Here's Why the Ferrari F40 Is Worth $1.3 Million

Published on Aug 1, 2017
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The Ferrari F40 is a legend, an icon, an automotive masterpiece. Or so I'm told -- I've never reviewed one, until now. In this review, I'm telling you why the Ferrari F40 is worth $1.3 million.

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Doug DeMuro
  • Bryan Rojas

    Bryan Rojas

    3 hours ago

    This car is outdated so it sucks now

  • Hachi Roku

    Hachi Roku

    Day ago

    She's so stunning that it makes me want to cry

  • Pingulol 12321

    Pingulol 12321

    2 days ago

    It's now 2m+

  • Elias Håkansson

    Elias Håkansson

    3 days ago

    What road car handled the most like a race car before the F40 came out? Because that's the perspective through which you should be looking at this car - not how it handles compared to today's cars, but its contemporaries. So what was out there? The 959? The Countach? Compared to these cars the F40 really was in a league of its own.

  • Ryan Slut

    Ryan Slut

    4 days ago

    So a key lock per inlet scoop? 😂😂👍 love it twin turboskies vee eight nothing but pure race. 😍

  • Collin Morris

    Collin Morris

    4 days ago

    I’ve seen one in person only once. In Italy no less. On the same trip, spotted an F50 in Lucerne. Great vacation.

  • Coach Maupin 3/4

    Coach Maupin 3/4

    4 days ago

    1.3 million dollar car
    1.3 dollar shirt

  • ED 94

    ED 94

    5 days ago

    Was 1.3mil, looking at today's prices, it averages at around 2mil EUR, which would be about 2.36mil USD

  • Derangedteddy


    5 days ago

    The audacity of the dealer putting vinyl stickers on the rear quarter window is peerless.

  • vr guy

    vr guy

    6 days ago


  • vr guy

    vr guy

    6 days ago

    omg an f40 in philly

  • Regan Tatham

    Regan Tatham

    6 days ago

    The f40 will forever be one of the greatest cars ever easily the greatest ferrari

  • planet sky

    planet sky

    6 days ago

    wow its in my city THIS IS MY DREAM CAr

  • Free_Gold


    7 days ago

    I like this one, it's so basic.

  • Striking Diamond

    Striking Diamond

    7 days ago

    The car looks soo cool from behind.

  • My Life Thai

    My Life Thai

    8 days ago

    When I was a little kid in the early 1990's I had a love of the F-40 Ferrari. My Godfather bought me the big F-40 remote control race car and I even had a smaller F-40 that turned into a transformer man. The remote control car was silver and the transformer was red.

  • Tansu Tüntaş

    Tansu Tüntaş

    10 days ago

    Every process is difficult and confusing for Doug..



    11 days ago

    It’s unfortunate that Doug talks so much during the drive and doesn’t let the car speak for itself

  • Fredrik Lundin

    Fredrik Lundin

    12 days ago

    Most beautiful car in history.

  • 50gary


    13 days ago

    Doug doesn't get the basic thrust of the F40. It's a race inspired and executed Ferrari, no holds barred. There are NO styling cues, it's designed for a purpose, as a street race car.
    This is a real as it gets. From the original release date until today this has always been my favorite modern Ferrari. Enzo approved this.

  • Fard


    16 days ago

    my mom took a selfie with an owner

  • David Cabrero

    David Cabrero

    16 days ago

    had a model of that car!

  • pizzamannetje79


    21 day ago

    "The factory exhaust just wasn't that loud" that's because "Europeans have their priorities straight" This dog doesn't need to bark. It bites.

  • v8 all day

    v8 all day

    21 day ago

    At 18:51 it looks a little like an rx-7

  • DjDimitriZreborn YT

    DjDimitriZreborn YT

    25 days ago

    In fact this IS my childhood dream, and it will be.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne

    27 days ago

    It’s so beautiful it is legendary

  • Clifford Domingo

    Clifford Domingo

    27 days ago

    It even comes with spare screws.

  • Kathleen Micalizio

    Kathleen Micalizio

    28 days ago

    I daly drove an F40 in the '90s. It remains the only car I ever regret selling. Not because it has quadrupled in value. It was an incredible driving experience.

  • Rino Ruzir

    Rino Ruzir

    29 days ago

    Speed 0,75x. Thank me later.

  • M A C animates

    M A C animates

    29 days ago

    I have a saab 9-4x thats rarer than this

  • Nathaniel Cruz

    Nathaniel Cruz

    Month ago

    The F40 is my #1 favorite Ferrari of all time. From its pop-up headlights to its unmistakable wing. What an awesome car. Even the hood looks aerodynamic as well.

  • Hồ Ngọc Diệp

    Hồ Ngọc Diệp

    Month ago

    this cars hood opening is not for short people

  • oneshot8541


    Month ago

    Try buying a F40 for $1.3M today. Good luck.

  • MaximumGAME


    Month ago

    Still my favorite Ferrari to this day

  • Vrook Ventor

    Vrook Ventor

    Month ago

    24:30 I had one as a toy car

  • Alex Nelson

    Alex Nelson

    Month ago

    Wasn’t the f40 a stripped down street f-1 car??

