The Ferrari SF90 Is a 1,000-Horsepower $700,000 Flagship Supercar

Published on Apr 22, 2021
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Ferrari SF90 Stradale review! The SF90 is Ferrari's newest flagship supercar, with 1,000 horsepower and a price tag of more than $650,000. The SF90 is a very special car, and today I'm reviewing the SF90 and I'll show you all the quirks and features of the SF90 Stradale. I'll also drive the SF90 Stradale and I'm going to show you what it's like on the road.


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Doug DeMuro
  • Double ice and fire

    Double ice and fire

    12 hours ago

    Lol, David keeps looking at the speedometer when Doug is driving. David looks so stressed the whole way.

  • Ellie Clarke

    Ellie Clarke

    21 hour ago

    700,000$ for a car with display response that rivals a mcdonalds heldhand from the 90's, and even that is a stretch.

  • KingofInterns


    Day ago

    Awful. Screens will break and become outdated...

  • Dato Akopyan

    Dato Akopyan

    Day ago

    you talk a lot and pointlessly

  • Libra SD

    Libra SD

    2 days ago

    the screens are decent, very futuristic, but I see that the images are not fluid and the capacitive keys do not respond immediately, maybe it is still too early to switch to these technologies, although they are cool

  • Mark Wolf

    Mark Wolf

    2 days ago

    Sexiest headlights I've ever seen on a car.

  • Canal Oval

    Canal Oval

    3 days ago

    I hate screens on cars

  • Tim Smith

    Tim Smith

    3 days ago

    Reminds me of a mid 90s Camaro mixed with the new Corvettes🤔

  • zmac4thewin


    4 days ago

    A fender bender gon cost like 100,000 to fix

  • Kevin Santos

    Kevin Santos

    4 days ago

    Lee seems like an awesome respectful guy and I love his passion for Ferrari. I look forward to see what’s to come with Lee’s YouTube channel!

  • Harrison Kessler

    Harrison Kessler

    4 days ago

    🤤🤤me drooling over here. That is beautiful

  • Kris Reilly

    Kris Reilly

    4 days ago

    Doug's Wife: "Do you like these new jeans?"
    Doug: "Very serious rear end....focused....very intimidating."

  • tom nova

    tom nova

    5 days ago

    Change plugs? Two months.

  • kicking Butt

    kicking Butt

    5 days ago

    The front end looks terrible

  • Ljuba Miha

    Ljuba Miha

    7 days ago

    And..the Rimac Nevera came and destroys the SF90

  • Dan The Man

    Dan The Man

    7 days ago

    I’m way more interested as to when was the last time Doug wore a collard shirt to drive some of the most expensive cars on THIS planet?

  • Dakota Strain

    Dakota Strain

    8 days ago

    What’s the yellow Ferrari called?

  • G. Padilla

    G. Padilla

    9 days ago

    Is that a f*cking JBL? On a Ferrari?!

  • Tio Mark

    Tio Mark

    9 days ago


  • Random Dude

    Random Dude

    11 days ago

    Kinda looks like a corvette tho

  • K onliner

    K onliner

    11 days ago


  • Abubakar Abdullahi

    Abubakar Abdullahi

    12 days ago

    Gotta give the nsx credit

  • Luka Vukovic

    Luka Vukovic

    12 days ago

    Not only there are too many screens but they are also very laggy, Im disappointed by Ferrari

  • Luka Vukovic

    Luka Vukovic

    12 days ago

    Oh, I would love ti drive 200 kmh in my Ferrari and take the look of the road to decrease fan speed on a silly and slow screen instead of physical button

  • md maruf

    md maruf

    12 days ago

    It is said, that when you are ready, the teacher appears. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. Am a huge fan and a believer and living the LOA. Many thanks indeed

  • ADOL Blazing

    ADOL Blazing

    12 days ago

    Thank you so much for delicious walk-through of the emotional scale. I just love, love, love hearing from Abraham in the physical. Thank you so much for opening me up to the understanding of the Laws of the Universe and to the trueness of JOY and LOVE. Blessings and love from me to you!

  • Nemanja Kosanovic

    Nemanja Kosanovic

    13 days ago

    Take a shot everytime Doug says screen

  • I am cat

    I am cat

    15 days ago

    Something so seemingly simple to do, to feel better, yet so challenging. Particularly during the pandemic. I get to this point and then list the things I am grateful for. Simple things like being healthy today, clean air to breathe, etc. Begins to turn the tide. Thanks Abraham.

