The 2021 Ram TRX Is an Insane 700-Horsepower, $90,000 Hellcat Pickup Truck

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Doug DeMuro
  • Arnuuld


    13 hours ago

    Cars like these almost makes me want to move to Usa.
    My biceps are so hard right now.

  • Invisible Man

    Invisible Man

    23 hours ago

    The T-Rex was the Dodge 6-by-6 in the 90s. Let's not get things confused.

  • Sammy Scoots

    Sammy Scoots

    Day ago

    In Australia you can spend $15,000usd for just as much power and capability off-road



    2 days ago

    Roush F150 cough cough

  • Jahiii Uno

    Jahiii Uno

    3 days ago

    Plain ugly truck

  • Phteven Chevas

    Phteven Chevas

    3 days ago

    cooled rear seats and it has the same features score as a Raptor 
    C'mon Doug

  • MrBlackraven2488


    3 days ago

    they are despirate to stop the raptor lol

  • Ocean Blaze

    Ocean Blaze

    4 days ago

    10 gallons per mile

  • PeenTip


    4 days ago

    What a sexy truck

  • Lance K Fishing

    Lance K Fishing

    5 days ago

    I drove one today. Absolutely awesome

  • Zesty


    5 days ago

    Seeing all those features in a truck is nuts. I have a 1980 F-100 Ranger and I’m lucky to have a cigarette lighter.

  • r11449


    6 days ago

    Which would you rather have as a daily driver: e63S wagon or loaded TRX?

  • Tyler


    7 days ago

    they made the shelby f150 with 750hp, did that not count as ford??

  • Kevin McDuffie

    Kevin McDuffie

    7 days ago

    It's still a POS Dodge!!

  • devin mixon

    devin mixon

    7 days ago

    Truck has Michigan plates but that’s not Michigan he’s driving the truck

  • anonymous


    8 days ago

    the TRX Dakota was launched in 2006 now that's going up in value!

  • Taha El Haj

    Taha El Haj

    13 days ago

    TRX is implicit. They're trolling their competitors. If they name if after another dinosaur it would seem like they're just copying from others. That would be lame. This idea (the acronym) is actually very smart.

  • Mike Phillips

    Mike Phillips

    14 days ago

    Fuck slam that hood bro!

  • Don Zokor

    Don Zokor

    14 days ago

    so gay

  • Charles Floyd

    Charles Floyd

    14 days ago

    I love how petty Dodge is hahaha

  • Scott Maday

    Scott Maday

    14 days ago

    Fun fact: It’s mandatory at the dealership to measure your penis to make sure it’s under 4” before you purchase this truck



    15 days ago

    20:46 🤣 😂😂😂

  • Finck92


    16 days ago

    11:11 they didn't call it the T-Rex because back in the 90's dodge had a concept 6wheel ram called the T-Rex it was a complete other machine and not exactly remotely close to being fast

  • Tony was at TWICELIGHT 2019

    Tony was at TWICELIGHT 2019

    16 days ago

    Imagine in your mustang GT and you just see a Freaking Ram truck flash right besides you

  • Meri Ryder

    Meri Ryder

    16 days ago

    I'm not a huge fan of Dodge but this is a grwat looking truck, I dig it

  • Tony was at TWICELIGHT 2019

    Tony was at TWICELIGHT 2019

    16 days ago

    I've said it before and I will say it again, Chrysler simply does not care

  • Jason Myneni

    Jason Myneni

    16 days ago

    3.8 seconds is amazing for a vehicle with the aerodynamics of a brick

  • Luke Pickering

    Luke Pickering

    16 days ago

    The meaning behind having the name of T.R.X instead of t-rex is because from what I know, the 2006 ram 1500 (which is what I own) had a trx-4 package which included offroad accessories such as skid plates under the engine and transmission, trx-4 badging, fog lights and other offroad nic nacks, including having a low and high 4x4 system.

  • Saran Mahdi

    Saran Mahdi

    17 days ago

    My Lexus LX570 has only cooled rear seats and no heated makes sense since I live in the Middle East where it’s always hot

  • The Plant

    The Plant

    17 days ago

    17:50 because you know middle east in my Kuwait (South Iraq) it reach temperature over 50 Celsius (around 100 Fahrenheit)

  • Trevor Sarmiento

    Trevor Sarmiento

    17 days ago

    Now the shelby f150 needs to be the contender

  • Em mopar  nirvna

    Em mopar nirvna

    17 days ago

    The Ford killer I love ram

  • Z3YR0X SYN1X

    Z3YR0X SYN1X

    17 days ago

    I have never seen Doug say the F word

  • Mini Punch

    Mini Punch

    19 days ago

    I love Dodge more and more

  • Firssen Simracing

    Firssen Simracing

    21 day ago

    12:22 so... If someone doesn't know that, he will turn radio volume down instead do hard downshift before harpin? xD

  • Dawmon


    22 days ago

    With this much power you have tow a gas station with your car when you go off roading. Practically minus 10 out 10

  • Ronaldo Rojas

    Ronaldo Rojas

    22 days ago

    You forgot the ford rough actually faster more reliable

  • David Alferez

    David Alferez

    23 days ago

    Just imagine it with an aditional fuel tank

  • Toby Howell

    Toby Howell

    24 days ago

    When's the Hellcat mini van coming?

