The Lincoln Blackwood Was an Ultra-Quirky Luxury Truck Failure

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Doug DeMuro
  • Doug DeMuro

    Doug DeMuro

    4 months ago

    Did I make a 34-minute video on the Lincoln Blackwood? I did.
    I have no regrets.

    • Mousa Adnan

      Mousa Adnan

      13 days ago

      Almost 35 mins 34:45

    • mynameischarles


      Month ago

      Pioneering car though. Every major pick up has a luxury variant. See platinum f150, gmc Denali etc

    • Adam Vagus

      Adam Vagus

      Month ago

      Did I watch all of it in one sitting? I did and have no regrets.

    • Krrish Deshpande

      Krrish Deshpande

      Month ago

      Typing this comment with 🍒 cherry

    • Gother


      Month ago

      dude love it

  • cell9899


    4 hours ago

    A bunch of narcos in Mexico have this truck

  • impossybull — Skillwarz Channel

    impossybull — Skillwarz Channel

    Day ago

    20:49 Let's be real, the 2004 Malibu Hatchback (less than 1/2 the price of this truck) had power adjustable pedals... not all that luxurious for the early 2000's.

  • Crazy_Borg


    Day ago

    15:00 yeah, car navigation systems before 2006 were all the same to use.
    One letter at a time, with a jog dial. Mercedes did this well until 2010. just with a D-Pad instead.

  • Faiz Damani

    Faiz Damani

    Day ago

    It's funny how he made a video about Top 10 cars I want to review and a couple days later he reviews it.

  • Blackshiny


    Day ago


  • JimboJamboJames


    2 days ago

    Climate controls on the steering wheel!!? Definitely a No No!

  • Fosty


    3 days ago

    You're supposed to put wood inside the bed, not on the outside.

  • Charli Grace D’Amelio

    Charli Grace D’Amelio

    3 days ago

    That is actually a really nice truck

  • David Frazee

    David Frazee

    5 days ago

    I watched some YouTube video about your top 10 cars you wanted to review most and this was on it!!! YOU DID IT DOUG!

  • Tweekkat The Cat

    Tweekkat The Cat

    6 days ago

    Lincoln should try again with a modern Blackwood. Now that the luxury segment has grown I think it would sell, at least a little

  • Sam Triglone

    Sam Triglone

    6 days ago

    Back row looks like it has 2 seats and a toilet in the centre.

  • Brett Gurney

    Brett Gurney

    6 days ago

    Actually the letters are all even distance apart on the back so it doesn't look that nad

  • Brett Gurney

    Brett Gurney

    6 days ago

    And then they tried again in 2007, and failed AGAIN! 😂😂

  • Jimmy McDougal

    Jimmy McDougal

    7 days ago


  • Bryce Hayden

    Bryce Hayden

    8 days ago

    Still better than a Ridgeline 😶

  • monsterjambrony


    8 days ago

    2:34 Modern? This truck is almost 20 years old!

  • Diego Ruiz

    Diego Ruiz

    8 days ago

    The concept is truly bizarre, it's basically a 4-door luxury ute - Functionwise, it's closer to a luxury El Camino than to a F150 - WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING!?

  • DMC


    9 days ago

    Trip Abacus

    • DMC


      9 days ago

      80k what a rip off.. Who was it aimed at country and western stars ?

  • DabsterLXGaming Studios

    DabsterLXGaming Studios

    11 days ago

    Lincoln: we have to give up our truck now.
    Ford: why would you do that?
    Lincoln: because the truck would be a failure by next.
    Ford: nah, forget about that, we will win against cadillac, chevys luxury brand.
    Lincoln: (quits this truck)

  • Matthew Whiting

    Matthew Whiting

    11 days ago

    Was so hyped to see one in front of me that I didn't notice the Ferrari F355 riding my ass

    • Fosty


      3 days ago

      Ass riders don't deserve attention

  • Michael Freeman

    Michael Freeman

    12 days ago

    Is Doug on drugs? Over the years he has gotten even more over the top with his consonant pronunciation of words and his uncontrollable laughter at the end of every sentence. It’s like he’s on uppers.