  • Péter Oláh

    Péter Oláh

    17 days ago

    Ferrari should bring back some sort of manual sports car

  • Philip Cordero

    Philip Cordero

    17 days ago

    Owner listens to K-LOVE, that’s refreshing 5:20

  • 012345678 9876543210

    012345678 9876543210

    18 days ago

    First truly beautiful Ferrari in a long time even if if it looks like a corvette now…

  • sithlordsoup


    20 days ago

    This triggered my bmw ptsd and I don’t even have one 5:12

  • zeze


    20 days ago

    The interiors will age so bad

  • Nara Luxury Africa

    Nara Luxury Africa

    21 day ago

    I am buying this car in less than a year !!

  • Clay 23

    Clay 23

    21 day ago

    Seems like all this stuff will break down in 5 years and you’ll spend more time paying someone to work on it then you do driving

  • Young Fella75

    Young Fella75

    22 days ago

    What button to press to park it?

  • Casey Hurd

    Casey Hurd

    23 days ago

    All that touch/screen stuff in the interior looks god awful, especially for a 700k car. The whole thing is also just massively uglier than other flagship Ferraris

  • TheFunkhouser


    23 days ago

    Wow what does David Lee do for a crust??

  • PodcastOn2Wheels


    25 days ago

    To be smoked by a $100k tesla

  • Justin Griffin

    Justin Griffin

    25 days ago

    WTF 2 long ads and then Doug's Car ad and the dealer ad...

  • Yiwan Ye

    Yiwan Ye

    26 days ago

    the nonphysical power button bothers me; the screen and infotainment should be "hybrid" too.

  • Brian Michael

    Brian Michael

    28 days ago

    I don't like the new key

  • toto anggoro

    toto anggoro

    28 days ago

    a very bad UX design in my opinion.
    is this car, a Ferrari trying hard to be 'modern' with all the screens? 🤔

  • Luis Rios

    Luis Rios

    28 days ago

    I wear undershirts but never sticking out like that

  • NvrStpGaming


    29 days ago

    I wish I could be a moral deprived asshole so I could do anything to make money

  • Rene Lizarraga

    Rene Lizarraga

    29 days ago

    This interior is a fingerprint magnet.

  • Eddie100


    Month ago

    THIS is a Ferrari SF90. And it is a Ferrari.



    Month ago

    Honestly Enzo wouldn't have ever approved this

  • F100 FE390

    F100 FE390

    Month ago

    The cheap screens look horrible to use and look at. So cheap. Such garbage. I remember when Ferrari cared.

  • T O Double D

    T O Double D

    Month ago

    Lucky guy

  • Arafat Hossain

    Arafat Hossain

    Month ago

    a touch screen engine start button is the worst thing I have ever seen in a car... too much disappointment...

  • Sniped_yah_yt


    Month ago

    21:48 the fucking sound of angels!! Ferrari you did it again! Lamborghini 🤮🤢 could never

  • Reed_ Shaw

    Reed_ Shaw

    Month ago

    I think lee is a tad bit nervous

  • M4rcin


    Month ago

    Nice Corvette

  • sacredgeometry


    Month ago

    these new ferraris are really ugly

  • ccol009


    Month ago

    Seeing this SF90 get DEESTROYED by the Rimac Nevera proves this is “OLD” technology!

  • DavidsWeirdMedia


    Month ago

    It has a mustache!

  • Earl hall 430

    Earl hall 430

    Month ago

    That's a real car right there. Not some all electric ev junk. That's the future of Ferrari. Sorry Tesla get your batteries you. Keep V8 alive

  • Jonas Lundholm

    Jonas Lundholm

    Month ago

    That Quintain Tarantino energy though!

  • Rubeen


    Month ago

    So if you happen to have a minor fender bender that disables your battery, your stuck inside? Thinking about all those exotic cars accidents and fires hmmmmmm Interesting concept of minimizing drivers escape features.

  • Shaun Clark

    Shaun Clark

    Month ago

    OH Gosh, on and on about the screens, Doug has a screen fetish, i had to fast forward past all the screen stuff.

  • Joel


    Month ago

    Doug tap scrolling through the radio stations: K-Love, K-Love, K-Love, K-Love

  • antares999


    Month ago

    if they charge too much to save weight, then just take all those goddamn screens off the car and gut the fucking interior. I’m guessing a fully gutted turbo civic with a laptop and slicks stand a chance with this car.