  • Gregor Samsa

    Gregor Samsa

    Month ago

    Holy shit- for a second i thought i was looking at a weird ittle pop-up seat. I was thinking "how tf is that supposed to work?" -lmfao.
    Hop in son- we goin for a ride

  • Gregor Samsa

    Gregor Samsa

    Month ago

    Jesus Christ, dude. Get that leather off that concrete

  • MLKusername


    Month ago

    I never thought a Ferrari could be made unappealing. I must be getting old. I just keep thinking "what a pain in the ass."

  • Y M

    Y M

    Month ago

    Doug then: this

  • James Pearson

    James Pearson

    Month ago An F40. Enjoy.

  • Xkil0wattX


    Month ago

    Lmao no way I'd trust that flimsy hood lift against that apparently exceptionally heavy hood

  • Rizky HHD

    Rizky HHD

    Month ago

    Wait ..... Million? Are u sure?

    • just some random car guy

      just some random car guy

      20 days ago


  • Boy Tuhog

    Boy Tuhog

    Month ago

    The ferrari of my youth

  • jimmyj100


    Month ago

    Doug skinny legged noob!

  • Markey Westskies

    Markey Westskies

    Month ago

    Those are some beautiful wheels.

  • Sharif Parvanta

    Sharif Parvanta

    Month ago

    Doug gave that Woody Ford Flex a Doug Score

  • Roger Kastoun

    Roger Kastoun

    Month ago

    I have seen this video 3 times and i am still afraid Doug will crash it.... This is a childhood dream indeed... One day if i work really hard

  • Its Disrrpt

    Its Disrrpt

    Month ago

    The only ferrari I love. Amazing vid!

  • mv


    Month ago

    Is it just me or does the f40 look ugly with the pop ups up

  • Ben R

    Ben R

    Month ago

    The panels don’t line up door gaps are all over the place . Build quality is poor . None off that matter . Perfection is not allways perfect. Beautiful beautiful car . Pls let me win the lottery . What a car . !!

  • Arulpragasam


    Month ago

    Whoa how does this guy afford so many cars? I make good money as a medical director right now but even I can't afford the stuff I see on his channel

    • just some random car guy

      just some random car guy

      20 days ago

      They're not all his cars, he borrows some of them

  • Caidon Vasquez

    Caidon Vasquez

    Month ago

    I saw one of these in the highway LOL

  • 1 2

    1 2

    Month ago

    Imagine if he would’ve wrecked it

  • Def Bet

    Def Bet

    2 months ago

    Excellant production quality. The volume is hood and booming

  • Darius Matthews

    Darius Matthews

    2 months ago

    This car’s a flex and an experience.

  • Xiancy Casabar

    Xiancy Casabar

    2 months ago

    Fun fact:you draw this when your a kid.

  • Fico Siqueira

    Fico Siqueira

    2 months ago

    Man, you speak too much and too fast!

  • Bob Rogers

    Bob Rogers

    2 months ago

    I hope this company moved by now
    This location is flat out disrespectful for these cars

  • Sports and GT Cars

    Sports and GT Cars

    2 months ago

    It really is an awesome car - so lucky to have driven one

  • Joshua Bowen

    Joshua Bowen

    2 months ago

    OHHHH Philly. That explains the background.

  • Mr. Joshua

    Mr. Joshua

    2 months ago

    Quite obvious your little boy dream came true driving that car.

  • Party Quest

    Party Quest

    2 months ago

    i don't think it's worth every penny like you say. but then again im 31 and never driven a car in my life.

    • just some random car guy

      just some random car guy

      20 days ago

      Well it is very rare and iconic

    • Arabic Rifle Gaming

      Arabic Rifle Gaming

      Month ago


  • Ziaul Karim

    Ziaul Karim

    2 months ago

    The RC version of this was my first ever toy car during childhood, I had it for a while, then my little brother decided to come to earth.

  • Harry G.

    Harry G.

    2 months ago

    No AC = No Buy, i'll wait until Early Access ends

  • Nerva


    2 months ago

    It doesn't rattle because there's so little to rattle in the interior.

  • Max Medlow

    Max Medlow

    2 months ago

    Wow, that was a very modest ”this” at the start!

  • Matthew McRee

    Matthew McRee

    2 months ago

    Is any "sports car" (supercar) more beautiful than the F40? There's a few cars that are equally beautiful, but none that you could really say are MORE beautiful. I think the F50 is equally stunning, just different looking (more jellybean-ish, that's the closest word I could come up with)😅 Imagine driving an F40 everyday to and from work. You would look awesome, but you would be sucking up all your income just in maintenance costs (unless you're one of the assholes who make billions like Jeff Bezos).

  • Mr Georgio

    Mr Georgio

    2 months ago

    Saw one at a gas station today. Owner had it for over 25 years. The car is something else.

  • Rainquack


    2 months ago

    6:29 - I wanna get held down by Adolpho's arms.

