The Fiat Multipla Was an Incredibly Quirky (and Ugly) Family Car

Published on Jul 20, 2021
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Fiat Multipla review! The Fiat Multipla was weird, quirky, and ugly. Today I'm reviewing the Fiat Multipla, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of one of the weirdest and ugliest vehicles you can find -- and it's a VERY quirky one. Then I'll drive the Multipla and review the driving experience of one of the only Fiat Multipla models in North America.


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Doug DeMuro
  • TC XIV

    TC XIV

    Hour ago

    This "car" reminds one of those "super cool" skins from Windows Player on Windows XP.

  • xzombielar


    4 hours ago

    It was designed by Disney

  • muff patrol

    muff patrol

    6 hours ago

    As a Brit, I find it amusing how happy it made you to drive this piece of shit XD

  • Jaroslav Mihok

    Jaroslav Mihok

    6 hours ago

    yes it is ugly car 🤣 but because of that is unique

  • Querlaut


    9 hours ago

    in german we say : FIAT - Fehler in allen Teilen [error in all parts]
    i like your clips

  • Peter Bishop

    Peter Bishop

    21 hour ago

    With the steering wheel on the correct side, I guess this automotive carbuncle was imported to the UK at some point. But yes, this is indeed, the ugliest car ever made; I don't care if it had novel design features or whatever. Even if FIAT had fitted a V12 engine with outrageous horsepower (which they didn't) I'd be embarrassed to have this monstrosity parked outside my house. I'd have to wear a paper bag on my head if I was ever compelled to drive one, just to avoid the public humiliation that would inevitably follow. This is possibly the only car ever made which I can't bear to look at; it reminds me of that unintentional, but nevertheless unavoidable image you might get of some hairy-arsed bricklayer's bum-crack, as you casually walk down the street. It's ugly beyond words. Christ, what were they thinking? I need to have a lie down. Love and peace.

  • aviestrela


    23 hours ago

    Doug review the blue Citroen Ami 8, the 2cv, Citroen GS and how about that Renault 5 turbo type 2

  • Vjotkr


    Day ago

    It's hideous. I hate it.

  • WillP Tech

    WillP Tech

    Day ago

    If Doug’s personality was a physical object, this is what it would look like.

  • Stanojevic Nataša

    Stanojevic Nataša

    Day ago

    I'd love to see you do a review of first generation Renault Twingo. And yeah, I just remembered... Multipla is a common taxi here in Belgrade Serbia. In the early mornings you see them lining up near Pančevački bridge where they take groups of people to so called "buvljak" - open air market of cheap consumer goods, in the Friday and Saturday evenings lined in front of popular night clubs.

  • G Victor

    G Victor

    2 days ago

    You missed the fact that those middle-seats seem to have the back designed to be used as a center armrest, with 2 cupholders and a big tray, when folded, for both, the back and the front, which is pretty cool.

  • hebrews11vs5


    2 days ago


  • Mohammed Alabdaly

    Mohammed Alabdaly

    2 days ago

    هذي اقبح سيارة شفتها في عام 2021

  • Rayrard


    2 days ago

    Man I thought the Nissan Cube was the ugliest fish tank, toaster-mobile

  • Ben Paulík

    Ben Paulík

    2 days ago

    29:07 You know you are in the US when you are interested in Multipla, not in a Challenger passing you

  • Ben Paulík

    Ben Paulík

    2 days ago

    Thought the parking brake is gonna be on the ceiling too, not gonna lie

  • Kitsunekun2


    2 days ago

    Lack of a cup holder is a good idea, you shouldn't drink and drive.

  • dmkvnrss


    2 days ago

    Looks like the scientist form the nightmare before Christmas.
    It would be fun to import one and use it as a daily driver.

  • Matthew Stiglbauer

    Matthew Stiglbauer

    2 days ago

    Nauseating the way the car sways as he narrates

  • Senehas Balasuriya

    Senehas Balasuriya

    3 days ago

    this car is extreamly full option

  • Microsoft Mutt

    Microsoft Mutt

    3 days ago

    I think Doug was more excited to drive the multipla than the Bugatti Chiron.

  • Rudolf Wickond

    Rudolf Wickond

    3 days ago

    This happens when Homer Simpson designs a car

  • Kristaps Ozolins

    Kristaps Ozolins

    3 days ago

    I live in Europe and I don't see any of them around. Which country did you see them?

  • Zoë MacGregor

    Zoë MacGregor

    4 days ago

    That shirt is great

  • Pxel Guy

    Pxel Guy

    4 days ago

    we have quite a few of these in Hungary. We have one like one street away from where I live and the owner is so freaking proud of it. It's teal color, with matching teal wrapped windows, nice rims. The owner keeps it clean, dude it almost looks good.

  • Jaroslav Šváha

    Jaroslav Šváha

    4 days ago

    What do you mean was, I still see these almost weekly

  • CooterCritters The GameCat GameCast Aficionado

    CooterCritters The GameCat GameCast Aficionado

    4 days ago

    Is that not a handle under the stereo? Why didn't he pull it?!?!?!

