The Alfa Romeo RZ Is One of the Strangest 1990s Sports Cars

Published on Jun 10, 2021
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Alfa Romeo RZ review! The Alfa Romeo SZ and RZ are two of the strangest sports cars of the 1990s. Today I'm reviewing the Alfa RZ (the convertible version of the Alfa SZ) and I'll show you the quirks and features of the Alfa RZ/SZ. I'm also going to drive the Alfa Romeo RZ and show you what it's like behind the wheel of this odd car.


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Doug DeMuro
  • biggoon kanye

    biggoon kanye

    21 hour ago

    Did you forget it looks like a Ford Mustang ?

  • Arnulfo E. Ramos

    Arnulfo E. Ramos

    21 hour ago

    Dude i love that design 😍.

  • Jordan Frankel - Security Expert

    Jordan Frankel - Security Expert

    Day ago

    Why do you speed up the audio in your videos? Annoying

  • Wuub1e


    Day ago


  • Kenny Saitama

    Kenny Saitama

    3 days ago

    11:24 name of the music please?

  • Gravity Slave

    Gravity Slave

    3 days ago

    Ugh that color is exactly the color of Barbies stuff after being left out in the sun too long

  • Pvap


    5 days ago

    I love weird cars like this. It looks like someone took inspiration from a pack of Marboro reds and a wooden doorstop. I can respect the love for this kind of quirk.

  • ghost racing

    ghost racing

    7 days ago

    Starting to realize this guy has no taste

  • Chris S

    Chris S

    7 days ago

    The SZ is much better from a stability standpoint. All 75s, including Milanos are not concertibles and thus the design was meant to be a hard too.

  • Freddy De la torre

    Freddy De la torre

    7 days ago

    The one with the hardtop roof was looking right!!🤠

  • HERU Apocalypse

    HERU Apocalypse

    7 days ago

    They've actually could have made this alot better.

  • Krisjanis Dundinieks

    Krisjanis Dundinieks

    8 days ago

    I like it.

  • Gee Em

    Gee Em

    8 days ago

    From the rear, it looks like a Geo Metro convertible or a Lego car.

  • MACRO micro

    MACRO micro

    8 days ago

    looks like a Hotwheels

  • DutchObserver


    10 days ago

    If you want power from a Busso V6, REV IT UP! Don't say it doesn't have that much power if you haven't touched 6000 rpm.

  • MrBLee82


    10 days ago

    That fold down centre console is for when you're stuck in traffic and want a quick hit 👃
    it WAS the 80's lol

  • David


    10 days ago

    Tbh this car would look amazing if they just didn't go with those split headlights.

  • Dip Space

    Dip Space

    10 days ago

    Is that a fold out cocain tray like wtf

  • Alex Lee

    Alex Lee

    10 days ago

    Freaking love it

  • Oleksandr Yakymchuk

    Oleksandr Yakymchuk

    11 days ago

    Lol why he keeps calling this pretty an ugly

  • D G

    D G

    12 days ago

    Wow, in the front the top is fixed like in my 1994 Peugeut 205 Cabiro :-).

  • JerdMan Music

    JerdMan Music

    12 days ago

    This car is actually really cool looking and would definitely attract attention in most of California

  • Fra42below


    13 days ago

    this video is good for social studies.
    "how an american mind interprets an italian sportscar and still does not understand a fuck about sportscars"

  • Phil Graham

    Phil Graham

    13 days ago

    Alfa Rome Kayak lol

  • ShuffleMasta


    13 days ago

    Looks like something out of Cyberpunk 2077...
    But idk what you say, this looks BADASS!

  • Boring Channel

    Boring Channel

    13 days ago

    2 1/2 mins in doug time is 35 secs normal ppl time…

  • Boring Channel

    Boring Channel

    13 days ago

    Reminds me of a cts…which is beautiful.

  • Boring Channel

    Boring Channel

    13 days ago

    Beautiful fr.

  • peter455sd


    14 days ago

    Doug got a millennials knowledge of cars,he is very interested in the "steering feel",which is pretty much irrelevant,but anything slightly different of the boring bread and butter crap is supposed to be ridiculed

  • Arco Iris

    Arco Iris

    14 days ago

    why would you insult my favorite Alfa? be different, try to find an other sports car that unusual and unique

  • papata


    14 days ago

    It definitely aged better than 90% of the cars of its time

  • Sebastian Delgado

    Sebastian Delgado

    15 days ago

    Man i think this car looks sick and the coupe looks even better!

  • Joey Shy

    Joey Shy

    15 days ago

    This car actually looks really good aside from the rear end suddenly coming to a halt😂

  • TestTubeBabySpy


    15 days ago

    from the side, it looks like a giant womans shoe ! 😆

  • TestTubeBabySpy


    15 days ago

    I used to work in the printing industry, and printing a manual in a low quantity isn't too much of a stretch. You can plate a print job for a wide enough roll of paper to print the manual on one side and print another job of similar size and quantity in one run...then just use a slitter and have both jobs from one plate/roll...such useless info i know

  • Job Skinner

    Job Skinner

    16 days ago

    Someone loaned you their car for your show and you make fun and tear it down. Not funny.

