The Bugatti Divo Is the $8 Million Ultimate Hypercar

Published on Dec 10, 2020
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The Bugatti Divo is a really, really special supercar. Today I'm reviewing the Bugatti Divo to show you everything you need to know about the $8 million ultimate hypercar. I'm also showing you all the quirks and features of the newest Bugatti, and I'll drive the Divo to let you know what it's like on the road.



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Doug DeMuro
  • calzzone


    17 hours ago

    8 million and it looks like a poor imitation of a Hot Wheels.

  • SirWilliamSquireVonDutchMire


    18 hours ago

    One day Doug is going to review a car he loves so much he won't be able to bring it back and he will drive it off into the sunset and be on the run from the law living like a vagabond.

  • Doctor Goop

    Doctor Goop

    Day ago

    Imagine detailing this car with these taillights. Hundreds of tiny surfaces that need to be cleaned individually. Imagine cleaning them and breaking one of those little tabs. You just broke a $50,000 taillight. That said - they're beautiful.

  • Bobo with the Dodo

    Bobo with the Dodo

    Day ago

    We all know no one drives these supercars and hyper-cars on tracks. They are just luxurious cars but faster.

  • NauravaPeruna


    2 days ago

    That key/interior colour scheme is utterly awful

  • uroprop


    2 days ago

    steering wheel is literally stolen from an early 2000s cheap playstation wheel......

  • Cupcake2340_


    2 days ago

    Are we gonna ignore that this car is worth as much as lil yatchy

  • Lukee Cle

    Lukee Cle

    2 days ago

    Nice T shirt

  • Yasser Alshahrani

    Yasser Alshahrani

    2 days ago

    Way 8 million way not 80 million

  • Toji


    3 days ago

    I don't even have license and I'm going very through very tough times because of money still I hope one day a buggati will be mine

  • Emmett Maxwell 2.0

    Emmett Maxwell 2.0

    3 days ago

    I got a 2021 Ford Mustang lol!!!!

  • Larry Bean

    Larry Bean

    3 days ago

    It looks hideous! From all angeles.

  • Scott F

    Scott F

    3 days ago

    If I ever see one of these on the road.. might as well t-bone it for the meme lmao

  • Niles Peel

    Niles Peel

    3 days ago

    That is ridiculous... $8 Million for a car

  • Berri


    4 days ago

    I was searching for the crew 2 lolz

  • Josh Witte

    Josh Witte

    4 days ago

    Thanks for doing this review! It really helped me make a good purchase decision. ;)

  • Stanley Liang

    Stanley Liang

    4 days ago

    The careful seashore compellingly whip because quiver immunohistochemically surprise alongside a zesty person. oceanic, lovely pedestrian

  • Menoyami


    4 days ago

    I can not even begin to understand what justifies $8mio for a car. I think it is just totally blown out of proportion.

  • James T Kirk

    James T Kirk

    4 days ago

    What is the "Joker Key" ????????????? at 25:25? DeMuro mentions all the "quirky" features and doesn't explain that while he drips sweat all over the alcantara of an $8 million dollar car? Why not turn the engine on and run the A/C?

  • exxodas


    4 days ago

    No thanks when it gets smoked by a $150K Tesla.

  • Father Marcus

    Father Marcus

    5 days ago

    8 million ?i mean come on...does it make coffee for you?

  • emersonleon85


    5 days ago

    That’s tough to hear they are sold out

  • John Logsdon

    John Logsdon

    5 days ago

    I could listen to that engine sound all day

  • Dinos Dinou

    Dinos Dinou

    6 days ago

    It is fast, I get it. It is powerful I get it. It is expensive I get it. But there is something missing, something missing from previous Bugatti too. It is all about technology and performance but there is little emotion. That is what you get from Alsace.

  • thrifty d

    thrifty d

    6 days ago

    The plaid is 1.99 seconds

  • Udit B

    Udit B

    6 days ago

    3:337 there are 6 if i am not mistaken 2 normal ones pointing downwards one on each side
    correct me if i am wrong

  • Admiral Zeke

    Admiral Zeke

    6 days ago

    this is worth like 500k max

  • Joseph Villarreal

    Joseph Villarreal

    6 days ago

    My fave!!! 😍

  • K B

    K B

    6 days ago

    I could have sworn Bugatti said they didn't want the Chiron any lighter as it wouldn't feel as planted.

  • Darius Dalim

    Darius Dalim

    7 days ago

    Me thinking about my future after buying 20 USD of Shiba Inu

  • Joe Santana

    Joe Santana

    7 days ago

    That mf better have hover mode & drive itself , park , & fill up off of solar power

  • 현석 최

    현석 최

    7 days ago

    사람으로 따지면 제정신이 아닌 차다.

  • The Unknown Guy☪️

    The Unknown Guy☪️

    7 days ago

    This is great choice considering it's budget friendly

  • Free_Gold


    7 days ago

    Is this a 'gaming' car? What a piece of shit.

