The Ferrari SF90 Is a 1,000-Horsepower $700,000 Flagship Supercar

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Doug DeMuro
  • Mic Smith

    Mic Smith

    Hour ago

    Lee is thinking. "Two hands buddy"

  • Mic Smith

    Mic Smith

    Hour ago

    Man those screens are going to be a problem in 15-20 years

  • wktr


    8 hours ago

    They really cheaped out on the key

  • abuwadie3


    8 hours ago

    Tesla plaid is faster

  • Joegeezly


    8 hours ago

    Its crazy to me how well thought out the dougscore is. Everytime the cars end up right near their competitors. Kudos to you

  • GibsonVienna


    10 hours ago

    The 2021 Ferrari Touch

  • Ömer Faruk Ünal

    Ömer Faruk Ünal

    13 hours ago

    hey doug why don't you make a video with daivd's 288 GTO

  • Scott Noll

    Scott Noll

    22 hours ago

    David lee with the goatee: he is iron man confirmed

  • Benny T

    Benny T

    Day ago

    24:23 that's the flux capacitor

  • 187tynes


    Day ago

    David Lee is such a Cool Ass dude!! Wish he would adopt me! Lol...jk! But gonna watch his stuff now on YouTube!

  • 100 Bandz

    100 Bandz

    Day ago

    or you can plug up your phone like everyone else lol

  • Luis vlogs

    Luis vlogs

    Day ago

    What corvette wishes it could be

  • Brad Moulton

    Brad Moulton

    Day ago

    I don’t understand the two shirts thing…doesn’t one shirt do the job? 🤭

  • Александр Бурмин

    Александр Бурмин

    2 days ago

    Желаю вам фантастического, неповторимого, насыщенного и лучезарного дня!

  • Blueberry


    2 days ago

    I fugkkkkking wish man. One day, i will driving A ferarri... ONE FUCKING DAY, I PROMISE!

  • kw


    3 days ago

    How the hell are you going to make a $700,000 car but put a CPU that controls the UI that costs $5? That UI is abysmally and unacceptably slow to use. And it looks tacky AF.

  • Bunker Andy

    Bunker Andy

    3 days ago

    What a nightmare UI. I’ll be spending my stimulus check money elsewhere, Ferrari.

  • Dislob3


    6 days ago

    take a shot every time he says screen.

  • Mario


    7 days ago

    I say this as an Italian, the ugliest and stupidest Ferrari ever produced

  • Nicholas Gunter

    Nicholas Gunter

    7 days ago

    This car just went 0-60 in 2.0 seconds in Indianapolis. Breaking the 918’s record of 2.1 seconds

  • The Sprawl

    The Sprawl

    8 days ago

    0:43...forget the SF90, I want _that_ Ferrari. That is bloody gorgeous.
    I still think it's the most beautiful Ferrari of this century

  • Alpha Omega

    Alpha Omega

    8 days ago

    $700 . Only in a wet dream

  • healdogtoe2c


    9 days ago

    Fels like all f fhe screens and all of the options on those screens(especially being a part of the steering wheel and gage cluster would ve a distraction from attdntion focused on driving. In making it super convenient with screens the driver might think that they aren't being distracted physically from driving when actually they are.

  • PT JWW

    PT JWW

    10 days ago

    We need a compilation of Doug's THIS's...just sayin'. :-)

  • SEVEN77


    11 days ago

    The owner kept looking at the speedometer at the end lol .. “This nigga 🙆🏾‍♂️”

  • Jakub Šemoda

    Jakub Šemoda

    11 days ago

    It’s funny, if you remember, 10 years ago, in 458, you could see where you have to go, or you could see, how fast you’re going. Now with Roma, Ferarri made a huge step forward, and I have to say, I realy like it. J

  • Dy1


    12 days ago

    "right right right"

  • Dy1


    12 days ago

    the rear reminds me of a lotus

  • animeonperseest


    12 days ago

    That is one hideous looking Ferrari. Thank god the Dino is better

  • Warr3n L33 izzel

    Warr3n L33 izzel

    13 days ago

    6:15 the way doug speaks and his head and hands swinging look if it he is gay

  • Gabriele Piccoli

    Gabriele Piccoli

    13 days ago

    Only one cup holder? It's just too much. Who is the idiot that will eat or drink in a car like that!

  • Gabriele Piccoli

    Gabriele Piccoli

    13 days ago

    Drink a shot every time he says "screen"

  • Lubin


    13 days ago

    The Ferrari Roma having a higher value than the LaFerrari, Speciale A and the SF90 is quite questionable...

