The Bugatti EB110 Is the Ultra-Rare, Ultra-Quirky 1990s Bugatti

Published on Jun 15, 2021
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Bugatti EB110 Review!!!! It's time for the fabled Bugatti EB110, the weird 1990s Bugatti nobody knows about. Today I'm giving you a thorough tour of the EB110, and I'll show you all the amazing quirks and features of this very quirky, very rare car. I'll also drive the Bugatti EB110 and show you what it's like on the road.


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Doug DeMuro
  • stephane crep

    stephane crep

    Hour ago

    And the EB110 logo on the side are glow in the dark!, now you know! ;)

  • Clown 9

    Clown 9

    Day ago

    No one knows??? Excuse me, Forza Horizon

  • Space_114 V

    Space_114 V

    2 days ago

    I am sure Doug nailed it after he turned the camera off.

  • N/A N/A

    N/A N/A

    3 days ago

    B-LOCK Bugatti-Lock

  • henrik kirkeby

    henrik kirkeby

    3 days ago

    If you search EB110 interior you will see that some of the Ventilation are installed correct, simple switch the 2 around, flip the “centre part out”

  • dntlss


    3 days ago

    I can never get over how big that Royale was,thing looked like a battleship and so very unique,it was a masterpiece for sure.

  • GeorgeKush


    3 days ago

    Pshhh i know this car. The sun is shining everyday

  • Pharmokan z

    Pharmokan z

    3 days ago

    so basically this is the garbage that caused bugatti to go out of business in the 90s, gotcha.

  • Barry Porteous

    Barry Porteous

    4 days ago

    Once finished showing us around the car there is no moment of tension as the key is turned or starter button pressed and hear the motor fire up and listen to the engine before the commentary whilst driving along afterwards.

  • Kenpatchi Ramasama

    Kenpatchi Ramasama

    4 days ago

    nice tripod bro

  • The Roober

    The Roober

    4 days ago

    Honestly this was the best looking Bugatti

  • Mark Foster

    Mark Foster

    4 days ago

    An irreplaceable car like that, I'd be too afraid to talk and film while driving

  • Mark Foster

    Mark Foster

    4 days ago

    Had this on my bedroom wall as a kid ☺️

  • Dinos Dinou

    Dinos Dinou

    5 days ago

    Oh ... Bugatti were building fast cars with boring design back in the 1990s too? No surprise there!

  • Mike St.George

    Mike St.George

    6 days ago

    Anyone who plays Forza games knows this car

  • Rexcor Jungmir

    Rexcor Jungmir

    6 days ago

    This was the one Bugatti I actually looked up because of the odd name and because I didn't want to remember Bugatti just for the Veyron and "The Veyron, but shinier".

  • Jordan Bromley

    Jordan Bromley

    7 days ago

    Please please please do something on Dauer version of eb110 and the Dauer version of the Porsche 962 (road legal version of the le mans)

  • Intselec


    7 days ago

    3:26 The Renault Scenic as a 4 cylinder quad turbo charged engine

  • Gappie Al Kebabi

    Gappie Al Kebabi

    7 days ago


  • incel brah

    incel brah

    7 days ago

    Looks exactly like my Bburago 1/18.

  • yo


    8 days ago

    that mf nice

  • Jakob Loll

    Jakob Loll

    8 days ago

    We didnt even hear how the car sounds... wtf bro

  • Angry Bulldog Gaming

    Angry Bulldog Gaming

    8 days ago

    people are going to hate me but i think this looks better than the new models and i'm not even a retro car look kind of guy i like futuristic designs better

  • 95err


    9 days ago

    Ive seen one dricing through my city and my god it was like seeing a unicorn

  • Enzo Oliveira

    Enzo Oliveira

    10 days ago

    Ugly car like all Bugatti's

  • Major Tom

    Major Tom

    10 days ago

    Romano Artioli stated the things that stopped EB110 production was: Ferrari persuaded parts suppliers to not supply parts to Bugatti and a "certain sports car manufacturer in Stuttgart" poached his workers.

  • Cobra427


    10 days ago

    8:35 my Mustang's horn sounds like that because the horn got stuck on once when I unlocked it, ye, that aftermarket alarm has since been uninstalled and replaced with a killswitch

  • Bob ODonnell

    Bob ODonnell

    10 days ago

    Not sure what’s mor annoying your constant blabbing or your dam hand motions!

  • Seneca Movil

    Seneca Movil

    10 days ago

    For me the best Bugatti of all

  • Dingobird


    11 days ago

    Maybe one side is intended for racing fuel

  • Magnus Helliesen

    Magnus Helliesen

    11 days ago

    4:03 there's a little what?? :D

  • Aaron Sosnoski

    Aaron Sosnoski

    12 days ago

    80s Hondas have better fit and finish.