  • alvio_leandra


    4 days ago

    ElleMMent Palazzo car version 😂

  • Jose Andres Saravia

    Jose Andres Saravia

    5 days ago

    I think its fine, i used to have a kia sephia

  • Ken Hew

    Ken Hew

    5 days ago

    I thought it was very interesting looking, and then I sat in one and I actually liked it very much. I would've bought one and kept it

  • Notis Garcia

    Notis Garcia

    5 days ago


    • Notis Garcia

      Notis Garcia

      5 days ago


  • Furqon Furqon

    Furqon Furqon

    5 days ago

    I can feel your enthusiasm 💚🍵

  • Furqon Furqon

    Furqon Furqon

    5 days ago

    If I could havea dollar evertime he said, "weird looking", "not normal", "strange","unlike other cars" I'd be rich by now
    That's probably the point, to plan, design and produce a car that doesn't look like anything else
    I wish I had one 💚

  • Thomas Stillman

    Thomas Stillman

    5 days ago

    The door has an oop!

  • Ian Mercaldi

    Ian Mercaldi

    5 days ago

    I wonder if the sunroof/trunk/hood buttons icons are changed when they updated the exterior design….
    Guess you gotta find one!!!

  • Angie2343


    6 days ago

    This look like a car you might seen on planet Mobius in the cartoon Sonic Underground! =D

  • julio valdez

    julio valdez

    6 days ago

    "Not fast but its acceptable". Like the super beetle lol. If the Multipla didn't achieve a 10 in practicality, then no car ever will. Lol jk its all in good fun. I appreciate the fact that you reviewed this car. It is one of the most quirky cars i can think of.

  • Barbie


    6 days ago

    But mine is VW golf

  • Oompaloompa94


    6 days ago

    My god that interior screams GameBoy Advance

  • Joshua Folkard

    Joshua Folkard

    6 days ago

    Hey Doug. Can you do a Car Tier List please? i think it would be good. Not every car you've reviewed, just some or half of them.👍

  • Brian Patrick

    Brian Patrick

    6 days ago

    I think it's really cool looking.

  • alfamonk


    6 days ago

    Imagine the Germans making the Fiat Multipla? No, neither can I, that’s why it’s great.

  • Cars, Guns & Info

    Cars, Guns & Info

    7 days ago

    any car geeks out here? (reply)

  • dglcomputers


    7 days ago

    Call that a multipla?, well Hub Nut/Ian Seabrook had done one better :-),

  • Validole


    7 days ago

    Speedo in mph, but wheel on the right? Brit car confirmed

  • Ley


    7 days ago

    Clean your damn knees

  • H. P. Mian

    H. P. Mian

    7 days ago

    A classic example of substance over style.

  • Mesic Adam

    Mesic Adam

    7 days ago

    Have you heard of "the beauty is within the eye of a beholder"?

  • Jovan Djuric

    Jovan Djuric

    7 days ago

    Anyone remember the car Homer Simpson designed when his long lost brother (voiced by Danny DeVito) showed up early in the series run? This is that car in reality!

  • Mike P

    Mike P

    7 days ago

    This would be perfect to rip out the rear seats and use it to take me and 2 mates to the local car parts store and scrap yard

  • R W

    R W

    8 days ago

    For me it is the most sensible car in the World and it is not ugly...

  • Коста Гаћина

    Коста Гаћина

    8 days ago

    Ah yes, the Multipla, the car so revolutionary ugly, that here in Europe it got a cult following, and everyone started loving it...

  • Nicholas McElroy

    Nicholas McElroy

    8 days ago

    I went from wanting one to really wanting one. I can't wait till they are legal to import to the US. Thank you so much for finally reviewing the MPV of my dreams. And yes, I am not ashamed to use "MPV" and "my dreams" in the same sentence!

  • Gothic Airbender

    Gothic Airbender

    9 days ago

    Car's interior looks like a hospital bed control system. LOL

  • Ventsislav Kudev

    Ventsislav Kudev

    9 days ago

    When you design a car on acid .

  • ZR71 Media

    ZR71 Media

    9 days ago

    Europe's version of the Pontiac Aztek.

  • Mr. Smith

    Mr. Smith

    9 days ago

    That grey thing on the middle seat where the seat belt comes out, acts as an arm rest when the seat is down

  • notfiveo


    9 days ago

    Haven’t seen that much glass since the AMC Pacer.

  • Lovejazz01


    10 days ago

    Wow, this is more quirkier than the Nissan Cube .., this might take the qurky award!

  • OJ Tibi

    OJ Tibi

    10 days ago

    Doug: *reviews car because it's quirky*
    Me: *watches Doug because he's quirky*

  • Mantas Babenskas

    Mantas Babenskas

    10 days ago

    Some say, the German butter is more durable to scratches than an Italian plastic

  • Dogo gamer

    Dogo gamer

    10 days ago

    22:59 that oval thing looks like a derpy face, I cannot unsee it.