  • RockFox!


    13 days ago

    This looks like the kind of vehicle that would be painted a weird colour and have donk or spinner wheels

  • Bob


    14 days ago

    Why would anyone buy this truck after you just said it was a complete failure??? @dougdemuro

  • Nickthestorekeeper


    15 days ago

    That gps lady sounds like she a dominatrix

  • Nickthestorekeeper


    15 days ago

    That rear plastic piece on the end of the bed looks like Hell. Really? Plastic for the end of a truck bed?

  • SDW Reviews

    SDW Reviews

    15 days ago

    the back of the truck is the ugliest thing i ever seen.

  • Matt Pack

    Matt Pack

    15 days ago

    I always wanted a Blackwood, but have yet been unable to obtain one.

  • MrXcman92


    15 days ago

    Nothing screams "Luxury" like fake wood paneling XD. What the hell was Ford thinking???

  • Slimjob Dopamine

    Slimjob Dopamine

    15 days ago

    I friggen want it

  • Sergio Ortiz

    Sergio Ortiz

    16 days ago

    Take a drink every time Doug says "luxury"

  • Michael O'Keefe

    Michael O'Keefe

    18 days ago

    1:36 Damn, the car industry during the 2000s was just insane.

  • TheConfusingWords


    19 days ago

    I can’t help but think about how much more successful or desirable this would have been if it just had four wheel drive.

  • Matt Onofrio

    Matt Onofrio

    19 days ago

    3 minutes in. I think Doug is the best YouTuber of all time

  • DabsterLXGaming Studios

    DabsterLXGaming Studios

    20 days ago

    They should bring back this in 2023 or 2024 model year.

  • Justin H

    Justin H

    20 days ago

    Lmao I had that exact radio head unit in my 03 ranger until I uninstalled it for an after market alpine one, truly luxury.

  • Green Mario

    Green Mario

    21 day ago

    I think I have seen one of these before

  • Frosted Butts

    Frosted Butts

    21 day ago

    Wow, surely this is one of the last cars with fake wood on the outside!
    That Ford parts bin interior really doesn't cut it for $50k plus either

  • Mackenzie McIntyre

    Mackenzie McIntyre

    22 days ago

    That interior is literally out of a first gen expedition and that Era f150

  • Jared Molberg

    Jared Molberg

    22 days ago

    Fun to watch, impractical truck, enjoyable and educational video. Keep up the great work!

  • Nick M

    Nick M

    23 days ago

    why not have the bed cover use a manual sliding door?

  • pleappleappleap


    24 days ago

    Did the driver's side storage compartment have a Slinky in it?

  • Chilled Wombat

    Chilled Wombat

    24 days ago

    The amount of unequal switches and dials is shocking.

  • Paramjit Singh

    Paramjit Singh

    24 days ago

    My rbc count went up laughing ..... Best review Ever

  • Niff Creature

    Niff Creature

    25 days ago

    this looks overwhelmingly like it would be owned by the villain in a straight to TV modern western movie

  • Ithinkiwill66


    26 days ago

    I don't care if Frank Sinatra would of had this....I am not a fan of 4 door trucks, particularly....but those stripes....WTHell.

  • Gregory King

    Gregory King

    27 days ago

    Omg he was so happy 😭

  • April Lashon

    April Lashon

    27 days ago

    It looks like an old Ford F150 in need of a mental-health day! 😂

  • Symbolic AcclaimedTM

    Symbolic AcclaimedTM

    28 days ago

    This was my favorite video from Doug. I got a good laugh from this truck.

  • mustansir taher

    mustansir taher

    28 days ago

    26:56 noice face Doug

  • Nature Boy 1975

    Nature Boy 1975

    29 days ago

    Unbelievable. Hilarious car...