  • Traveliton by Abdullah Goreja

    Traveliton by Abdullah Goreja

    13 days ago

    XJ220 and F1 are the best among all of these✨

  • Will S

    Will S

    14 days ago

    There are two fuel tanks, they are not separate, they are joined. The second fuel door is so you can top up that side, or fill faster than the pipe joining the tanks would allow. Doug, you really should have watched the episode about the Bugatti EB110 on Jay Leno's Garage ( you wouldn't sound so clueless now ).

  • Will S

    Will S

    14 days ago

    The EB110 is so '90's that it should have came factory loaded with an 8ball of coke in the glovebox.
    Tho, that V12 engine is super sweet.

  • peter455sd


    14 days ago

    That is a beautiful car

  • hector69ize


    15 days ago

    🤔🤔🤔 Dough failed miserably to mention: (1) What EB 110 stands for. (2) Who penned the EB 110 and why it’s relevant (3) The globe box compartment doesn’t hold what ever, it’s a very tacky and crappie globe box good enough for a RC and a couple of credit cards and the fact that you can actually see the air ducts behind that horrible latch. Yikes !!! 😣😖😞

  • Bunsenn


    15 days ago

    A 3.5L V12? That’s just odd.

  • Mr Frieza

    Mr Frieza

    16 days ago

    Well we know why that car wasn’t a success ...
    The door handler killed it

  • fneves


    16 days ago

    Most 80/90's cars had that type of map light. Funny how it sounds like it was something unique for this car when my Citroen AX had the same...

  • TriggaHappyYT


    16 days ago

    It's ugly, 300zx looks better lol.

  • Ibrahim Karomo

    Ibrahim Karomo

    16 days ago

    Your hands, choir master perhaps?😁

  • New phone

    New phone

    16 days ago

    This is a 1933 booty eater that's the freaky car that no one cares about.
    - Cs188

  • QBPhantom


    16 days ago

    That radio is a crime to this car

  • Dan Snapz Lewis

    Dan Snapz Lewis

    17 days ago

    Just by what I've seen the Bugatti EB110 is just a giant go kart with doors and windows

  • pleappleappleap


    17 days ago

    It would be awesome if the "Steering Wheel and Liquid Drop" light meant "Alternator Failure" or "Transmission Temperature Warning".

  • Jeremiah Watts

    Jeremiah Watts

    17 days ago

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Foundation Overseer O5-XIII

    Foundation Overseer O5-XIII

    18 days ago

    I do love me the 1933 Booty Eater, the freaky car no one cares about.

  • Andrew Pick

    Andrew Pick

    19 days ago

    A 2004 Ford Taurus... They were not very good race cars let alone did they look good 5 years after they were built.

  • Qajj


    19 days ago

    Anyone else that thought the building support at 15:40 was a crack in their phone screen? Lmao

  • Zar Star

    Zar Star

    20 days ago

    I have toy car

  • Albert Ochoa

    Albert Ochoa

    21 day ago

    Stop twitching Doug

  • FreeTheInsanity


    23 days ago

    I remember playing the original Forza Horizon, and finding an EB110 as my first barn find car. It what I beat the final boss with. I have a special appreciation for this car. I love it

  • mustansir taher

    mustansir taher

    23 days ago

    Doug: the EB110 is a Bugatti that nobody knows about
    Me who played CSR 2: Bruh

  • tshirtjay


    23 days ago

    I remember seeing this car in so many car calenders in the 90's as a kid.

  • DrPlatypus1


    25 days ago

    Had a 1/24 scale of this car in this color and a blue McLaren F1 as a kid. I always wanted to see those two cars in real life. Never have.

  • Harsh Panchal

    Harsh Panchal

    25 days ago

    Is that a Supra 🤩😱 behind u

  • stupid anna

    stupid anna

    25 days ago

    Hey can u review a toyota starlet ep91

    • stupid anna

      stupid anna

      25 days ago

      Twin cam

  • RonniePT


    26 days ago

    I remember this one. I have a 1:18 scale model of it from burago somewhere in a box.

  • Salam Fahad

    Salam Fahad

    27 days ago

    Been waiting for this one for so long

  • Rupan Sansei

    Rupan Sansei

    28 days ago

    yissss early luxo EB

  • l'Espace


    29 days ago

    Those interior air vents look the same as in my Mk1 Espace



    Month ago

    These are the back to school cars.
    You know, the cars you ONLY saw on a loose leaf notebook folder in a rite-aide drug store when it was time for back to school 😃😁

  • Ernest


    Month ago


  • jrodificator1


    Month ago

    It's cool to see Doug review more of Bill Gates' cars.

