The Laforza Is an Ultra-Quirky Luxury SUV Failure

Published on Jun 24, 2021
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Laforza review! The Laforza is a very unusual and quirky luxury SUV, and it was a complete failure -- but it's one of my favorite failures, as it's a tremendously interesting vehicle. Today I'm reviewing the Laforza, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of the Laforza, and I'll also show you what makes the Laforza so interesting. I'm also going to drive the Laforza and review the driving experience.


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Doug DeMuro
  • Querlaut


    9 hours ago

    in german we say : FIAT - Fehler in allen Teilen [error in all parts]

  • J B

    J B

    16 hours ago

    Still cooler than a Range Rover

  • Igorryy


    Day ago

    Why this guy is talking like he is about to burst into a fake Joker laughter?

  • André Rossato

    André Rossato

    Day ago

    The climate control is Renault 18

  • Derek Dukes

    Derek Dukes

    Day ago

    Blaupunkt. So ‘80s.

  • Sam Hajudge

    Sam Hajudge

    Day ago

    Looks so stupid

  • Henry Hill

    Henry Hill

    2 days ago

    I Had the Opportunity to buy one of these or a Geo Metro... I took it on the road... SLOOOOOwwww... Drove for a Week, FE was about 8mpg.... Thank GOD I chose the Metro. The Forsa was a POS even NEW!
    When Doug gives it a 48.... remember... this is the guy that says you should Finance your cars...

  • Saber terminal

    Saber terminal

    2 days ago

    this thing is so fucking cool wtf i want one

  • Tommy


    3 days ago

    i wonder what it would look like if it was built today

  • grayson serrano

    grayson serrano

    3 days ago

    Headlights and taillights look like from mazda or fiat

    • grayson serrano

      grayson serrano

      3 days ago

      Or like suzuki

  • Lucas antonio

    Lucas antonio

    3 days ago

    Like you pay range rover money for fiat uno headlights.

  • First Last

    First Last

    3 days ago

    His hands keep saying "give me more coke."

  • Frantisek Lupinek

    Frantisek Lupinek

    4 days ago

    Like a Fiat Uno from the back

  • Gustavo Albuquerque de Rossi

    Gustavo Albuquerque de Rossi

    4 days ago

    As lanternas e farois desse carro sao do Uno mille br

  • Ian Scheurer

    Ian Scheurer

    4 days ago

    AHHHHHHHH HOCGICYIXIGXGICIGXIGXFULZFHLZYDdyidDstTkyfzigchichocouvu hichochocycuoxyicyocyocyocytyy is the one who wants the car to go with the other stuff and I don’t know what to park the

  • backdraft53


    5 days ago

    Although you did mention the designer, Tom Tjaarda... isn't that a Pininfarina badge on the door panels? I know Tom worked for Pininfarina for a while. I noticed he designed so many other classy cars, including the Ford Maverick and the Chrysler LeBaron. How sexy is that?

  • Thiago Hilgenberg

    Thiago Hilgenberg

    5 days ago

    The breaking lights are from the Fiat Uno. Pretty common car here in Brazil where Fiat has a huge market.
    The older versions (which looks like a drivable box) has the same breaking lights and the steering wheel is pretty similar.

  • Pim Dietz

    Pim Dietz

    5 days ago

    Dear Doug, I would love to see you review something completely different in this exact style of your enthusiastic videos, maybe as a nice april fools'. I don't know, like a bicycle or an old forgotten peace of technology, or a person... Damn, if I could hire Doug to do my eulogy and review my life in this style and make me look like a super hero, I would xD

  • Rigel C. Hoffman

    Rigel C. Hoffman

    5 days ago

    But I like it *like it*

  • Alejandro Sanchez

    Alejandro Sanchez

    6 days ago

    Lol looks like a car straight out of a Grand Theft Auto, even its name

  • Lupo de' Lupis

    Lupo de' Lupis

    6 days ago

    Here in Italy many were sold to the law enforcement (Police and State Forestry Corps).

  • MrMelgibstein


    7 days ago

    These cars were already stars on the road when their critics were still in bed with one hand on a magazine.

  • Anthony Green

    Anthony Green

    7 days ago

    It looks like an old grand Cherokee cab with a bronco 2/explorer front end

  • James Hawke

    James Hawke

    7 days ago

    The car that is a quirk AND a feature. That is all.

  • Ay D

    Ay D

    8 days ago

    The laforza

  • Sonny Maile

    Sonny Maile

    8 days ago

    We have that exact vehicle in our shop. It's truly a unique vehicle. Maybe you can come see it when it's finished.

  • Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson

    8 days ago

    "These mirrors are tiny lol....speaking of the engine....''

  • Juan Pablo Reimondi

    Juan Pablo Reimondi

    9 days ago

    I believe also the tail lights are Fiat, from the late 1980´s sedan Fiat Tempra or Fiat Croma :)

  • Tire Tracks

    Tire Tracks

    9 days ago

    When I see the front end, I get an early 90s Dodge Caravan vibe.

  • notfiveo


    9 days ago

    If a car is for sale on his website should one assume Doug’s review might be biased? 🤣

  • SYZO


    9 days ago

    Window lock in the front so kids don't play with it and open the windows, them kids are crazy man.