  • Bonga Lord

    Bonga Lord

    2 months ago

    Ferrari FF is the most extreme design in my book + my favorite

  • uNkLeRaRa4


    2 months ago

    If this thing sounded like an LFA I'd use footage as fap material...

  • Dario •

    Dario •

    3 months ago

    Maradona had one painted black but he complained because it had no stereo

  • 경민이


    3 months ago

    how tall r u? that car became hot wheels next to u

  • sasha mellon

    sasha mellon

    3 months ago

    Some men have more money than sense

  • DCC


    3 months ago

    Ferrari really thought hmmm let’s make the coolest car ever

  • Dis Count

    Dis Count

    3 months ago

    practicality - 1
    cool factor - 11
    features - its an F 40
    styling - 12

  • woke


    3 months ago

    looks like a toy car, one of those minecraft car mods

    • Jackinator Games

      Jackinator Games

      2 months ago

      No it doesn’t

  • ZeroCool


    3 months ago

    NFT is here Doug ... no more GTA

  • d8ViD R🔆

    d8ViD R🔆

    3 months ago

    10:15 😁😁

  • Vince Anthony Jumao-as

    Vince Anthony Jumao-as

    3 months ago

    I feel kinda nervous of the transmission since the reverse is in the first

  • Eliot Minkovitch

    Eliot Minkovitch

    3 months ago

    So you think this is better than the Saleen that you thought was a piece of expensive crap?

  • ash mellor

    ash mellor

    3 months ago

    Absolutely gorgeous car

  • Mauricio


    3 months ago

    Awful interior design.

    • just some random car guy

      just some random car guy

      20 days ago

      Have you drove any car from the 80's

    • Jackinator Games

      Jackinator Games

      2 months ago

      No it isn’t

  • Brehify


    3 months ago

    I legit have one sitting in my neighborhood and its abandoned i mean should i steal it LOL

  • Jack TheLad

    Jack TheLad

    3 months ago

    What's with that office-carpet dash? Yuk! Wouldn't buy it until they fixed that.

  • Dagmar Jones

    Dagmar Jones

    3 months ago

    Just saw one of these parked outside a restaurant in SF. I circled it a few times on my Genze scooter and took some pics. The driver window was rolled down - which is strange in a city where people break into cars in daylight all day. A block away a few months ago I saw some middle eastern guys punch out a homeless guy in the middle of the street and then speed off, and I and a security guard had to drag his passed out body out of the road onto the sidewalk. Funny what happens on the same block.

  • Err0r 4o4

    Err0r 4o4

    3 months ago

    1.3m, that's like 65 years of my salary!

  • Zadko Preskovic

    Zadko Preskovic

    3 months ago

    Acceleration 8/10 only ?! Are you kidding me ???!!!!



    3 months ago

    It is a great car,but not worth 1.3 million$
    You can get a lamborghini for around 2,00,000$

    • just some random car guy

      just some random car guy

      20 days ago

      @Thestro well said

    • Thestro


      2 months ago

      ah, why are people always comparing the F40 to a lamborghini, going like “i cOUld gEt A hÚrAcAN FoR 200k”, it depends, this car costs 1.3 million because it was the first production car to reach 200 mph, it was Enzo’s last car, i think about 1200 made, and it has that classical styling to it etc. you shouldn’t really compare cars to each other, yes 1.3 million is really expensive but he says it’s worth it because he drove it and experienced it, just trying to make it clear for you

  • B.Hornet


    3 months ago

    You drove F 40 like it's worth 1.3 Million ... Nice and slow, no more brave man in this world:))

    • Thestro


      2 months ago

      it’s because it isn’t his car so it’d be normal for him to not go fast in a car like this, even if you borrowed your friend’s ford explorer, you’d try not to danger drive in it, since it isn’t your car

  • Dwi Widodo

    Dwi Widodo

    3 months ago

    I bought the F40 two years ago for 250.000

    In the form of Lego
    And the currency is Indonesian Rupiah

  • Juan Perez

    Juan Perez

    3 months ago

    There’s a woody Ford Flex I don’t know what’s rarer but I hope that is 🤣😂

  • Muhammad Abdullah

    Muhammad Abdullah

    3 months ago

    Who came here after doug's recent comparison with carrera GT?🙋‍♂️

  • Just a Hater

    Just a Hater

    3 months ago

    its nice to look at but for 1.5 million for no aircon or radio?

    • Jackinator Games

      Jackinator Games

      18 days ago

      Just shut up

  • Tom Soden

    Tom Soden

    3 months ago

    love it when Doug took 8 seconds to count to a zillion :D

  • Wilver Mancia

    Wilver Mancia

    3 months ago

    That was a short "this" .

  • Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus

    Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus

    3 months ago

    It's incredible experience : actually drives it at 40 mph.

  • Yuri


    3 months ago

    seems like a giant scam, like many italian things. ferrari paypigs will put up with anything. enzo ferrari has even said he has contempt for the people who buy ferrari road cars.

  • SABaruj


    3 months ago

    i dont know if u know but the ferrari "RED" its not a pure red color, its more like a mix beetween orange and red and thats whats makes this "red" unique