  • Fredy Pisacano

    Fredy Pisacano

    8 days ago

    Should I trade a truck for a Bugatti

  • We are Empty

    We are Empty

    8 days ago

    Totally not worth at all. "Hey look at this car that's worth more than you and your family's existence"

  • Zarmin Drow

    Zarmin Drow

    9 days ago

    I wouldn't spend more than $7 mil on that.

  • Calico Cash

    Calico Cash

    9 days ago

    Why does Doug always look like he was just running away from the police?

  • Cory


    10 days ago

    A very fast car that looks like a cyberpunk GTR... Or 10 very fast cars, a mansion, and a yacht for the same price... I can't afford it either way but man that's a ridiculous price tag

  • Daniel Hicks

    Daniel Hicks

    10 days ago

    I’d like to see a series of Doug and Quentin Tarantino reviewing random shit together

  • vijay kumar

    vijay kumar

    10 days ago

    You are the guy that crashed Divo

  • ilas ali

    ilas ali

    10 days ago

    I can't see why this car is so expensive... 8 mill... That's crazy... Veyron looks special... This looks somewhat fake like.. the interior looks like it's made out of plastic.

  • Saeed Ahmad

    Saeed Ahmad

    10 days ago

    chill bro, 38 mins is way too long for a car review

  • Max’s Travels and Adventures around the world !

    Max’s Travels and Adventures around the world !

    11 days ago

    This a disgusting defiance of today’s worlds economics by a “French “origin millionaire ..8 million dollars for a car is the biggest audacity ever !first of all this car shouldn’t be driven on any regular road and if I had that money I wouldn’t spend not even half mill for it because is not so impressive !and btw ,mr frenchman,when you labeled that flag on the side ,it made your car uglier!

  • Zajaka


    11 days ago

    The guy that let Doug review his 1/40 car is a hero.

  • You Tube

    You Tube

    11 days ago

    🌞$70k Ford Mustang body design better than $8million bugatti

  • Rocky Ali

    Rocky Ali

    12 days ago

    How the hell does the owner let you drive this knowing it is so rare?

  • Blaze Landry

    Blaze Landry

    12 days ago

    Anybody notice the serious lack of headroom?

  • Ismail El Idrissi

    Ismail El Idrissi

    13 days ago

    that interior is soooo fucking ugly

    • Scott F

      Scott F

      3 days ago

      How dare you insult my grandmas living room like that!

    • Ismail El Idrissi

      Ismail El Idrissi

      13 days ago

      and boring

  • Zenicfox


    13 days ago

    4:48 random dude on horse

  • William Roark

    William Roark

    14 days ago

    ever think the PASSAT has a BUGATTI "switch"??

  • Action Hindi Movies

    Action Hindi Movies

    14 days ago

    His Viewers Owns A Bugatti

  • Alec Whatshisname

    Alec Whatshisname

    14 days ago

    33:40 the thumping on the decel is just eargasmic

  • Will S

    Will S

    14 days ago

    Doug, instead of commenting on your t-shirt... I'm going to mention that after *4 million* subscribers,Doug still can't change his light timing to properly film l.e.d. headlights. smh

    • Will S

      Will S

      14 days ago

      "asymmetrical interior" lol

  • Aponym


    14 days ago

    I'm not an opponent of technology and progress like e.g. spacex trying to fly to mars and "burn" hundreds of millions. But this car is such a waste and if you realize that every day children starve in this world then it's a shame. And i don't say that because i can't afford the car.

  • Aponym


    14 days ago

    15:17 really? 8 Million dollar and i have to pull a trigger like a monkey? Shame!
    20:10 really? you dont build in technology because it can age? xD
    31:35 great headroom

  • HondaMan Vtec

    HondaMan Vtec

    14 days ago

    So normal people get forced to buy electric shitty cars
    While the rich ones can buy this cars

  • Tommy


    14 days ago

    Lol I thought most rich peoples are smart

  • Highgear 1

    Highgear 1

    14 days ago

    This car has more cylinders than the cars in my family

  • Ariegan G

    Ariegan G

    15 days ago

    I would not pay 8 million for a car with that terrible of an interior

  • Myname_is Shriyan

    Myname_is Shriyan

    16 days ago

    The gear lever is the same color that is a biggest dealbreaker so I went with a prius

  • Triangle Guy

    Triangle Guy

    17 days ago

    would be slightly expensive to crash test it.

  • Enermax Stephens

    Enermax Stephens

    17 days ago

    Soon to be found abandoned in the dubai desert half covered in a sand dune

  • Black Mamba

    Black Mamba

    17 days ago

    To be honest, it sounds like nothing worth 8 MI. I mean, whatever...

  • Neil Casuga

    Neil Casuga

    18 days ago

    The worst expensive car you can buy....

  • Iceforgedstormborn


    19 days ago

    The interior looks like a Smart one

  • Song Connection

    Song Connection

    19 days ago

    Vaccine dealers car!

