The Koenigsegg Regera Is a $2 Million Luxury Hypercar

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Doug DeMuro
  • Poppillon


    11 hours ago

    I love how you can spend 2 million on a car that you can fold down the license plate on and save a few dollars on road charges! Very economical car so!

  • Cuplex


    Day ago

    They didnt tell Dough what happens when you pull both padel shifters towards you. 😁 It will de couple the torque converter, giving access to much more power instantly, very similar to downshifting with a conventional gearbox.

  • Perros1245


    Day ago

    Only in GTA my friend.....Only in GTA :(

  • Les Flynn

    Les Flynn

    Day ago

    Doug is s bit of a nerd. Just the kind of person who could talk about Koenigsegg's (ahem) patented Dihedral Synchro Helix door mechanism. Sorry if I got that wrong. He instead called it a somersault door, or something.
    I Really dig this car sounds like it takes some time to get used to the lack of a transmission, but I could easily adjust to it, methinks. For me, the Regera is the ultimate usable Hypercar. Lambo, Ferrari, Aston, McLaren and Bugatti will always be a little behind.
    But I'm also dreaming. I'll never even see one. Let alone the idea of actually getting close enough to drool over it. Eggs are unicorns in Australia. There might be one or two here, but I'll never see one, let alone get behind the wheel.

  • Les Flynn

    Les Flynn

    Day ago

    Nice video mister. Doug's face when he planted the throttle was priceless.

  • NicJB


    2 days ago

    It’s so fast.

  • Snowdenbleep


    3 days ago

    Doug is most impressed with the turn signal in the Regera. This is why we like Doug.

  • Puppyproplays


    4 days ago

    32:35 the wing moves in the ba k window

  • Jam Bg

    Jam Bg

    5 days ago

    Pov: there are people here who plays asphalt 9 cause this car exists in that game and its the fastest

  • Po Pe

    Po Pe

    5 days ago

    the craftsmanship on this car is unreal.

  • Jordan Hites

    Jordan Hites

    8 days ago

    More throttle to go faster. What a foreign concept...

  • odjebiodd


    9 days ago

    Press to hide licence plate, yeah lol police will habe hard time finding owner with 80 cars in world

  • Doodle


    9 days ago

    The back of that car is straight up beautiful

  • J.A.M


    9 days ago

    Love how the wheels are a Biohazard symbol 🤣

  • Brando


    10 days ago

    Quirks and features=shorts. Driving = Doug we don't want your hairy legs on our Koenigsegg interior please wear jeans. The newest jeans on the planet. Not playing around. 😁😂🤣😄😅😀

  • Gangsta Mantis

    Gangsta Mantis

    10 days ago

    My favourite koenigsegg

  • RiseUpToYourAbility


    11 days ago

    The door is a perfect example of why you don't reinvent the wheel.



    12 days ago

    But what if you hit a bump and the key falls out?

  • john donut

    john donut

    12 days ago

    Okay but why has no one mentioned the random drop of water that falls from the ceiling at 31:53 ?

  • M Q

    M Q

    12 days ago

    There's so much stuff in this car that doug forgot most of the important stuff... Great car tho

  • Kaslin G

    Kaslin G

    13 days ago

    *Doug before he has sex with his wife*
    “Be sure to check out cars and bids…” 🤪

  • Bob Rogers

    Bob Rogers

    14 days ago

    I wonder what this mans insurance rates are

  • TheKejjo


    14 days ago

    Talks about the ghost button function, doesn't show it in action..
    Talks about the engine startup sound, doesn't let us hear it :(

  • Ithinkiwill66


    14 days ago

    Mmm, space shuttle on the, only if I had 2 mill. 😐😐😐

  • Party Quest

    Party Quest

    15 days ago

    thanks for providing the kilometers! cause WTF is miles? i know kilometers.

  • Austyn Negrete

    Austyn Negrete

    15 days ago

    The quilted seats makes the carbon fiber seem tacky

  • Albin Alm

    Albin Alm

    15 days ago

    Fun fact! Regera means "Rule" as in kings in Swedish

  • Thermal Erosion

    Thermal Erosion

    15 days ago

    imagine living in ohio and looking outside and seeing a koenigsegg drive by

  • Christina


    15 days ago

    This is a beautiful car. 😍

  • Parameswar Nayak

    Parameswar Nayak

    17 days ago

    Gonna buy it.

  • Josh Nuestro

    Josh Nuestro

    17 days ago

    Wait what are the headphone ports for? Is it to listen to music on headsets if you don’t want stereo?

  • tommy91539


    18 days ago

    Carbon fiber heaven.

  • ProDanTech


    18 days ago

    Model 3/Y have the Parking break button in the same place. :)

  • I'm the greatest Ever

    I'm the greatest Ever

    19 days ago

    is no one gonna talk about how beautiful this looks???

  • Tony Ngomana

    Tony Ngomana

    20 days ago

    This car I better than any Ferrari...