  • Mr. N

    Mr. N

    Month ago


  • Victor Romano

    Victor Romano

    Month ago

    I saw this on the road and only knew what it was because I’ve seen this video, blew my mind

  • Joe DiGiovanni IV

    Joe DiGiovanni IV

    Month ago

    I knew a tile setter who had one of these. He was the biggest tool I met

  • JordyShow


    Month ago

    Mini Doug in the back of a blackwood open bed mod anyone? 12:01
    ... You're welcome

  • keaton l

    keaton l

    Month ago

    The interior is nearly identical to the expedition of that time even pop out cupholders

  • Jonathan Guérin

    Jonathan Guérin

    Month ago

    It would be one thing if the exterior “wood” panels also ran along the doors. But since it doesn’t, it really looks stupid and ugly!

  • Harold


    Month ago

    What i never understood is the emergency boot release in any us car.
    If someone kidnaps you, wouldn't you think they would just remove it?

  • because


    Month ago

    *monke noises*

  • 8-bit Storm

    8-bit Storm

    Month ago

    I do remember the Ford Flex. My friends actually had one and it was pretty okay honestly. What were the problems with it?



    Month ago

    I mean for an 02 this pretty impressive really.

  • Bjørn Post

    Bjørn Post

    Month ago

    The practical part of me screams «Why the eff would you have carpet on the back of a pickup?»

  • Arya Vikas

    Arya Vikas

    Month ago

    I think all his videos are 10 to 15 minutes longer than they are supposed to be.

  • MS


    Month ago

    Can you review the 2006 Lincoln truck you mentioned.

  • Gage Stillwell

    Gage Stillwell

    Month ago

    Growing up one of my neighbors dads had one of these. He thought he was so cool

  • Tom big

    Tom big

    Month ago

    There were quite a few of those on the road around were I live. The local Mercury/Lincoln dealer always had one in stock.

  • Eris OMG

    Eris OMG

    Month ago

    I saw this on the road last month. I started going crazy while my mom was staring at me. Lol

    • flajingadoinks


      Month ago

      Me too except I was by myself lol

  • Lucio Rodriguez

    Lucio Rodriguez

    Month ago

    My dad has owned two of these one of them when they came out and one that was pretty messed up like a project but since the truck is rare for parts we ended up selling it

  • Jan Hálek

    Jan Hálek

    Month ago

    So it's a pick-up that's not a pick-up

  • CJ R

    CJ R

    Month ago

    I thought it was weird seeing a Lincoln pickup truck, but I had no idea it was all that rare, because I saw one at my old job every single day. Retired old couple came in to eat every day at lunch, the guy's the original owner, and drives it maybe 5 miles a day.

  • Mc Joh

    Mc Joh

    Month ago

    When automakers have an epiphany....
    *queues the monkey noises* 🤣

  • gato712


    Month ago

    My 2004 f-150 was nicer then this. Lol

  • Crisss Sontay

    Crisss Sontay

    Month ago

    The separate pantyhose simultaneously stuff because saturday connolly wave inside a unwieldy salary. lying, glamorous postage

  • Scott Reynolds

    Scott Reynolds

    Month ago

    you don't have pavement or driveways where you live? I've watched 2 of your videos and both have your dirty ass foot prints inside after your in it. Classy



    Month ago

    What happens if you put together, a spare F-150 body, overstocked Crown Victoria interior parts, Lincoln wheels and badges, a Lincoln Aviator front end and a Commodore 64? The “luxurious” Lincoln Blackwood with navigation! If there is such thing as a Frankenstein car, this would have been it. I remember when they came out and how fast they disappeared. Nice video, I haven’t seen one in many years.

  • Nevada Smith

    Nevada Smith

    Month ago

    Holy cow I just saw a Blackwood unloading luggage at Tampa International Airport! Seeing it actually felt like an accomplishment for some reason. Time to check out CARS AND BIDS!!!!!!!