  • Angel E

    Angel E

    Month ago

    Exotic super car with the cheapest car radio...oh dear!

  • Fred


    Month ago

    So much plastic looking

  • Zogy


    Month ago

    NO FULL THROTTLE PULL?!?! You, Doug, are cancelled.

  • n n

    n n

    Month ago

    the front almost looks a tricked out 300zx

  • AwesomeCarGuy


    Month ago


  • Sonny Junior

    Sonny Junior

    Month ago

    The EB110 is the best bugatti in my op

  • Anonymous


    Month ago

    It reminds a lot of a 300zx

  • Mike Holland

    Mike Holland

    Month ago

    block clearly means bugatti lock

  • christdragon


    Month ago

    I used to have a 1/18th die cast Bburago model of this exact same car. The doors opened too. This should have gotten much higher scores. It should have been judged based on its competitors when it was new. I'd much prefer this to the new Bugatti's. Thanks.

  • Dexdringer


    Month ago

    Do a model T review

  • Siddharth vlogs

    Siddharth vlogs

    Month ago

    This Bugatti EB



    Month ago

    Bugatti that no one knows about it ?
    What Planet you think this is ?
    Everybody knows Bugatti eb110!!!

  • Runchagalva


    Month ago

    It is so subjctive, though. To me, there is no car in the world that is better looking then Jaguar XJ-220, yet here we have 7, instead of 10 for styling. So it's 60 for me to Jag and 58 to Bugatti... :) Also, acceleration for XJ must be higher then any Ferrari, so both F40 and F50 should have -1 for that and would bouth be below with 59, instead of 60... Aw, well, anyways, I really do enjoy all these videos and gratefull that you do have such amazing opportunity to make them and have us all see so much more of our car icons! Thank you!

  • Chris Brah

    Chris Brah

    Month ago

    -Not enough midrollls

  • Howard


    Month ago

    maybe they said block because bugatti starts with a b and the put that be in front of "lock"

  • Oraz401 Costanzo1

    Oraz401 Costanzo1

    Month ago

    That radio looks hideous doesnt suit the dash at all

  • DaFreak98715


    Month ago

    i’d much rather watch this than a newer bugatti video!

  • Adam Jacob Adamson

    Adam Jacob Adamson

    Month ago

    Ettore Bugatti!

  • SG 25

    SG 25

    Month ago

    "And it goes up when its turned on"

  • Elia Bugday

    Elia Bugday

    Month ago


  • Boltie


    Month ago

    Love the Miata shaped Tail Lights! ❤

  • nuno pumpkin

    nuno pumpkin

    Month ago

    looks like a fake lambo to me

  • 1


    Month ago


  • Justin W

    Justin W

    Month ago

    Ah yes, the 1933 Booty Eater.

  • Brandon F

    Brandon F

    Month ago

    The stitching in this car is absolutely terrible, and people complain about the new vette?

  • Side Hustle Inspiration

    Side Hustle Inspiration

    Month ago

    You and I should talk about this YouTbe side hustle stuff, Doug. Maybe we can do a livestream one day and talk about how you went from an "average working class person," to starting a YouTube based side hustle with your love-passion for cars. Your thoughts on this? :-)

  • Mistah Miggy

    Mistah Miggy

    Month ago

    That ending clip was amazing

  • MrTeatwosugars


    Month ago

    I absolutely love this car, even the story behind it

  • blablubb


    Month ago

    Still an incedibly gorgeous car.

  • mellomdesyvfjell


    Month ago

    No one knows about? It better in every aspect than the ugly ice-cream scoopers that are the Veyron and later Bugattis. One of my neighbors had one (and a Type 35). All the kids focused on the other neighbour and his Testarossa, but the EB, well that was something.

  • Gaetano Fichera

    Gaetano Fichera

    Month ago

    *About the seat logo situation*: That's because Poltrona Frau in Italy is almost more important that Bugatti itself, because of the quality of their leather and comfort!

  • jasonics md

    jasonics md

    Month ago

    Doug u will make a great comedian actor, dont waste time go for it,ur so funny

  • Juice Juice

    Juice Juice

    Month ago

    It never fails I fall asleep on every one of his videos

  • 2Donuts


    Month ago

    So the MR-2 Spyder beats the EB110 with more storage.... lol

  • Giuseppe De Santis

    Giuseppe De Santis

    Month ago

    nobody knows about? wtf