  • saiine


    20 days ago

    Model S Plaid. Faster, Safer, 4 door sedan,1/20th of the price.

  • God Rebel

    God Rebel

    20 days ago

    Designer: How many logos do you want on this car ?

    Christian von Koenigsegg: Ja

  • Tahsin Khan

    Tahsin Khan

    22 days ago

    When you're talking about the charge point & going through the speed camera, you wouldn't be able to flip the license plate down since the key has to be in the key holder.

  • Gustavo Figueiredo

    Gustavo Figueiredo

    23 days ago

    There is some really weird stuff in this car. The useless paddle shifters, the parking brake on the wiper stock... I guess there must be electronics to protect stuff from being accidentally activated. Like if you pressed the paddle to downshift twice and engaged reverse, or tried to turn the wipers on and engaged the parking brake while going 200mph. [Edit: grammar]

  • Gustavo Figueiredo

    Gustavo Figueiredo

    23 days ago

    18:11 - There are headlights diagrams on the stock, guess the screen is not the only way to control them.

  • Gustavo Figueiredo

    Gustavo Figueiredo

    23 days ago

    "... the real engine turns on, and it sounds *unreal* , it sounds, frankly, like a muscle car! But anyway..." I've never felt so disappointed.

  • Juan David Pabon

    Juan David Pabon

    25 days ago

    I think the red with black regera looks much better, for me my favorite looking car ever.

  • Eric Beniston [Student]

    Eric Beniston [Student]

    26 days ago

    I love how the wheels look like the biohazard symbol

  • Abhishek Agrawal

    Abhishek Agrawal

    26 days ago

    Please ,Do a review of SSC Tuatara.

  • August Veseth

    August Veseth

    26 days ago

    Am I the only one who are concerned about the doors? Seems like they could crush whatever comes in their way 🤯

  • Danin Wheels

    Danin Wheels

    28 days ago

    That blow off valve sound at 33:19 sounded like that Jeep from the mobile game Hill Climb Racing LOL

  • srinitaaigaura


    28 days ago

    Doug is the type of guy to put his logos on his cars in the form of a T shirt and shorts.

  • MeS&W


    28 days ago

    Unlike the Agera's, the Regera's, have a rubber mounted motor which helps with a smoother ride & quieting the interior.

  • Stacey McLemore

    Stacey McLemore

    29 days ago

    Doug: "I will show you all the quirks and features..."
    First time viewer of any Doug video: 🤔

  • Owen Chua

    Owen Chua

    29 days ago

    This is my least favorite ICE supercar just because of having one driving gear

  • Modern Mirage

    Modern Mirage

    29 days ago


  • 27 club

    27 club

    29 days ago

    You're annoying af

  • Pritam


    29 days ago

    I have drove this can and it's fuckin awesome. Forza

  • ExotixBlizzy


    29 days ago

    I got to stand next to it at a show :))))))))

  • The Frog

    The Frog

    Month ago

    What no full opening by pushing the magical button, so disappointing 😝

  • Mark


    Month ago

    Love the car, but the doors are killing it for me. Too much hustle, prefer something more simpler.

  • panos xd

    panos xd

    Month ago

    If you could ever show us a Jesko the Koenigsegg video collection would be complete

  • emkey ##

    emkey ##

    Month ago

    You and Nico didn't even show up the roof going dow. Why? Cool factor doesn't work?

  • Randall Lowe

    Randall Lowe

    Month ago

    That is a really cool styled car. It pretty much looks like a race car.

  • Joshua Nicolai

    Joshua Nicolai

    Month ago

    I wonder how many times says kinda strange in a video and the most times

  • daddyant716


    Month ago

    32:26 says it all Lfao!!!!!

  • Justin Johnson

    Justin Johnson

    Month ago

    @Doug Demuro: I am impressed. But just be careful, all RWD midengine Koenigseggs are dangerous because of their super light 4.4-5.2L engines and body material.

  • Eliu Q

    Eliu Q

    Month ago

    You heard that don Von its hardly an S Class so step up the luxury

  • Budiman Motor

    Budiman Motor

    Month ago

    good 👍👍👍....

  • Un1qZ


    Month ago

    Isn't telling everyone "You'll the highest price for your used car" also simultaneously telling people to not look for a car there because the prices are high? Just a thought.

  • 709


    Month ago

    "Acceleration? Ah, fast." Doug was terrified of flooring it.

  • OrbitalRoc


    Month ago

    Lmao he must be a Voltron fan.

  • Nba BigBoy

    Nba BigBoy

    Month ago


  • mike12724


    Month ago

    Until Doug mentioned it, I didn't even notice the windshield wiper. Now I can't un-see it.