  • jose villa

    jose villa

    14 days ago

    How many times he say screen dude

  • 1776


    14 days ago

    Looks like a lotus

  • LiL Jeep

    LiL Jeep

    15 days ago

    petition for doug to start reviewing the stock music audio quality every review

  • Diogo


    15 days ago

    Ferrari: Which one of our cars do you want?
    David Lee: *Y e s*

  • ninezerofive


    15 days ago

    All electric italian car, what can go wrong.

  • Super J

    Super J

    15 days ago

    Ferrari Corvette

  • Litery


    16 days ago

    31:09 my guy is looking at the dash like “bro tf u doing to my car slow down”😂😂

  • sochyvonn nora

    sochyvonn nora

    16 days ago


  • Jim Eagle

    Jim Eagle

    17 days ago

    Normalize the Doug Score by multiplying by 1000 and then dividing by price.

  • Tripod Catz

    Tripod Catz

    17 days ago

    I like how Mr. Lee keeps glancing over at Doug while they're driving and obviously thinking, "keep both hands on the wheel Dude", lol. Doug's mouth can't actuate unless his hands are moving around.

  • Wherehouse Music

    Wherehouse Music

    18 days ago

    the link to this video ends end "666WEE" coincidence?

  • Cire Nosnor

    Cire Nosnor

    18 days ago

    If I had a dollar every time he says “screen” I can buy the car. We know virtually everything is on a screen, so just tell us what the functions are. Geez

  • Lucianu'


    19 days ago

    Te pupa Dan Lucian, Robert Anoaica, Teodora Ciurila, Oana Cernatoiu si Andrei Porei. Sa ne iei si noua o caruta din asta, patroane! Pwp

  • c g

    c g

    19 days ago

    Why is the check engine light on

  • Nerdier Than Thou

    Nerdier Than Thou

    19 days ago

    Well, the word "screen" just lost all meaning.

  • Xotiw


    20 days ago

    700k and you dont zven have 60hz screen when you should expect 144hz screen … What a shame they should learn from Porsche

  • Noah Wig

    Noah Wig

    21 day ago

    I love Ferrari but, screens? On a ferrari. Why?

  • kim-Taehyung BTS V

    kim-Taehyung BTS V

    21 day ago

    no matter which new car comes,, nothing feels like LAferrari . A masterpiece.

  • Jesus Ramirez

    Jesus Ramirez

    21 day ago

    thanks for your shows. no hos hanging on the hood tho :)

  • Ihsan Nordin

    Ihsan Nordin

    22 days ago

    Dude's collecting Ferraris and here I am collecting keychains..

  • Milla Josh

    Milla Josh

    22 days ago

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  • Andreas Johnsson

    Andreas Johnsson

    23 days ago


  • Mustin Lin

    Mustin Lin

    25 days ago

    Passenger be like: You go over 1000 RPM and I'll beat you up.

  • KG808


    26 days ago

    Am I the only one who saw a DualShock 4 at 24:15?

  • sionyn


    26 days ago

    Looks like a Corvette 😕

  • Skeptical Skeksis

    Skeptical Skeksis

    26 days ago

    A Ferrari without a analogue tac? No thank you… it’s no longer timeless.

  • FiggyG 69

    FiggyG 69

    28 days ago

    Looking at those slits on the engine cover... What happens if it rains?

  • PghTrainFanatic


    28 days ago

    Adidas running lights lol

  • Offtapp


    28 days ago

    How do people let this guy molest their million dollar Supercars , there’s no need to press a button 10 times , we get it the first time . Major disrespect to these rare cars . Bet u he dosent do that to his own car with those disgusting fingers

  • regen17


    28 days ago

    A long-standing concern with electronic door mechanisms has been what to do if the battery dies, electronics fail, or if you're in an accident and the electronics are damaged. Surely, there is some sort of backup to open the doors in case of failure???

  • J Loki

    J Loki

    28 days ago

    The steering wheel (not to mention the display) seems a little busy for a fast car like the SF90. The display should be able to be set up when the car is idling, not moving. Also, sometimes buttons that you can locate by touch are better than ones you have to look for.

  • ashif21


    28 days ago

    There was a time when people complained about Apple removing the physical home button,.