  • Ken Tobler

    Ken Tobler

    Month ago

    My pre-video ad was for a Lincoln SUV

  • Cayden Tiburzi

    Cayden Tiburzi

    Month ago

    trunk on a truck

  • Apeman


    Month ago

    I watched this video a few weeks ago. Thought it was a cool truck that I would never see

    and I shit you not I proceeded to see two on the road in the past week. How the fuck?!

  • Mike Multiverse

    Mike Multiverse

    Month ago

    The king ranch of that time was a lot better than the blackwood tbh

  • Dj Cuda

    Dj Cuda

    Month ago

    Doug you totally missed the opportunity with the soft cups only feature LOL you could’ve said “I guess you can’t put LOUDER cups here!” Lmaooo 😏😅🤭

    Lol please don’t unsubscribe I’m sorry

  • Jakub Šemoda

    Jakub Šemoda

    Month ago

    Hey Doug, there’s one more pickup from Lincoln, we would like to see. Mark LT. J

  • Peppa Pig

    Peppa Pig

    Month ago

    Hold up the Ford Flex is Sexy, what do you mean??

  • Rickk R.

    Rickk R.

    Month ago

    Have any of you guys have seen a regular f150 posing as a blackwood???
    Now that Doug makes it seem like it such a rare sight see these, well I think it's just as rare to see as f150 pose as a blackwood

  • Just Enzo

    Just Enzo

    Month ago

    How was the Ford Flex a bad idea. Had one for 5 years and it’s one of the best cars I have ever had.

  • Fernando Gomez

    Fernando Gomez

    Month ago

    Surprised that Doug didn’t mention that this has almost the same 5.4l 4v that his FGT has minus a few things

  • sandman x

    sandman x

    Month ago

    I remember there was one of these at the mediocre apartment complex I lived at around 2003-2004 timeframe and would always laugh at how similar it looked to my 2000 F150 xlt. I had no idea that the bed is useless and the price point was so high. It's no surprise it didn't last long.

  • Les hale

    Les hale

    Month ago

    The Lincoln Mark LT was based on the F150. The Lincoln Blackwood was based on the Explorer Sport Trac.

  • Sam


    Month ago

    my co worker has one of these and i always thought it was weird looking

  • Corey Trevor

    Corey Trevor

    Month ago

    I saw someone plowing snow with one of these in Everett, MA one winter

  • Andrew Kasper

    Andrew Kasper

    Month ago

    Please do saying "cLasSy" like that. 🤢

  • scrapnewyork


    Month ago

    If this is based on the F150 than why is the payload limit so low

  • Matthew K

    Matthew K

    Month ago

    the epiphany part is hilarious!

  • David in Barstow

    David in Barstow

    Month ago

    The storage compartment behind the seats are also in the super crew cab of the F150 from the same years.

  • djjmoney8140 Glock 21

    djjmoney8140 Glock 21

    Month ago

    Now you got to do a Lincoln Mrk LT. The other failed Lincoln truck.

  • a(MTB)ateur


    Month ago

    Quit dissing on the flex! They're practical, fast, and reliable!

  • Anthony w

    Anthony w

    Month ago

    Saw one 2 days ago. Couldn't believe it

  • Tyler Mccrea

    Tyler Mccrea

    Month ago

    Looks like a knock off f150

  • jayshizzle2323


    Month ago

    Sometimes I wonder if people that were on the R & D teams for these vehicles watch these videos. And just get steaming mad when Doug talks about how stupid their ideas were 😂😂😂

  • Golf Fit

    Golf Fit

    Month ago

    The Pontiac Aztec is easily the ugliest flop ever built. I saw a pre-sale version of the Aztec and laughed like a fool in front of a bunch of GM executives. I asked several times if this was a gag. One GM exec assured me that they'd run focus groups and insisted that I'd soon see how well it would be received.
    They gave one away as a grand prize with a 4 day golf getaway. A couple won, when the guy was interviewed, he mentioned how excited he was about golf. The announcer said, yes but what about the free car, the winner looked at it and said (straight faced), how much he was looking forward to the golf trip!