  • Khris Cooley

    Khris Cooley

    24 days ago

    20:44... That's it man. That's why we love our RAM's. I have an older baby version of that truck, mine's just a 2016 Tradesman. My first ram though, and I *freaking* love it. I'm gonna stick with ram for quite a long time. When it comas time to trade in I'm going to get another one, newer, bigger motor.

  • SRT 392

    SRT 392

    24 days ago

    Great video love the enthusiasm

  • Tommy Stewart

    Tommy Stewart

    24 days ago

    Doug says the "F" word

  • Ramsay77


    25 days ago

    It would be cool to see a picture of a Bull killing a Horse somewhere on a Lamborghini engine.

  • Carlos Penna

    Carlos Penna

    26 days ago

    19:51 instead of RAM in the back it should say TRX…

  • SGT Edwards

    SGT Edwards

    28 days ago

    20:56 Smiles per gallon :)
    21:10 Want more music to your ears ;)
    God bless America :D

  • jack fox

    jack fox

    28 days ago

    There will be a faster raptor. Dodge started to copy the raptor as soon as it came out

  • Mango Tango

    Mango Tango

    29 days ago

    I’m not impressed until you stuff 700 horses into a smart car.

  • Ian Hughes

    Ian Hughes

    29 days ago

    On the mpg meter where it says 30+ it should really say 30+(lol)

  • Adam Aburweis

    Adam Aburweis

    Month ago


    • Adam Aburweis

      Adam Aburweis

      Month ago


  • Ben J

    Ben J

    Month ago

    This truck is by far my favorite truck you can buy, but what about the shelby f150 SSS?

  • EAS Adventures

    EAS Adventures

    Month ago

    Finally I found it! I've seen this thing twice on the road and I've been to far away to see what it's called.

  • Queen of Sheba

    Queen of Sheba

    Month ago

    I like your videos so much 🙏🙏🙏🙏✨✨✨✨👍👍👍👍👍

  • Queen of Sheba

    Queen of Sheba

    Month ago

    ,💐💐💐👍👍👍 kia k900 has rear sets cooling too.. since 2013 and some other cars

  • edgardo najera

    edgardo najera

    Month ago

    We need a 700 hp supercharged Caravan now!

  • Finest


    Month ago

    20:52 that whole time the expedition was trying to keep up THEN GAP BIACH

  • Sam Hung low

    Sam Hung low

    Month ago

    Does it come with the plastic composite transmission pan??

  • Billy Rowe

    Billy Rowe

    Month ago

    Weird. TRX took everyone's Dodge RAM modifications and made it a truck.

  • Billy Rowe

    Billy Rowe

    Month ago

    Wow I thought I'd get this truck until I saw the price tag

  • MR. Darknight

    MR. Darknight

    Month ago

    its cool and all but 10 mpg is just tooooo damn low. its insane especially with these gas prices. I would rather get the new fords electric truck, it looks hella cool, and the emissions are well zero.

  • Michael Gibilterra

    Michael Gibilterra

    Month ago

    quality, Christler fiat, 6/10. Let's be real here, it lasting long enough without breaking during your review is a miracle. With an engine like that the reliability is going to be even worse so you're probably going to have to spend just as much time fixing as you are driving it

  • tony clifton

    tony clifton

    Month ago

    "...Why did they call it the TRX instead of"...
    I have a thought on this. TRX was used around 2010-2013. Those trucks were kind of like an Outdoorsman. Kinda base model. The TRX name was already copyrighted, so they revived it. Ford did it with the Mavrick, GM did it with the Caprice, The Malibu and Dodge did it with....well, everything all the time.

  • Wound Addicts Rafa Rafols, MD

    Wound Addicts Rafa Rafols, MD

    Month ago

    No. Raptor all day

  • Grant


    Month ago

    11:26 its called the TRX in a call back to the Dakota TRX4 from 2010, another offroad designed pickup from Dodge.

  • Chris Jacob

    Chris Jacob

    Month ago

    Is this guy Jay Leno’s son?

  • Old Crook

    Old Crook

    Month ago

    Gas will be $6-$8 under Biden soon good luck affording gas for that letting alone selling them.