  • Colin Miller

    Colin Miller

    10 days ago

    Saw one of these on the 401 in Toronto and wondered what the hell it was

  • phill newman

    phill newman

    11 days ago

    Fiat uno rear lights for sure

  • HillStart


    12 days ago

    It looks like it came straight out of Grand Theft Auto.

  • king24


    12 days ago

    Look like nissan terrano 1997

  • Tom Janowski

    Tom Janowski

    12 days ago

    Tail lights are from Fiat Uno

  • Tama Tomlinson

    Tama Tomlinson

    12 days ago

    It looks like one of the prototypes of the P38

  • Fra42below


    13 days ago

    I am italian and i have never heard of this car.
    I am impressed, we tried to build a car that looked like a shitty american SUV just because we liked to.

  • honeygirl12


    13 days ago

    the car was also built over 25 years ago. it’s not going to handle like brand new lol

  • sassy boy

    sassy boy

    14 days ago

    used to have 1 back in early 90's lol

  • LillieLuna Gacha

    LillieLuna Gacha

    14 days ago

    My mom used to Own this car, she said she sold it to a garbage car company.

  • Tony Fischer

    Tony Fischer

    15 days ago

    looks like a bigger Fiat Uno

  • kai d

    kai d

    16 days ago

    Looks like every kid's drawing of a car

  • ed colins

    ed colins

    16 days ago

    Grande Fiat Uno !

  • Byron Rivera

    Byron Rivera

    17 days ago

    Love the reading light my opinión has the look of an UFO.

  • Symmetry design studio

    Symmetry design studio

    18 days ago

    L for Loser!

  • ari1855


    18 days ago

    From behind it looks a little like the Fiat UNO!

  • Robert Martindale

    Robert Martindale

    18 days ago

    Pretty sure one of the early drawings for the Range Rover looked like this, but at the same time I feel like they travelled forward in time and saw the test mule for the Freelander and thought, yes, make that!

  • Mitchell Meyer

    Mitchell Meyer

    19 days ago

    That thing looks like an overlanders dream

  • MeatPopsycle


    19 days ago

    I love the "Deposito a Domicilio" wood screws used to hold in the various wood panels around instrumentation, such as @9:01 and @9:31.....

  • ursu tapan

    ursu tapan

    19 days ago

    fiat uno suv with suzuki samurai face

  • Jack J

    Jack J

    19 days ago

    I’m sure the rear lights are from a Fiat uno?

  • Mr. Jaime E. Arosemena B.

    Mr. Jaime E. Arosemena B.

    20 days ago

    Ugly design, looks like and old Isuzu trooper in front, a fiat Uno with steroids, the only thing good is the interiors

  • Felipe Alvarez Romero

    Felipe Alvarez Romero

    22 days ago


  • Zar Star

    Zar Star

    22 days ago

    A Isuzu that guy in the cheezy 90s commercial s was selling with the tan looked like george hamilton

  • Zar Star

    Zar Star

    22 days ago

    Looks like a ugo let go of my ego

  • manoman0


    27 days ago

    I like the Grand Cherokee windows.

  • NauravaPeruna


    27 days ago

    Those Fiat Uno rear lights are neat

  • Adán Ontí

    Adán Ontí

    27 days ago

    Looks like a Canyonero!

  • balcos2


    28 days ago

    "Bravo" Doug, for having found this "pearl" from the past. In Italy we remember this model (the "RF Magnum"), sold here during the eighties. Very very rare today on the streets. Never known it was renamed in the USA. Thanks Doug.

  • Tron80


    28 days ago

    look very similar if not identical to Italian "Rayton Fissore Magnum".

    • Stupidvideos


      23 days ago

      That’s because it is one



    29 days ago

    That laforza is a xxxl off road Fiat Uno. Just check it !!

  • Jeffrey Bohémier

    Jeffrey Bohémier

    Month ago

    It looks like an oversized Yugo in the back.

  • Inferno King

    Inferno King

    Month ago

    That interior is alot better than any modern car. Modern cars interiors are cheap won't last and will break just as much as the ones from the 90s

  • Mustang Rt

    Mustang Rt

    Month ago

    50 lbs heavier than a humvee

  • Diego Lopez

    Diego Lopez

    Month ago

    The tail lights are from a Fiat Uno

  • Isaiah Carroll

    Isaiah Carroll

    Month ago

    This looks like a generic car that GTA games had to manifest to avoid copyright from actual car manufacturers. The name itself...🤦🏿‍♂️

  • AwesomeCarGuy


    Month ago


  • Babayega


    Month ago

    Bro bro. Do some research before you make videos. 18g Steel was used not to make it LOOK luxurious but because their original intent was to make these for the Italian military. How does 18g steel that you never even see the thickness of make a truck LOOK luxurious? The statements don't even make sense bud. Come on. Do better, Doug. Do better.