  • antares999


    Month ago

    Door opens electronically?? I’m hoping there’s a mechanical backup door latch incase those electronic ones stop working. I will never put my faith on too much technology even if it’s very very fancy.

  • Breakthesteak


    Month ago

    It's weird that this costs more than the 2019 version even though it's slower. 2019 0-60 in 2.2 sec, 2021 0-60 in 2.5 sec.

  • dhruvmerai


    Month ago

    I feel like this car is less ferarri and more Maserati

  • just some minced garlic

    just some minced garlic

    Month ago

    Ferrari really needs to get back with Pininfarina because this thing is ugly. and the “screens” or touch buttons all over the interior look tacky imo, and in 20 years this thing is gonna look dated as hell. reminds me of the little green screen displays in cars from the 90s that look terrible today.

  • hunter carey

    hunter carey

    Month ago

    Looks like a gta garage

  • gogetta90001


    Month ago

    Did he say he sold a f40 for 86k??????

  • rahul sharma

    rahul sharma

    Month ago

    I think sf in ferrari sf90,stands for screen filled,FERRARI SCREEN FILLED 90.

  • Thomas


    Month ago

    X-Zibit be like "ay yo we heard you like screens so we put a screen by your screens so you can use a screen while you use a screen"



    Month ago

    It looks good and elegant for a morden ferrari

  • MTG Deckmasters

    MTG Deckmasters

    Month ago

    Who's here after 21 savage bought it for "1 million" ?

  • Yannis Kominos

    Yannis Kominos

    Month ago

    S C R E E N

  • BorisLozac


    Month ago

    Say SCREEN one more time.. I double dare you..

  • TheHolyNade


    Month ago

    IMO this is Ferrari's best looking car since a long time

    • HAM Miranda

      HAM Miranda

      Month ago

      I would agree except for the hood.

  • adam


    Month ago

    Favorite Ferrari check

  • adam


    Month ago


  • swaggerboy740


    Month ago

    Doug looks 47 now lmao

  • AMEN_RA People Of The Sun

    AMEN_RA People Of The Sun

    Month ago

    Those Super / Luxury Carmakers within no time destroyed the Coolest thing of the Super or Luxury Cars by replacing the kloks🕕🕡🕖🕞with digital displays🖥😏
    In the future they will see 👀all the technological problems that will be difficult to replace...

  • Quoai Tran

    Quoai Tran

    Month ago

    Hey guys. Should I buy a mansion somewhere in the countryside with a brand new corvette for 700k or get the Ferrari sf90 instead and live on month to month rent?

    In my dreams of course

  • Terry Twerefour

    Terry Twerefour

    Month ago

    Yoooo what’s going on with your shirts why is your under shirt over lapping like that, you dress like an old man with Alzheimer’s

  • ayodeji akindele

    ayodeji akindele

    Month ago

    Who here cause of 21 savage

  • Legit Downz

    Legit Downz

    Month ago

    This thing has the most beautiful interior of any Ferrari I’ve seen

  • Elite Driving

    Elite Driving

    Month ago

    Wow what a beast, I was able to see several limited Ferraris as well.

  • IAmComp-


    Month ago

    Why was the check ingine light on 😂



    Month ago

    it's a cool-looking Ferarri, just not a beautiful one

  • The Ed

    The Ed

    Month ago

    The owner looks so nervous 😪😂

  • Steven Arteaga

    Steven Arteaga

    Month ago

    Screen count 😂ur the goat

  • F. Mazz.

    F. Mazz.

    Month ago

    Ummmm why is there 903 dislikes????

  • F. Mazz.

    F. Mazz.

    Month ago

    Soooooo nice, wow! Gorgeous interior

  • Ian Barker Car Guy Gaming

    Ian Barker Car Guy Gaming

    Month ago

    Doug Demuro should review the Ferrari 360. He has made videos about the 360 but did not really review it

  • Jonathan Yuen

    Jonathan Yuen

    Month ago

    Does the S stand for screen .

  • Mic Smith

    Mic Smith

    Month ago

    Lee is thinking. "Two hands buddy"

  • Mic Smith

    Mic Smith

    Month ago

    Man those screens are going to be a problem in 15-20 years

  • wktr


    Month ago

    They really cheaped out on the key

  • abuwadie3


    Month ago

    Tesla plaid is faster

  • Joegeezly


    Month ago

    Its crazy to me how well thought out the dougscore is. Everytime the cars end up right near their competitors. Kudos to you

  • GibsonVienna


    Month ago

    The 2021 Ferrari Touch