  • Nelly Garcia

    Nelly Garcia

    Month ago

    Imagine making a Hellcat wrangler

  • Tyler Levingston

    Tyler Levingston

    Month ago

    This thing really makes the raptor look like a standard pickup

  • Kovacs Filip

    Kovacs Filip

    Month ago

    Still ,Raptor is more beautifull..and practical

  • Aniounz FTW

    Aniounz FTW

    Month ago

    Cars and Bids is not that new anymore, Doug xD

  • Stanley Liang

    Stanley Liang

    Month ago

    The woozy ceiling morphologically deserve because forecast superiorly injure round a hissing hate. recondite, silky donkey

  • IRS MEDIA Official Site

    IRS MEDIA Official Site

    Month ago

    Dodge puts way too much horsepower in their trucks and that is exactly why they fall apart. That and a cheap ass transmission from Nissan.

  • vteckid82


    Month ago

    3:37 shots fired LMAO. Next move is up to you Ford

  • dic thunders

    dic thunders

    Month ago

    TRX is 3 syllables. T-Rex is 2 syllables. 3 is a powerful number and plays slot into the way the human brain works. More is more in this case. But 4 would be annoying again. Also T-Rex is connected to children, TRX is not.

  • Venom


    Month ago

    Ford f150 shelby 770hp...

  • Venom


    Month ago

    Doug try the ford f150 shelby.
    (Not the super snake sport)

  • TheAudioExpert


    Month ago

    Doug needs to drop more censored f-bombs.

  • J.


    Month ago

    Shelby Super Snake F150. Mic drop

  • J R

    J R

    Month ago

    5:19 slamms the shit out of the hood. That would get me hot 🔥

  • Mohamad Nasir Alzaabi

    Mohamad Nasir Alzaabi

    Month ago

    I cant wait for dodge to put the hellephent engine in this beast
    I know that the environment is more important and bla bla bla...
    But why cant a kid dream of a 1000hp pickup truck with warranty

  • FreddanAkrm


    Month ago

    Well that's not the supercharger, that's the intercooler. Supercharger is underneath the intercooler

  • Jose Gutierrez

    Jose Gutierrez

    Month ago

    Dodge: the hell with MPG make truck go vroom😭

  • RoadKing818


    Month ago

    that truck only gets 4mpg less than my damn '20 4Runner on the highway....

  • Jim Wood

    Jim Wood

    Month ago

    Dang the 18 Wheeler I drive with 47,500 pounds pulling at 70 gets 7.50 to 8 mpg P.S have a 480 horsepower 10 speed 😎 great viedos Doug

  • ShadowBlade1049


    Month ago

    I’m more of a Ford guy but for the off-road part sorry Ford I’m going RAM on this one

  • KingJohn


    Month ago

    if i won the lotto... this would be in my driveway in a week

  • costafilh0


    Month ago

    90K and no panoramic roof? Ouch!

  • dhdh3267


    Month ago

    If you don't kill me, How reliable is this truck?

  • K0RRU9T3D


    2 months ago

    Man don’t you just love America when it comes to cars and nothing else 😎🇺🇸

    • SixThousand Blankets

      SixThousand Blankets

      Month ago

      Guns, you forgot guns.

  • Ed Ruby

    Ed Ruby

    2 months ago

    He really likes this fucking truck

  • Kenta Kawaguchi

    Kenta Kawaguchi

    2 months ago

    14:00 how is this car going to measure 20+ mpg?

  • Through Higher Consciousness

    Through Higher Consciousness

    2 months ago


  • venija lamelami

    venija lamelami

    2 months ago

    17:56 the best feature a car should have

  • Ross Lemon

    Ross Lemon

    2 months ago

    GM should make a truck to compete and call it the Chevy Cobra.

  • Sachin Bhasin

    Sachin Bhasin

    2 months ago


  • Tim Henley

    Tim Henley

    2 months ago

    ram haha ram my ass

  • Chris M

    Chris M

    2 months ago

    yeah this is a lot faster than the raptor but you know, fully loaded the raptor is 15K cheaper and gets almost double the MPG.
    I feel like yeah they are both expensive trucks and meant to go fast and off-roading but at the same time it feels to cater to different people.
    This isnt going to kill the raptor the same way the bronco destroyed the jeep. Trucks are hot right now, people are still going to want performance trucks and the numbers on the raptor wont change, they will still be selling out.

  • Daily Driven Commutes

    Daily Driven Commutes

    2 months ago

    Speedstreet717 would disagree with "durability" mate

  • GT86


    2 months ago

    I didn't know there is a hellcat-RAM! Couldn't stop laughing! It's ridiculous but absolutely cool!

  • Packerman Bruhmomento

    Packerman Bruhmomento

    2 months ago

    Man, now i really hope my 10$ donation to omaze pulls through and i get this thing, its beautiful
    Also cant wait until they put a demon in it

  • land mine

    land mine

    2 months ago

    Trex is corny🌽🌽