  • Phillip Cunningham

    Phillip Cunningham

    16 days ago

    Looks better then the prius

  • Phillip Cunningham

    Phillip Cunningham

    16 days ago

    I would love buy that car i want in black

  • Jay Eye

    Jay Eye

    16 days ago

    The front end looks cool.

  • Crescenzo D'Ambrosio

    Crescenzo D'Ambrosio

    17 days ago

    In Italy this car is an ICON !...not all the people understand its unique style

  • John Odei

    John Odei

    18 days ago

    It looks like a robocop or terminator

  • Josh Horney

    Josh Horney

    21 day ago

    I’m dying to see Review for a 1st gen Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo
    You’ve already done a 2nd gen 3000gt which is a mechanical clone of the dodge.
    However there are quite a few differences between the 1st gen (91-93) and the 2nd gen (94-99)
    If you could find a 1st gen stealth that’s black with black interior that would be really cool. Dodge blacked out all emblems from the factory which is really quite fitting for the Stealth name.
    Love your videos and would love to see one about the stealth!

  • Eric L

    Eric L

    21 day ago

    Looks like a 90’s Oldsmobile cutlass supreme.

  • master 82575

    master 82575

    21 day ago


  • Yona


    23 days ago

    pt cruiser my friend

  • Gary Iacobucci

    Gary Iacobucci

    24 days ago

    I love how much Dave gives this car shit while it’s parked and then giddily breaks out into maniacal glee while opening it up on the highway

  • Shadow X

    Shadow X

    26 days ago

    The rear of this car remind me of the Subaru XT that has the rear box shape.

  • Max Machac

    Max Machac

    27 days ago

    Oh look, something worse than the Multipla

  • Derek


    27 days ago

    Coupe looks nice tbh

  • Ivan Bergam

    Ivan Bergam

    28 days ago

    beautiful car

  • Mohammad Al-Abbasi

    Mohammad Al-Abbasi

    28 days ago

    I feel sorry for the owner of this car who sent in his “Cool Car” for review and got absolutely annihilated 😂

  • sheppardpat47


    29 days ago

    14:27 I have the same thing in my oldtimer 1981 Fiat 127
    The red dial controls the hot water tap (so basically it opens the hot water) and the blue dial opens cold air from the outside, if you block it, you will have only air from the inside

  • David Brown

    David Brown

    29 days ago

    This speaks to me.

  • Gregor Samsa

    Gregor Samsa

    29 days ago

    I strongly disagree here. I think this thing looks a thousand times better with the hard top- I actually think it looks pretty damn cool this way. But definitely ugly as shit as a convertible

  • Leon Foo

    Leon Foo

    29 days ago

    I don't think this car is ugly. Its one of a kind unique car. Talk about ugly, Fiat multipla is more damn ugly.

  • Marco P

    Marco P

    Month ago

    Considering the way the front end of the car looks one could think the Alfa Romeo Brera is the correct interpretation or evolution of the style the SZ pioneered. a smoother, more coherent version

  • TerriblePirate


    Month ago

    I honestly think the coupe version of this car looks fantastic and I would love the own one... of course not as a main, daily driver that is.

  • Tucker Maxam

    Tucker Maxam

    Month ago

    It looks like if the Honda Beat was made on an S2000 chassis

  • Gerrad Reynolds

    Gerrad Reynolds

    Month ago

    reminds me of the geo metro convertable

  • Bojan Stojanovski

    Bojan Stojanovski

    Month ago

    i like the content but ahh Doug have irritating voice , i just cant....

  • Erik Petrie

    Erik Petrie

    Month ago

    Kinda looks like a cross between a Toyota mini truck and a heavily modified Geo Metro

  • Yak Eru

    Yak Eru

    Month ago

    I think it looks gorgeous, especially the coupe !

  • Medium O

    Medium O

    Month ago

    man, this is one of the coolest ugly cars of the fzckin world.
    It is so much „Alfa Romeo“ than anything else. Like the „Quintessence“ of it.
    and most of it, ALL Alfa Romeos are absolute radical and ,yet, disturbing ( what is a cool fact) 🤓

  • youngalientype


    Month ago

    Did I hear "Turkey in the Straw" playing during the driving part? Doug must've passed an ice cream truck!

  • Clyde G

    Clyde G

    Month ago

    Woo that’s ugly

  • M B

    M B

    Month ago

    I remember a uk car magazine describing this car as “ugly as sin, just as tempting”

  • Anibal Babilonia

    Anibal Babilonia

    Month ago

    👋🤯👉🤮👈😂👍that car is a JOKE right!?

  • leeveraction


    Month ago

    the back end is so 1991 Geo Metro convertible - ugh

  • Mike Obie

    Mike Obie

    Month ago

    Doug: talks
    Door: wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle

  • olikat8


    Month ago

    Oh, I though Doug was going to say it was reliable- my bad...

  • Thunder Chunky

    Thunder Chunky

    Month ago

    One of the coolest cars ever made.