  • 𝗔𝗡 𝟬𝟬𝟮 𝗔𝗟

    𝗔𝗡 𝟬𝟬𝟮 𝗔𝗟

    Month ago

    Imagine someone wants to steal some parts but they dont have that special screwdriver

  • Walter Kgwedi

    Walter Kgwedi

    Month ago

    Yoh Christian got carried away with the badge!! lol

  • Hafiy Vinc 48

    Hafiy Vinc 48

    Month ago

    tttttttthissss is...

  • Kenny Gee

    Kenny Gee

    Month ago

    How would it perform against a tree or utility pole? For that price, it better do some Transformers style antics. It costs almost the same as the bee el em founder’s mansion.

  • Ayansh Debnath

    Ayansh Debnath

    Month ago

    thwis 0:00

  • rufio777


    Month ago


  • Mister D.

    Mister D.

    Month ago

    10:44 is it meant to do two stops before you open?

  • Jonas Delos Santos

    Jonas Delos Santos

    Month ago

    hey can buy 7 Lambos in that 2m car not practical at all

    • LalaOrcar


      25 days ago

      @Underground Racing Lamborghini well this car has this and that car has that

    • LalaOrcar


      25 days ago

      @Underground Racing Lamborghini but man... It's underground in the first place

    • LalaOrcar


      Month ago

      As if any super/hypercars are practical lol. And im pretty sure the 7 lambos arent as powerful as this

  • Chester Callahan

    Chester Callahan

    Month ago

    If only I had a few million laying around I'd pounce in a nanosecond.

  • Daniel Malik

    Daniel Malik

    Month ago

    I would've given it so much more curry,sink it right in,but then it's not his!

  • S.B.C


    Month ago

    31:57 It does have a padel to help you out. If you pull the downshift padel the hydracopue opens up and lets you simulate a downshift to accelerate which seems to what doug is looking for

  • Garry Aiv Cars

    Garry Aiv Cars

    Month ago

    Awesome car

  • Kunal Kumar

    Kunal Kumar

    Month ago

    Hats off

  • Ajay Modi

    Ajay Modi

    Month ago

    I just see the Carbon fiber, iPhone 12 leather alkentera touch screen and aluminum cost just more than my house for me.

  • Fábio Pereira

    Fábio Pereira

    Month ago

    I'm pretty sure you can't push the button to lower the license plate while driving.

  • Isodrem Olucnaf

    Isodrem Olucnaf

    Month ago

    Doors that open only electrically (with supplied hammer to come out in case of malfunction), the electronic key that you have to magnetically fits into a shaped vertical inlet or the car doesn't start (I wonder what happens if you hit it with your hand or knee while you're driving), screws impossible to open without a proprietary tool with an absurd shape, handbrake in a stupid position in the light switch or something.
    Into a Sweden car = "Design, luxury, Fantastic attention to detail."
    Into an Italian car = "Oddities, overengeneering...Why are Italian cars so bizarre?"

  • Luca Blight

    Luca Blight

    Month ago

    designed in gta 5

  • Nishad Gulvady

    Nishad Gulvady

    Month ago

    I need that Speedtail review video!

  • Sam Wu

    Sam Wu

    Month ago

    My car doesn't have an emergency hammer. But at least we can all crawl out with dignity and form in an accident, unlike a rich loser trying to squeeze his ass through a tiny window xD.

  • Gaurav Kriti

    Gaurav Kriti

    Month ago

    do model s plaid!

  • Gachoka jack

    Gachoka jack

    Month ago

    Hiding the Plates like there are thousands models to confuse from. 🤗

  • Jack TheLad

    Jack TheLad

    Month ago

    Wanted to see the roof going into the hood :-(

  • Jack TheLad

    Jack TheLad

    Month ago

    That touch screen controlling everything would piss me off. and yeah, as you've said...that screen dies, and you're screwed! and touch screens die, often!

  • Abd Agassi

    Abd Agassi

    Month ago

    Surprisingly, Doug didn’t know the quirk that If you pull both paddle shifters together while driving, it puts the car into “low gear” mode for downshifting instant acceleration feel. Christian koenigsegg tried it when (DRIVE) reviewed the Regera with him 😉

  • Philani Dzimbanete

    Philani Dzimbanete

    Month ago

    I wish Mat Watson was reviewing offense,

  • Nick Weiss

    Nick Weiss

    Month ago

    Thanks for the emergency hammer. Still can't get my fat ass out.

  • Bryce Fields

    Bryce Fields

    Month ago

    The license plate function makes it a perfect getaway car!

  • Eric Ruhlmann

    Eric Ruhlmann

    Month ago

    9:19 - "and it sounds unreal."
    Me - Let me hear it!!

  • Perrin Horner

    Perrin Horner

    Month ago

    The key is honestly my favorite part of all this

  • Lucky Duck

    Lucky Duck

    Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that there is just a bit too much talking in this?

    • Unnamed Skulldog

      Unnamed Skulldog

      Month ago

      It's a review

  • S.A.M. Rakibul Haider

    S.A.M. Rakibul Haider

    Month ago

    reminds me of NEED FOR SPEED PAYBACK