  • Babayega


    Month ago

    "cold takes up only a third of the dual but hot has the majority"
    Doug, I like your channel and I like the way you review special cars, but sometimes it absolutely amazes me how little you know about cars from the 80s and 90s. Like when you didn't know what an equalizer was in the streo of the old eclipse that you reviewed. Or when you thought the convertible truck had 8 different shades of red in it's interior of the Dakota. But this? Come on bro. 1/3 is cold, 1/3 is hot, and 1/3 is the middle is WARM. YOU CAN SEE the little squares are different sizes. But let's say that's not obvious enough. Don't you see in the new Chevy save ford's that there are only Max AC and normal AC dials but then there's like 6 other settings next to it on climate controlls for defrost and vent, feet, vent feet, vent def, etc. Those also have only 1/3 dedicated to AC and use the same basic ideology behind them.
    You're good at what you do bud, but please stop saying things that you made up. Either state facts or don't talk about those things you don't know anything about. I hear you're both in 88 so I can understand why you don't know much about 80s and 90s cars. So when reviewing older cars stick to facts and stop misleading people. Other than that if you could please get your hands under control from spazing out so much when you're talking, it would be greatly appreciated. 🙏

  • Madhouse Miniatures

    Madhouse Miniatures

    Month ago

    18-20 years ago the local salvage yard had one of these sitting behind their office. It was one of the owners personal projects. He said "engine runs perfectly. Everything else...well...needs attention." I forgot how huge these things are.

  • Roger Skagerström

    Roger Skagerström

    Month ago

    Doug mentioned Saab. It does kind of look like a square Saab!

  • Roger Skagerström

    Roger Skagerström

    Month ago

    How to tell a car is made in a shed - EVERYTHING is covered in leather :P Since they can't afford making decent plastic injection moulds :P Pretty cool oddball of a car though. Even though the rear axle isn't even centered in the rear wheel arches... :P

  • Guilherme Rovida

    Guilherme Rovida

    Month ago

    The tail lights and head lights are from the Fiat Uno...

  • iliyan zlatev

    iliyan zlatev

    Month ago

    Ranger Rover from Ali Express...

  • Moh Latino

    Moh Latino

    Month ago

    The rear light are straight from Fiat Uno 😅

  • Jey Lee

    Jey Lee

    Month ago

    the wheelbase is about 2 inches short of correct, the wheels don't fit the wheel wells, and that short wheelbase with all that top end weight could lead a roll over in that thing easy.

  • Pascal Grigo

    Pascal Grigo

    Month ago

    The "L" looks like the logo of "Langenscheidt" a german dictionary publisher

  • smart man

    smart man

    Month ago

    it look like good car but same as human some has good luck in life and some dont some cars are lucky some unlucky

  • Jon Parker

    Jon Parker

    Month ago

    It looks like what a Yugo SUV would be if Yugo made SUVs.

  • Nelson J Fontanez

    Nelson J Fontanez

    Month ago

    This ain’t no laforza this is a Landstalker from GTA San Andreas

  • Brian Siegel

    Brian Siegel

    Month ago

    The tail lights look like they came off a 1984 VW Rabbit

  • KnightWing 99

    KnightWing 99

    Month ago

    the bodyline looks like fiat uno

  • Don Kremer

    Don Kremer

    Month ago

    I'm shocked seeing that Pininfarina badge on the side!

  • Don Kremer

    Don Kremer

    Month ago

    Rear lights look exactly like 2/3rd Citroen BX units.

  • Don Kremer

    Don Kremer

    Month ago

    Big "L" for a logo, for you, the Loser who bought one.

  • PD A

    PD A

    Month ago

    No matter the price and rarity, it’s ugly. Like an Isuzu.

  • –Alejandro G.

    –Alejandro G.

    Month ago

    Are we going to ignore that the rear is a VW Golf on steroids?

  • Steven Hutting

    Steven Hutting

    Month ago

    the design looks somewhat like the Suzuki Alto....

  • Alexander Fort

    Alexander Fort

    Month ago

    Oh, do you have a Land Rover Defender, Doug? Just curious because you haven’t mentioned it for about 10 seconds so I wasn’t sure.

  • Statos Productions

    Statos Productions

    Month ago

    Look up Volvo Bertone. It haves an instreated history behind it.

  • Adspmao SS02

    Adspmao SS02

    Month ago

    Wasn't it Rayton Fissore Magnum?

  • Marko Predovic

    Marko Predovic

    Month ago

    Honest to god, on first look i thought this was an FIAT project. After all, it looks like PANDA or TIPO/UNO on steroids.

  • Stephen Lozano

    Stephen Lozano

    Month ago

    That vehicle looks like every third graders drawing of a car. 😂 lol

  • Tim L

    Tim L

    Month ago

    Where is the espresso machine?

  • J J

    J J

    Month ago

    Looks like a Yugo. Gross

  • Martin Beardmore

    Martin Beardmore

    Month ago

    Range Rover knock off :)

  • John Smith

    John Smith

    Month ago

    i had no idea this car exist, very very cool car, looks like taken out straight from the gta v, the car which do not exist in real life :)

  • Rob Rogers

    Rob Rogers

    Month ago

    From the front it looks like a 90’s Isuzu Trooper.

  • lopwidth


    Month ago

    That supercharged v8 sounds like an engine that just keeps going and going and going if maintained