  • Richard Booth

    Richard Booth

    19 days ago

    I did not see that front end rise up not one single tiny inch!!!! LMAO 🤣 *19:21

  • pleappleappleap


    19 days ago

    The Chiron has Ferengi lobes.

  • Lightskin DIO

    Lightskin DIO

    20 days ago

    Wow can’t believe they copied the Thrax from gta 5 😒smh…………

    • just some random car guy

      just some random car guy

      16 days ago

      be quiet kid

  • Barfull Neonic

    Barfull Neonic

    20 days ago

    Doug:This car is worth 8 Million Dollars
    Forza: best i can do is 250K

  • TzadikTheManic


    20 days ago

    8 million?!? 🤯🤷🏻‍♂️

  • nutsackmania


    20 days ago

    ice is dead, elon has already bested all this slow crap

    • just some random car guy

      just some random car guy

      16 days ago

      240 mph and 0-60 in 2.4 seconds isn't slow

  • dancochibulke1944


    20 days ago

    nothing new on this car it's just waste of money

  • Bitronicc


    21 day ago

    Doug is likely the sweatiest man to have ever sat in that vehicle

  • Atharv Thakur

    Atharv Thakur

    21 day ago

    It's a gorgeous hypercar, but it doesn't justify its price whatsoever



    21 day ago

    24:55 😂

  • Reckless Canadian

    Reckless Canadian

    21 day ago

    Civic owners: only 236 mph… pffff rookie numbers

  • Zar Star

    Zar Star

    22 days ago

    Buy a motorrhome

  • Dennis Mau

    Dennis Mau

    23 days ago

    Yea, you spend the $8 mil and then get dusted by a $120k Tesla Plaid. Gas hogs like this are dead like the dinosaurs that fuel them.

    • Dennis Mau

      Dennis Mau

      16 days ago

      @just some random car guy Yes, but how often are you going to be able to go 240mph on the street? From stoplight to stoplight, the Plaid is going to dust the Bugatti.

    • just some random car guy

      just some random car guy

      16 days ago

      Not with 240 mph top speed and I doubt it will loose to the plaid in a track battle

  • Jonas Castejon

    Jonas Castejon

    23 days ago

    A small detail Doug didn't mention was that the Divo was made for Chiron owners *only* like Supercar Blondie said in her sneak peek video ( min-6:55 , some buyers even rushed to buy a Chiron just to try to get a Divo), meaning potential buyers had to already own a Chiron.

    Only 40 Chiron owners were lucky enough to score this collector's edition car.

  • netweed09


    23 days ago

    9:20 The front horseshoe grille is more upright than the Chiron's too which looked a bit slanted back and poor to me. In fact, it's flush upright here in the Divo which makes it so stately yet aggressive.
    I love this car (if even only to look at it, lol!)

  • gacha Harem series

    gacha Harem series

    24 days ago

    For a price of this car you can buy 4 McLaren P1's or you can buy the holy Trinity of the hybrid supercars and they would still smoke this thing in the track even though it's a track version of the Chiron

  • cdurkinz


    24 days ago

    Which felt faster this or the Plaid Model S?

  • Lance B

    Lance B

    25 days ago

    Doug: how do you afford the insurance for even a day to drive this? Do you get a one day policy or?

  • dustin massie

    dustin massie

    25 days ago

    yo the future theres a car that has 2006 HP full electric

  • Yudo NeidaNo

    Yudo NeidaNo

    25 days ago

    I mean...To be fair, someone who could afford to own one of these sees money as an afterthought. they could buy 10 of these and not feel it.

  • Pearl City Beats

    Pearl City Beats

    26 days ago

    33:34-33:51 is the best part of this whole video, lol

  • Frank Lucas

    Frank Lucas

    27 days ago

    Doug Demuro: the type of guy to sweat profusely 🥵in your 8 million dollar divo

  • BB_GunBandit


    27 days ago

    Ah yes 8 million dollars to still lose to a Dodge Demon during a day on the drag strip.

  • Tony Bland

    Tony Bland

    27 days ago

    34:39 omggggggg

  • Priyanshu Kabi

    Priyanshu Kabi

    27 days ago

    This!! 😂

  • predatorCZE


    28 days ago

    Where is servis for this beast

  • Jean


    28 days ago

    The car looks like you bought way to many shark cards from your mums credit card.

  • Moe Jaime

    Moe Jaime

    29 days ago


  • muffy


    29 days ago

    I drove this car

    in forza

  • puphyin


    29 days ago

    A VIEWER????????????????

  • Cynthia Smith

    Cynthia Smith

    Month ago

    If I could afford that car Id walk past it. Two shades 9f blue? No power seats? Same with all these supercars. Wouldn't have it. Complete waste of money . Just obscenely gratuitous.

  • KangoV


    Month ago

    Rarest road going supercar is the Aston Martin Vulcan (there is only a single one on the entire plant). I wonder how much that is worth.