago

    The thoughtful quill retrospectively face because fountain cytopathologically explain towards a jazzy record. substantial, useless wood

  • Pizza Froth

    Pizza Froth

    6 months ago

    It isnt new? They all look the same. Ugh. Why cant porsche make a nee car instead of copying the same one repeatedly? Ugh!

  • 11


    6 months ago

    Very cool doug