  • mATRIx dal neres

    mATRIx dal neres

    10 days ago

    The interior also came in hot pink.

  • Richard Guerrini

    Richard Guerrini

    10 days ago

    One of my friends bought one of these and I didn’t want to believe him until he showed it to me!

  • Richard Guerrini

    Richard Guerrini

    10 days ago

    Macchina inguardabile!

  • Hank P

    Hank P

    10 days ago

    The little plastic bits are to make sure you don't get your hands on this meme

  • Lucas Biermann

    Lucas Biermann

    11 days ago

    strange is not the right word. strange would be to be different for no apparent reason. 17:35 you explained why yourself so it makes no sense to call it strange. its different.

  • Poopoonipples63


    11 days ago

    This car built like Ceelo Green

  • Ironiswordbro does stuff

    Ironiswordbro does stuff

    11 days ago

    Mmm yes rover james

  • Geeza Victoria

    Geeza Victoria

    11 days ago

    A British look at the Fiat Multipla

  • Jan Henriksen

    Jan Henriksen

    11 days ago

    The Hyundai Matrix beats this in ugliness.

  • Tiamat


    11 days ago

    I like the giant windows tbh xD, nothing else tho

  • Lucien86


    11 days ago

    It looks like one car glued on top of another. (both cut in two then sandwiched together)

  • KazooK1916


    11 days ago

    14:38 Non ho mai avuto il piacere di salire su una Multipla.
    Ma quello è il guinzaglio per cani più grande che abbia mai visto.

  • Average Michael Jordans

    Average Michael Jordans

    12 days ago

    Are we not gonna talk about the MASSIVE amphibious(?) mfer in the background over at 02:03



    12 days ago

    This is what you get if you gag and tie up the designers and marketing people and just let the engineers do their thing. In every good and bad way

  • paolo vigna suria

    paolo vigna suria

    12 days ago

    there were 5 types of engine. gasoline
    diesel. lpg (i owned It). Natural Power(methane+gasoline) and....blu Power methane only, build for Turin Airport. What a clever car

  • AkSpectre


    12 days ago

    I like hearing Doug say the word purple

  • Ádám BÁLINT

    Ádám BÁLINT

    12 days ago

    Do your readings, Doug. This car’s ugliness actually has a purpose. The genious metal structure makes it possible to fit 6 people comfortably in this really small body — the weird bump below the windshield is a visible part of that structure.
    BTW, the next work of the designer was the new FIAT 500 that everybody loves. The guy has a taste.

  • cikakosta


    12 days ago

    In Serbia we were having those Multiplas used most by Taxies. We had saying I remember:
    "Multipla is like brothel. First you are so embarrassed standing in front of it, but once you go in you never want to go out." :D

  • avivthebest


    12 days ago

    Is it just me or does Doug move WAY more than he used to in his older videos when he talks... It's getting kinda weird

  • DR14TR M1X3R

    DR14TR M1X3R

    13 days ago

    Ugliest Car Ever Made!

  • Rambo


    13 days ago

    What a f ugly car indeed.

  • Ram Sosenthal

    Ram Sosenthal

    13 days ago

    A lot of people don't know this, but the Multipla was styled by Chris Bangle.

  • Hollo


    13 days ago

    Now You have to try the Fiat Panda

  • KusanagiMotoko100


    14 days ago

    This car is a design nightmare.

  • SuperEman500


    14 days ago

    And I thought my Buick LeSabre was a ugly piece of sh!t

  • Roger Skagerström

    Roger Skagerström

    14 days ago

    Snaps on shift boots is quite common.
    About the center seatbelt - that's also a common solution. I think our 2002 Mazda6 Wagon had it that way too. Idea is that you have it tucked away if you rarely use the middle seat.

  • KaiserShep


    15 days ago

    This is my all-time favorite van design.

  • Gargantu4


    15 days ago

    Which one is dirtier? the car or Doug's knee?

  • praveen yadam

    praveen yadam

    15 days ago

    Looks like frog

  • Sancho Pedro

    Sancho Pedro

    16 days ago

    Lol !)
    Crazy car

  • Akis Gbr

    Akis Gbr

    16 days ago

    This is a design crime.

  • JV S

    JV S

    16 days ago

    alternate title: doug chokes on the Multipla's quirkiness for 30 minutes

  • Kash Clark

    Kash Clark

    16 days ago

    What is the weird Z car he is behind?

  • Cartman


    17 days ago

    Lol some ppl in the comments saying "its not ugly"

  • Ivan Kirola

    Ivan Kirola

    17 days ago

    23:08 🤣

  • rick9021090210


    17 days ago

    I dunno... I still think the Aztek was uglier but whatever... Cheers!

  • Cameron Manning

    Cameron Manning

    17 days ago

    This is a useful car for small workers and a small business. This is good for working

  • laveritesijemens


    17 days ago

    What happened to Doug, he used to be kind of normal, now he changed his style, why he talks and loughs that weird way now? So strange.