  • tode vole

    tode vole

    29 days ago

    sorry but when I saw the silver arrow on the hood I puked in my mouth a little

  • Mickey Bitsko

    Mickey Bitsko

    29 days ago

    0-60 in one second quicker than my Honda Goldwing. And only an extra $675,000. That's a pricey second. Better rain protection though.

  • Kaheeros


    29 days ago

    *i felt like i heard more SCREEN/s than THISSS... ( actually 76 SCREEN/s only on this video)*

  • Anish Thapa

    Anish Thapa

    29 days ago

    Everything aside why is Doug wearing two T-shirts at once🥸🥸

  • G G

    G G

    Month ago

    Ugly in my opinion but F40 and 599GTB are the best looking Ferrari

  • andrew Heys

    andrew Heys

    Month ago

    Does he mention the screens at any point?

  • ItsSigmaa


    Month ago

    There’s way too much going on on the gauge cluster screen

  • Dee5ive TV

    Dee5ive TV

    Month ago

    It's so hard to pick a first supercar because Doug makes me want to buy all of them making it impossible to pick a first supercar

  • AverageJak


    Month ago

    this NSX looks cool

  • NolaBaby WhoDat

    NolaBaby WhoDat

    Month ago

    His appearance should not bother me but it does he looks musty

  • irmux skeptic

    irmux skeptic

    Month ago

    if you can sell alfa romeo for 44k then you can sell ice to penguins

  • Steve Fagetaboutit

    Steve Fagetaboutit

    Month ago

    Screen, screen, screen.... Stop saying SCREEN!!!!

  • Rich S

    Rich S

    Month ago

    The front of the car looks like Jay Leno's chin

  • Luca Blight

    Luca Blight

    Month ago

    Ok, I summarize for you the first part of the video: "SCREENS."

  • Joshua Nicolai

    Joshua Nicolai

    Month ago

    It looks too much like a Lamborghini to me

  • connoisseur


    Month ago

    15:54 robot Doug

  • Michael Sänger

    Michael Sänger

    Month ago

    dude, dude! there is a Formula1 car in the corner!

  • VeryBerry


    Month ago

    Screens are a genius built in obsolescence thing. In a couple years this will be dated, and it's right in front of you. Not just an old infotainment that you can just turn off.
    But we haven't reached peaked screens yet. The day you have a screen on the door outside to unlock/open the door is the day we're really screwed.

  • Roger Skagerström

    Roger Skagerström

    Month ago


  • Flynn


    Month ago

    Nice Corvette copy. Slower than Model S Plaid, $600,000 more. Gas cars are dead.

  • fullthrottlewrx


    Month ago

    i dont think i have ever seen doug soooo excited in a video. either he drank 6 cups of coffee or this car is a big deal for him. love your content doug! i hope your business is doinig well!

  • An orange with a Capybara underneath it.

    An orange with a Capybara underneath it.

    Month ago

    He is the most Doug-iest Doug to ever Doug.
    Any random stranger from a foreign country would look at him and be like ‘...Doug 🙄’

  • AaylaSecura3276


    Month ago

    Drink a shot every time he says ‘screen’ or ‘screens’.

  • jack wilson

    jack wilson

    Month ago

    STILL with the shitty standard doors!! this is why theirs 1000s of aventadors in LA. people want some thearter and excitment, not camery doors on their $700k exotic. bullshit

  • Matt Winkler

    Matt Winkler

    Month ago

    Love the carbon fiber and electric assist but the screen trend is not going to age well :(

  • s ga

    s ga

    Month ago

    Doug.. this one is the pinnacle for your life.

  • Bob F

    Bob F

    Month ago

    ...he always talks like he's double-parked and pressed for time

  • slomofo562


    Month ago

    If it had no markings on it and you told me it was a C9 Corvette concept; I'd believe you.

  • codefeenix


    Month ago

    thing has a light, ITS A SCReEn!

  • Benjamin Jansen

    Benjamin Jansen

    Month ago

    Way to much cheap looking plastic used for the interior...



    Month ago

    F8? F50? Don’t you mean THE F8? The, whatever object.

  • Joel Aquino

    Joel Aquino

    Month ago

    hey, Doug can you do a video about the original vw bug from the 60s-70s pretty please!!!

  • Toni Mahoni

    Toni Mahoni

    Month ago

    A backlit control element ist not a "screen"

  • HirachieOfSociety


    Month ago

    700 thousand dollar car and they decide to slap in a Pentium processor for the infotainment system...

  • J. Boogie

    J. Boogie

    Month ago

    Kinda doxed David with the GPS locations