  • Raj Gill

    Raj Gill

    Month ago

    The separate climate control should have made more sense to Doug. Trying to defrost a window when the car is cold is hard, but thr AC makes it happen right away, which is why AC+heat together have a purpose

    • youngalientype


      Month ago

      They must have had a surplus of knobs at Alfa, because everyone else just has one temperature control and an A/C button.

  • 98d31


    Month ago

    Busso engine was more of music instrument than a power plant... Actually can't believe Doug doesn't mention that, it was the sound that counted

  • R Bulova

    R Bulova

    Month ago

    The 0 to 60 was quite competitive for the time especially since this car wasn't trying to be a supercar it was just a mid-range sports car he only gave it a 2 out of 10...

  • Julien Aziza

    Julien Aziza

    Month ago

    Doug's wife confirmed that he sleeps on one knee like that also

  • Julien Aziza

    Julien Aziza

    Month ago

    Doug must have the strongest knees ever

  • Julien Aziza

    Julien Aziza

    Month ago

    Doug actually would be this car in another life

  • Dolce Vita

    Dolce Vita

    Month ago

    I love SZ and RD Alfa Romeo sculptured Design. Not everyone can appreciate it

  • Jordan Britnell

    Jordan Britnell

    Month ago

    Beautiful car! Some people don't have any taste.

  • Ferris Hafizi

    Ferris Hafizi

    Month ago

    Beauty is Not Enough

  • YotaGuy95


    Month ago

    I love how Doug’s intensity during the review makes the door shake the more enthusiastic he is about describing something

  • Ben Eysselinck

    Ben Eysselinck

    Month ago

    This seems the type of car that Hammond would take on a special, to Kyrgestan.

  • Eliyo Lukas Jakob

    Eliyo Lukas Jakob

    Month ago

    I have never ever in my life seen one of these in Europe. And ugly it is!

  • Martin Bízik

    Martin Bízik

    Month ago

    Doug when can we expect review of the Citroen?

  • Michal Stehnij

    Michal Stehnij

    Month ago

    Reliability is not an issue.. Busso is reliable engine and many Alfas had it under the bonnet.

  • djchristian82


    Month ago

    At 20:04 it really shows how much finesse and experience Doug has touching and being down on a woman.

  • themaritimegirl


    Month ago

    "Day 736: Doug still has not learned about the Google Translate phone app"

  • Moonlight Drive

    Moonlight Drive

    Month ago

    I love the SZ, looks real cool

  • Carlton Smoot

    Carlton Smoot

    Month ago

    I NEED IT 🤤🥺

  • christdragon


    Month ago

    I don't agree with Doug. I think it looks very unique. I really like it. I remember when this car was new. I read all the articles about it in all the car magazines. If I had the money I would definitely buy one. Thank you.

  • John Fischer

    John Fischer

    Month ago

    Why the hell you are giggling ...It's a good car...A person like you haven't even made a toy car yet...You are just feeded by the viewers of youtube ..If there is a day that youtube stop paying for the uploads..We shall see where u are standing ..

  • ethan greer

    ethan greer

    Month ago

    the top down is easily worse. this car shouldn't be convertible

  • Fabrizio Bestetti

    Fabrizio Bestetti

    Month ago

    impara a vestirti prima di criticare le macchine italiane

  • TheRjk76


    Month ago

    Zagato. Experts at making cars ugly

  • Ege Ayvala

    Ege Ayvala

    Month ago

    No man it looks sexy as f. Its weird and I'm in love with it

  • Hedayat SM

    Hedayat SM

    Month ago

    How did a car reviewer not know that the buttons to open the roof compartment is that way (turn off car and button behind seat) as a safety feature so that you don't engage it by accident while driving and breaking it due to wind resistance?

  • Oliv3ra


    Month ago

    Hello Doug. I'm actually surprised you have found this car in the US. Also I was one of the few people on earth, who was actually sitting in one. And actually the history of this car is also kind of interesting. In 1986 Fiat bought the company so over the time all the new projects should have been based on same platform with Fiat's and Lancia's cars. Which meant also all the new upcomming cars having FWD. During the time, models Spider and 75 Milano were still in production, but their production stopped in early 90's while SZ (Trophy) and RZ still be in production. And RZ is actually last Alfa Romeo car with RWD until 2013 4C and 2015 Giulia (except the model 8C, which was actually built in Maserati on the base of Gran Turismo with Ferrari/Maserati powertrain, so it is basically Maserati with Alfa Romeo badge). And actually the engine (as you correctly called it Busso), you may want to check this engine in 916 GTV/Spider with 3 litre V6 producing ~220 HP or one of the GTA models (147/156) where the engine has power output over 250 HP. The engine looks amazing under the hood and has awesome sound. Several car journalists evaluated the engine as the best sounding V6 of all time.

  • Green drone

    Green drone

    Month ago

    Front starts with little bit of hope, ends with the tail of despair.

  • Hunter Gordon

    Hunter Gordon

    Month ago

    i wanna bag it on some 3 piece hre’s and a chassis mount